[ETA Eng trans][interview] Strictly for the Visuals: Rain’s star rises in Busan.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to add 8/20/2013: I just found a video of Rain’s Rising Star interview shared by our Turkish Cloud sisters. And also, here is a link to a video of the interview overseas on Tudou. Just CLICK HERE, or watch below. Awesome! And scroll down to read the English translation. ^@@^}

{*ETA 8/16/2011: We love and treasure you, rain bird! Thanks so much for taking the time to put up an English translation of this interview. We know it was labor-intensive, and we appreciate it. I didn’t even mind all the formatting it took for me to put it up here. Yay!! Please thank her, everyone. ^@@^}


For the moment, Rain fans, we’re posting JiHoon’s MBC Section TV Rising Star interview as STRICTLY FOR THE VISUALS. (Love interviewer Park SeulGi, by the way. She’s terrific!)

Requests have gone out for an English translation for it, and as soon as that happens, if that happens, we’ll add it to this post. Yes, we all wish we already had a translation, but we don’t, so let’s just live with it until we do and be grateful that someone posted it on YouTube at all. Just sayin’.

Thanks much.

[HQ][Rain (Bi) TV]110814 Rain Rising Star interview. (source: MBC / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @Rain Europe. Please credit accordingly!)

[*PLEASE note: Any sides in brackets are Stephe’s comments, not rain bird. Thanks. ^@@^]

Q : (Park Seul Gi) : Who is the star of Rising Star today?
Rain : Hi, everyone, this is Rain. Long time no see.

Q : As there is a proverb which says “To kill two birds with one stone”, he is a success as an actor and singer. Our interview with him and his concert in Busan will be introduced right now.

Q : Mr.PD, the weather forecast is for rain, isn’t it?
PD : There he comes.

Q : The Weather Bureau said it would rain, so I just sat there with an umbrella, waiting for its arrival.

Rain : I am going to Busan because I’ve come to launch my first nationwide tour by starting it off in the city…Wow, what’s this?

Q : That’s what we’ve prepared for you..

Rain : After performing abroad, I’ve found I’ve never performed across the country even though it’s been 10 years since my debut. Today is the first day of my nationwide concert.
Q : Don’t you need to leave for the airport? So this limousine has been supplied by us to drive you to the airport safely.
Rain : Section TV has prepared it for me?
Q :Yes, of course..
Rain : Bravo!!

Q : Limousine used to look really cool, but I think it looks a little cheaper when you are inside the car.

Rain : Because I’m gorgeous? Thank you..

Q : It looks really a little cheap today of all days.
Rain : Hahaha..

Rain : I feel so good in such a fancy car.
Q : Videos that include your work and coverage of the past will violently be aired now while you are in such a good mood.

Q: What have you been up to?
Rain : I’ve been filming a new fighter plane movie, titled ‘Flight : Close to the Sun’.

Q : It is known that actress ‘Shin Se Kyung’ plays the counterpart to you in the movie.
Rain : Yes, she does.

Q : You’re doing two things at once as you’re filming a movie and getting ready to perform..Isn’t it hard to do so?

Rain : I’ve made arrangements that way in hope many different sides of myself would be shown as much as possible even if I’m very short on time before entering the military.

Rain : My nationwide tour will be launched by starting it off in Busan and then in Jeju, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju and Seoul. Without any further delay, you should go to the concerts because it’s a big-budget tour.

Q : I hear you’ve prepared a special song for this show. What’s the title of the song?
Rain : Busan Girl.

Rain : When I visited Busan for my work previously, I found a very beautiful woman there.
Q : Are you concealing a girl or something?
Rain : Absolutely not.

Rain : If I was concealing a girl, I would try to be with her without this interview.

Rain : I’ve made the song, thinking of her. You can think it has a adult music atmosphere, but is categorized under soul music.

Q : I love the song ! Oppa (Rain), I’m a girl of Busan birth.
Rain : Really?
Q : That’s an absolute lie..

Q : Sorry for lying..I loved the song so much that I was exaggerating too much..

Rain : The song will be changed to Jeju Girl in Jeju, Daejeon Girl in Daejeon, each..
Q : The song has been made for your nationwide tour, hasn’t it?

Q : Is it possible that it can be changed to American girl ?
Rain : It should be done like this, LA girl, and more. [Uh-huh. Booyah! heheh. — Stephe ^@@^]

Q : I hear MBLAQ will hold a concert as well. Isn’t your concert arranged to coincide with theirs?
Rain : There is a scheduling conflict between them and me, but they and I have different fan bases.

Q : Which one do you want to be more successful?
Rain : Of course I want to win..

Rain : Just kidding..Hope their concert will go very well, in my view, where I have more experience than they do in that field.

– Rain debuted in 2002 by singing ‘Bad Guy’, which set the song world on fire-

Rain : I was on air for the first time then.

