Rain’s Best Show Storms Busan!

~ Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Can you imagine our delight when the pics started rolling in this morning, Clouds, from Rain’s Best Show?  Well, yeah.  I guess you can, can’t you?

Still, I’m about to blow your socks off with this post, because below you will find the best of the Best pics, as well as a couple of choice vids that have come our way so far today.  We’ll add more “pics & vids” posts later on, of course, but I just wanted to get a few of these up here, so that we could all enjoy them together.

One of the things that delighted me the most was Rain’s rendition of Earth Wind and Fire’s “September.”  I am going to post both of the partial fan cams we saw today, mainly because I was tickled pink that he not only sang an American classic during the show, but also that he sang it IN ENGLISH.  Yes, you read that right.  IN ENGLISH.

Be still my heart.  ♥♥♥♥ (Yes, it was a 4-heart performance.)

Although, I just can’t stop myself from saying this:  Rain, what’s up with the wardrobe, dude?  I mean seriously.  Some words that came to mind when I saw those get-ups:  Power Rangers, Muppets, and SNSD’s Run, Devil, RUN (REALLY.  Run like hell.).  I’m sorry, but it’s true.  Please don’t do that again, or I may have to turn in my Cloud card, pal.  (Okay, I’m totally lying, but I’m Terri :-}, see?  So, I gotta maintain over here in The ATL, okay?  One.)

Caution:  View/Watch/Enjoy at your own risk, ladies.  (I’m NOT kidding!)

Terri :-}

Earth Wind & Fire’s “September”:

Courtesy of @ YouTube

Courtesy of @ YouTube

Pre-Show Pics:

Rain Banner, courtesy of @247rain:

Rain’s Best Show Poster, courtesy of @cktkden:

Rain’s opening costume, courtesy of cloud torture by @29rain.  (We’ll share the tweet in another post…):

Rain with friends, backstage.  Courtesy of Tonyhong1004:

Wouldn’t you like to have had one of these, ladies?  Staff ID/Backstage Pass, courtesy of @kevinra:

Rain’s dad Arrives. Courtesy of @cktkden:

And It’s Showtime!

Courtesy of chiai19:

Courtesy of @2002VarSa:

Courtesy of @pana0625:

Courtesy of @biblueberry:

Courtesy of @loveRain820625:

Courtesy of @cktkden:


~ by Cloud USA on August 13, 2011.

22 Responses to “Rain’s Best Show Storms Busan!”

  1. I loved the September song!!! Rain sounded amazing singing it!!!! I am stilling smiling after listening to him sing it. I actually loved all of his outfits. I think he looked very sexy in the power ranger black and gold outfit!!!!!! The pants that he is wearing during the Nan song is my new favorite black pants on him, so sexy and hot. Even though there is not a picture I loved those pants with the red jacket and whtie shirt he wore, so sexy. As far as the 70’s outfit I like the individual pieces but not sure yet how I feel abot them together. However, I still do like it enough. I also, love the new track suit he wore. So far from all the fan cams I have seen Rain has blown me away with this concert!!!! I am loving all the new dances and changes he made!!!!!


  2. I guess I’ll jump in the mix too. Lotus, hey Lady, I was a kid in the 70s so I definitely liked the fact that he sang the EWF song. My dad had many, many albums of that ilk back in the day, so I love it. Regarding Bi’s outfits, I don’t mind the “Power Rangers” look just don’t stand too close…..he might put your eye out. (*Just Saying…..SMILES). I also get that a lot of the R&B/Funk bands of the 70s wore that kind of look…not a problem. However, the shirt with the psychedelic sleeves, I absolutely HATE! You could get a damned headache looking at those damned sleeves! Fits him like a glove though, but…..HATE it…sorry. You know it’s just like in a marriage, your honey loves you, but they’ll still tell you when you @ss is getting big. (SMILES) It’s the same with Bi, we “love” HIM always, but not everything he wears.


    • I totally agree with ya, BiA. Exactly my POV too. “It’s the same with Bi, we “love” HIM always, but not everything he wears.”

