[post] What? I’m still an idol! I’m only 29! It’s not my fault I only get action roles!

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Allkpop 8/14/2011 — by cduswnl

Rain’s “Busan Woman” was based on his true story

On August 12th, Rain greeted fans with a surprise appearance at Haeundae Beach in Busan for a special interview with MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News‘.

He decided Busan was an appropriate location to hold the interview since his new self-composed song is titled “Busan Woman“. Busan is also the city chosen to kick off his last concert tour, ‘The Best Show‘, before enlisting in the military.

Due to the overwhelming number of people who gathered for a chance to catch a glimpse of the star, the entire area was eventually immobilized. Ten security guards from Rain’s agency were already present, but out of concern for the public’s safety about fifty policemen were added to the extremely crowded scene.

During the interview, Rain introduced his new song with the explanation, “It was written and composed by myself. And actually, the song has to do with a true story about me!”, causing fans to wonder about the story behind the song.

Later, when the host, Park Seul Gi jokingly commented, “It’s been ten years since your debut, your skin definitely looked better when you were younger“, Rain pretended to take offense and retorted, “I’m still an idol! What! I’m only 29! I can still take on roles that involve wearing a school uniform, but it makes me upset that I’m only getting offers for action and film noir roles“.

He proceeded to grumble on in a cute manner, causing viewers to laugh.

Make sure to check out this episode of “Section TV Entertainment News” when it airs on the 14th!

Source + Photos: Hankyung, Donga News, Money Today via Nate

~ by Cloud USA on August 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “[post] What? I’m still an idol! I’m only 29! It’s not my fault I only get action roles!”

  1. I will see anything he’s in, that’s for sure!!


  2. We wish that you could get other offers besides action roles too Rain. In any case action role or not I’ll watch whatever you’re in.


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