Q : Are you actually a kind guy or a bad guy? You just have to tell me which side you’re close to in the personality stakes.
Rain : There are two sides to me. I feel like I have multiple personality disorder.

– ‘How to avoid the Sun’ was the title song in his second album –

Rain : How to avoid the Sun..Now I just want to avoid the rain because we’ve had a lot of rain during this summer..I really hate the rain, so going out in this rain is unthinkable..I really want to release a new album, but such a thing never entered my head since there has been a lot of rain..

– ‘It’s Raining’, ‘I’m Coming’ and more, some of the most popular songs Korean often dance to when they go Karaoke..Especially, Rainism was one of his best-loved songs –

Rain : That was the song when I started writing music.

Q : Do you also choreograph your pieces yourself?
Rain : Yes, of course.

Q : Do you even prepare things like props directly?
Rain: Sure, because I always want to try new things and challenge myself.

Q : Often your choreographies were parodied by many entertainers.

Gagwoman ‘Kim Shin Young’s Overeating-nism have been the subject of conversation for the past few years.

Rain : Her Overeating-nism was probably more famous than mine.

Rain : I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to such parodies, the extraordinary interest gave rise to some unique symptoms, the so-called Rainism Syndrome..It meant the song was that much loved.

Rain : It happened almost exactly a year ago.

Q : In fact, I’ve prepared all this stuff to calculate to see this one.

– Rain enthralled Korean women, showing off his cool six packs at that time –

Rain : I would prefer it if I remove the leather pad..

Q : I suppose..

Rain : But, it is prohibited to show the skin on the bust on national TV program.

Rain : I even thought I would cruciformly bandage my nipples.

Q : You had been a member of a group before you made your solo debut, right?
Rain : Hahaha.. If you release old film footage of my being in a group, you’ll just have to pick good-looking photos of me, please.

– Rain was a member of a group called Fan Club –

Rain : Best of all, no matter how much I ate at that time when I was 16, I didn’t gain a pound, but now all I have to do is to look at food and I gain weight. So I have to exercise regularly to maintain my weight…But, it’s pretty hard to exercise these days.

Q : Sad to say, you put on weight more easily as you get older.
Rain : You’re right..

Rain : I could learn a lot about getting along with other people and taste the bitters of life at that time.

– Jung Ji Hoon as an actor –
His first acting experience was as ‘Sang Doo’ in a drama, ‘Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School’

Q : You were wearing a school uniform in the drama. You seem to look nice in it even now.

Rain : Of course..I can act well even now, wearing a school uniform.

I’ve only been offered roles in serious action, noir, suspense films and more, but school films will also be appreciated.

Q : Directors, please listen to him.

Q : Boom was one of your classmates in high school..
Rain : He is my good friend..He used to liven up the mood when things weren’t looking too good in the classroom at that time..

Rain : But, he hasn’t been a singer even since then.

Q : We admit it as well.

Rain : By the time I’m discharged from the military service, I’d like him to be a worthy MC.

-‘Full House’ starring Rain received a lot of love –

Rain : He had a nice complexion, and was young.

Q : You are still gorgeous.

Q : American version of Three Bears became the talk of the town..

It is cringe worthy watching you sing, but you were young then.

Rain : It is possible fully for me to do so even now, but what’s wrong with my face? I’m also an idol star. I am actually 29 years old (even though I am 30 years old in Korean age)

7: 45
-Rain recognized for his hard work made his film debut as an actor in ‘I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK’ –

Rain : I was invited to a huge international film festival after appearing in that movie.

– The highlight was his kiss with actress ‘Ym Soo Jung’ in that movie –

Rain : He’s a really good kisser.. [ROFLMAO! You ham!♥ — Stephe ^@@^]

Rain : Isn’t it shows only that scene to me?

– After that, he appeared for the first time in a Hollywood movie called Speed Racer, and then starred in ‘Ninja Assassin’-

Rain : I had a great figure in that movie.

Q : If you have that kind of movie role offered to you again, what will you do?

Rain : No way! It makes me sick even to think of it. Pardon the expression..

It’s very comfortable, so I’m never aware that it’s on the air.

Rain : The training was so hard I felt the lid from my head was removed.

– There would be a light at the end of the tunnel. A famous U.S. magazine called [TIME ^@@^] chose Rain as one of the 100 most influential people in the world-

Rain : I felt as if I were dreaming..I was even wondering why they chose me..

The experience could become the foundation for something better for me after leaving the military.

– A photo that presents Richard Gere and him together was released –

Rain : ‘Richard Gere’ expressed a desire to see me via my agent in USA.

I wanted to go to see him, but I couldn’t make it due to a situation where it is hard for a man who has not yet undergone military service, to get a passport.