      And that’s okay, cause I’m sure he wouldn’t like everything I wear either. So, there. LOL.

      Terri :-}


  3. OMG!What can i say is….thank you so muchTerri & to all your staff who give effort for posting all this pic.my goodness i’m speechless really.So amazing,so wonderful & i am very happy watching Rain on stage,he is very energetic,great performance,he is really amazing & he is exelent being an entertainer ever.I can compared HIM,he is like MJ & MADONNA when it comes on stage his audience getting so wild & how they are screaming when Rain starting to perform.Even i’m watching only here video my God i’m sreaming & laughing & roomate laughing on me hahaha….they tell i’m big crazy,Rain is killing me huh!….hehehe Thanks for KS video also….again thank you guys^_^


  4. Very interesting choice on some of the outfits. However, wow Rain sounded amazing singing “September”.


  5. I loved all the outfits he looked damn good, and he also said he was doing retro will guys this is retro. Not only that but when he came out with the blue eyed soul look I didn’t care for it, but at the time I didn’t know the concept, when I found out what it was about I loved it.

    Just my opinion .

    And I’m still grinning hard about Earth Wind & Fire, he did one hell of job singing that, I am so proud of him. The way he opens his vocal cords and blasts that sweet sound…..oooh lawd….Sang to me. 😉


  6. i was thrill when i saw the video oh him singing September. One of fave songs. Now being honest i dont have that much of complain about the power ranger outfit but the one shirt with flowers designs didn’t win me over. Sorry Baby Bi i just couldn’t stand it, but i know you are human and can make mistakes sometimes. kekekekeke


  7. OMG!!
    their are some HOT PICT of rain here Nan Pict and the last one are so PERCIOUS & SEXY !!
    u just make me smile
    that tweet Pict of his power ranger last nigh craking me so hard i am not sure what rain bring to audience but O_O that one of think for him to give a brush OT loud for them to enjoy his stage the man very have a full joke here ekekek LOL…. i loud 😆
    i agreed the Earth Wind & Fire’s “September”
    it was one heck best song i ever love rain bring back the oldies song to sing this in ENGLISH showing he fans of his ENGLISH too is that make your heart even fall in love with him i love how he know what to put in his stage to get all his audience and happiness
    one question could n’t get out my head what make rain wear that Power ranger hmmmmmmmmmm?????????? is their somthing behind this ?


    • Kongsao,

      Chuckle. Yeah. I was wondering the same thing. What on EARTH was he thinking with the superhero costuming? And the other new costumes weren’t any better. Finally, someone on Twitter realized that the superhero one made her think of Scorpion in Mortal Kombat. (Diva, was that you???) But the others were just plain weird too.

      Maybe it’s simply because I’m from the U.S., but I simply did not GET it. Oh well. Maybe he’ll explain it to us someday and then we will. Sigh.

      Terri :-}


      • Wow I can’t believe how mean you guys are being? I mean really?

        The black outfit was so damn Sharp! But if your not much into musicians I guess you wouldn’t get it and actually the 70’s (retro) started that look…quite a few artist from then wore outfits just like that from the state.


        • Yeah, I’m mean. Sure. I’ll admit it. Totally.

          Frankly, I hated 70’s fashion when I lived it and had to wear it. So, you can imagine my dismay to see it coming back anywhere.


          Terri :-}


          • Still not far to project and I loved 70’s style. That era brought about a lot of positive changes. And I might add some of the best music not alone the start of rap. Not gangster rap also the most romantic music. The 70’s was an awesome era in many ways.


  8. Gracias Terri por tu trabajo, muchas gracias. Rain por fin lo vemos, y sale precioso, a mi me gusta que sea impredescible y original, siempre nos sorprende gratamente. I love his look , is so cute.


  9. I think I might be one of the few that likes his outfit… hehehe I like the PowerRanger on crack outfit. LOL Thanks for all those, I am still squealing like a 12 year old 😀


  10. thank you terri.. love the pics and love his September song , one of my favorites from the 70s


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