But luckily, he visited Korea to see me and we could meet each other. He proposed a big project to me. I can tell you about the project in a few years.

Q : Could you let me know about it?

Rain : The precise details will be announced once we agree on a new contract for the project.

– While we talked, we arrived at the airport before we knew it. A self photo was taken of us before leaving for Busan, and the image was posted on the internet.

Rain was worried about the prospect of raining even in Busan, but many people were enjoying the nice summer weather at Haeundae Beach in the city unexpectedly, vacationing at the beach to avoid the sweltering heat.

When Rain went to the beach, A lot of people pressed round him in an instant –

Q: Fortunately it’s not raining now..The sun is shining..

Rain : I’m glad the sun is blazing down on us in Busan.

Q : The crowd is blocking the view of the sea, so the sea isn’t seen.

Q : Is it possible for us to move toward the sea?

Rain : As for me, I do not care, let’s go for it.

– We pushed our way through the throng –

Rain : This is the first time I have been here.

Q : So, how often do you take a vacation ?

Rain : The vacation in this time can’t be accepted as a bona fide one because I’m here for my work, but dare I say it, I’ve taken a leave of absence in about four or five years.

Rain : I love the fact that I can enjoy my vacation even in this way.

Rain : We’ll have to turn our steps this way for safety..

Q : Now we are on a fine location overlooking the sea.

Q: There are so many fans to see Rain.. Everyone! it’s nice to see Rain?

People : Yeah!!!

Q : You’re covering your head with seaweed..

Woman : Hahahaha…

Q : Do you like Rain?

Woman : Yeah, I love him..

Q : How does he look in the flesh than on television?

Woman :Oh, he is very good-looking..

Rain : (He’s very well pleased)

Q : What’s the appeal of Rain?

Woman : Great figure!

– She couldn’t tell if she was awake or dreaming as she hugged him –

Man : Oh, my hyungnim!  [older brother, honorifically and with respect — Stephe ^@@^]

Q : Your figure (man) is not as bad as it looks, but contrary to Rain, you look like a baby.

Q : How does Rain look in the flesh than on television?

Man : He is very handsome and tall..

Q : What is your greatest weapon against him?

Man : Hyungnim! Would you box me?

– Rain burst out laughing looking at his face-

Q : If you have any questions regarding Rain?

Man : When will you shoot a new movie again?

Rain : Now I’m shooting a movie.

Man : Oh, sorry. I didn’t know.

Man : Could you give me a big hug? Oh my hyungnim!

– Woman 2 asked Rain to take off his sunglasses –

Q : Is it possible to do so?

– Rain did it as a matter of course. He put his feet in the seawater, taking off his shoes –

Rain : I guess this wraps up the vacation this year.

– The Section group was withdrawn from the beach for safety –

– We were heading to the rehearsal scene –

Q : I think we’ve been saved from the brink of death..
Rain : I’ll say..

Q : I have red bean sherbet as a snack for you.
Rain : I love it.

Q : It’s melted in the warm weather.
Rain : I’d rather eat such melted ice cream.

Q : It probably tastes better when I feed you, isn’t it?
Rain : It seems so.

Rain : I’ve never done this sort of work before.
Q : Please feed me, too !

Q : I think I’m simply melting.

Q : When I posted the photo presenting you and me, on a social networking site earlier, many questions about you were posted..

Q : Here are some of the details :
“If the rumors of ‘Park Seul Gi’s romance with Rain are in the newspapers, ‘Park Seul Gi’ would seem to be in a good mood.” How do you feel?

Rain : Strategically, you’ve been emboldened !

Q : “Rain’s sister has been married before he is..When is he going to marry a woman?”
Rain : My sister is not married..She was going to get married, but it’s being delayed a little..

Q : “I hear he gives her allowance regularly.”
Rain : I don’t give her a regular allowance of pocket money, but my credit card statement show an entry of each day’s expenses by her..

Q : “How much pocket money does Rain use in a month?
Rain : I don’t receive any allowance (from my parents), but whenever I use a credit card, text messages tell my father how much money I spent.

Rain : The expenditure of the three of us are involved in pyramid-style.

Q : It’s like a pyramid scheme..
Rain : Right you are! My father is at the top of the pyramid.

Q : I could even notice things with your family..
Rain : Hahahaha..

-Rain checked the progress of the rehearsal in detail from A to Z.

10 years after his debut, he has come to launch his first nationwide tour even though he has performed regularly abroad. We must never lose sight of that scene of his taking off his jacket. His perfect six packs ! –

– At last the day of the performance came, and then the very hour.

The concert hall was crowded with his fans –

Rain : Everyone, it’s 10 minutes before the show..I’m about to hit the stage, so I’ll see you there..Thank you..

– His first nationwide tour you’ve been waiting for has begun finally.

The crowd catch on fire by his opening performance. Words can’t express how he gave an electrifying performance –

Rain : Today’s show will be followed by another shows in Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju, Jeju, and Seoul in turn. Hope many of you will visit my concerts, and Thank you very much for all your support and interest in the concerts.

~ by Cloud USA on August 14, 2011.

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  1. Yay thanks Rain Bird!!
    1. I cannot tell for the life of me who their sponsor for that interview is.
    2. I love when she interviews him. He’s so comfy with her and she makes him laugh a lot, so it’s always a good thing.
    3. Lol @ that guy throwing himself into Rain’s arms.
    4. Damn Rain looks good as hell!! His abs and v are just scrumptious.
    5. Lol @ him saying he has multiple personality disorder, aka ” I can b an a–hole sometimes. “


  2. love this interview so much esp with Park SeulGi i very like watching all her interview with rain even Adieu she is so fun and cool she know how to get fan attention and laugh ahahahah matter fact i always love all her interview ekekkeekek… man when he when to beach and took of his she seawater i can tell rain felt the best vacation even though he told her it short vacation but it something he enjoy to be out and open himself to republic gotta love him right??????????
    she always make rain feel happy and confident all the time i like how she alway got rain some treat that was very nice about her .
    anyway, u make me smile when she speak high tone ekekek yup the sexy 6 pack of love to see him flip it ahahah
    well, if rain are at MS he sure get to relaxing a lot and more training and duty too but of curse that their prior duty they have to do. and i love how he sing busan women i wish it was me he singing that song to me melting ASAP awawaw his voice ITCHING :P)


  3. One more thing…..(*Kekekeke*) Korea is hard core about military service cause your @ss will NOT leave the country before your time to go in. (HA!) No passport for you Jack!


    • Yeah, I thought that was interesting too, since (perhaps) some (many) military-age Korean guys have left Korea to avoid they’re mandatory service. Maybe.

      Anyway, this was a great translation…thanks!


  4. Thanks LOTS Rainbird for the extensive translation! You’re right Bi IS a Ham, indeed! But he should know, honey, “old age spread” gets us all….no avoiding it Boo. (SMILES)

    Cruxiformly….now there’s a word. (SMILES) Oh and “I’m gorgeous and a really good kisser”….Yeah my Korean “brotha” you’ve have been reading ALL the “ish” we’ve been saying about you. You like that don’tcha?! (SMILES)

    Well, no need to hold my breath anymore for Ninja Assassin 2 starring Bi. Seems like that’s all she wrote on that one. Oh well, the next few years after military should be very interesting indeed. (SMILES)


  5. Rain looked awesome!! I was impressed when he got into the water at the beach, I think they didn’t expect so many people. The girl was soo funny and it seems that Rain likes to be interviewed by her. Rain looked at ease and confident with her. Great interview!! BTW the part when she feed him, damn I am sooo jelous!!! I wanna do that!!


  6. This was great, can’t wait for the translation. The guy that jumped in his arms (HA!)….now that “ish” was PRICELESS!! Still cracking up! (*Kekekeke*)


    • Hoon was like, hooookaaaay, a man is all up on me on national television *sigh* *grin*


      Stephe ^@@^


      • Exactly!…..(*Kekekekekeke*) Oh, I cracked up! It’s kinda like being in an important board meeting and a mosquito is buzzing around your head and your immediate instinct is to swat the thing away, but you don’t want to cause a commotion in the meeting and make yourself look bad. Well, I bet Bi’s immediate instinct was to swat that “skeeter” away. (*Hahahahaha*)!!!


  7. I understood the entire interview…but whatever he says about his sister is totally off from what she’s saying on twitter these days. Just 2 days ago she was commenting on how her brother ‘made’ her from a miss to mrs. on national television some years back but she right now she doesn’t even have a boyfriend…and how she doesn’t use her brother’s credit card. Oh no Rain, your sister is not gonna enjoy this interview. lol


  8. I love him for singing the “Busan Woman” hook in the limo. LOVE him for that!! 😀

    Stephe ^@@^


  9. OMG I was laughing so hard at this. That JiHoon! The thing about subs is if we get any, I’ll probably bust a gut for sure. LMAO

    Heavens to betsy, could he get any MORE HANDSOME??? Wah!

    Stephe ^@@^


  10. Siempre hermoso, me encanta y su voz suena tan varonil. Se le ve muy bien y eso me hace feliz.


  11. This man skin is so clear and just beautiful. And like I’ve always said, “This man has got the sexiest smile”. I just love him. Girls I would give just about anything to be the one sitting next to him in that limo. Just watching him talk in any language. I too can’t wait for the Eng subs. Thanks for posting this. It made my night.


  12. Rain on the beach, how awesome is that.


  13. Visuals….YUM! Now for the English Subs! I can’t wait!!! 🙂


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