[article] FYI: Rain does cover up on national television.

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So let me clear this up for those of you who have been on Netizen Duty and raking Rain over the coals for supposedly being a hypocrite (by scolding Joonie).

There is a huge difference in South Korea between concert appearances, cable television, and national TV.

If you check out Joon’s performance from that day—which was spectacular, he looked fabulous, the whole group did!—the button on his vest flying off was completely unintentional, bless him, and he did the best he could. That wasn’t what he got in trouble for. What really hung poor Joon, as far as I know, was when he took his top completely off and was standing there on national TV with nothing on from the waist up. You can do that in concerts and on cable, but not on national TV. So sayeth the government.  (And what a shame, because the Boy looked like an Adonis come to earth. Glorious.)

You’ve seen Rain with his shirt completely off in a lot of places, but not when performing on national TV (MBC, SBS, KBS, etc.). When he was coming back with “Love Song”, his shirt being up around his shoulders for so many seconds at the end of the song was too much when it came to Korean regulations, so he and his Crew wore little vests for those shows. (Mnet is out of Japan, however, and they didn’t seem to mind).

Indecency charges (verbal or physical) will get an idol banned from TV appearances period, and of course Rain wouldn’t want that for the group or for Joon, especially when the poor guy simply made a mistake in judgment because of the audience’s enthusiastic response. It was Rain’s duty to steer Joon back onto the right path about watching where he takes his shirt off. Any responsible hyung who cared about his juniors would do that.

Rain is not a hypocrite calling the kettle BLAQ, so get your facts straight, please.

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HanCinema 8/11/2011 —

Lee Joon, “Rain wears a cover up on national TV” 

MBLAQ Lee Joon revealed a secret about singer Rain.

Lee Joon made an appearance in the KBS 2TV “Happy Together 3” on the 11th, and said, “I was once told off by Rain because of exposure”.

“My button once flew off because of a rough dance move on a live music program. Thanks to the audiences’ hot response, I dared to exposure a little more”.

“After the performance, I thought I would be praised but was scolded by Rain”. He also mentioned, “In the broadcasting regulation, there is a rule that says it’s alright if you expose one but not two”. [once but not twice?^@@^]

He continued, “Rain also tries to resist to too much exposure. On cable, he just takes the whole top off but on national TV he wears a cover up”. Then a short video of Rain in a national TV music program was shown with the subtitle “Rain obeys the regulations”.

Meanwhile, on this day’s program were Miss A’s Min, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Infinite’s Seong-jong, Park Hyeon-bin, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Kim Na-young.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20… ( Korean )


[100612] MBLAQ Y. (courtesy of jessleaf @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 12, 2011.

13 Responses to “[article] FYI: Rain does cover up on national television.”

  1. in the west we see things from a western perspective. everything and anything goes most of the time here. but we do have supposedly parental guidelines for tv and movies. not that they are followed, but we do have them. we also have some words banned and some shows that are not allowed on regular tv, so many shows move to cable stations. (just saying)….if that’s how Korea handles their population who am i to complain? from Rain’s past experiences he was well in his right to comment to Joon, not only that these boys are going into their second year and they don’t need any kind of flack coming to JTune for any reason. they certainly don’t need to be banned from appearing, like Rain has been in the past (we know he’s had certain songs banned by the national tv stations): Joon didn’t understand, i’m sure Rain explained to him. and to be honest, it should be a difference from what you see on tv and what you see in a concert. otherwise, what’s the sense in going to a concert when you can see everything that excites you on your tv? @cecilia…to tell u the truth, it’s not just in Korea….there are countries that have not allowed some of our artiste to perform there because of the cultural differences. China turned down JayZ, Beyonce’ was not allowed to perform in a mostly muslim country and there are others…. it’s just the cultural differences.


    • I understand cultural differences and like I said in my comment below I get that each country has their own set of rules. However I feel like some of these rules and some of the things that go on over there, are a bit contradictory. Whatever rules Korea or any other country sees fit for situations like this then so be it. Just my two cents.


      • Contradictory is right. *sigh*

        Stephe ^@@^


      • Contradictory INDEED! I think everybody gets that there should be guidelines for parents to follow for their impressionable children, but when I can take that same impressionable child to an outdoor park and have a picnic with a giant statue of a man’s “twig and berries” in his/her face while they drink out of their “sippy” cup then as Ceci said, it’s a bit silly to censor someone for taking off their shirt on TV. But I don’t think any parent is gonna have to explain away Joon’s bare chest, however a giant “twinkie and marshmellows” might be a little harder to explain.

        For Goodness Sake, when you see a picture of an old lady who looks damn near 100 stradling one of these giant statues I’m like…..what’s REALLY goin’ on??! (*SMDH*)


  2. Ji Hoon, sabe lo que hace !!siempre!! El sólo hace lo mejor para Mblaq y Joon debe aprender de Rain.
    Stephe I´m sorry pero Lee Joon a veces por hacerse notar , dice cosas (especialmente en las entrevistas) que comprometen a Rain…. la forma como las dice parecen inocentes pero no se…. espero estarme equivocando pero….. no me agrada mucho lo que hace Joon. Ya no es un niño, El debería estar agradecido por tener a Rain a su lado. Disculpa es mi opinión.


  3. HONESTLY, this whole Korean government decency thing, GTFOH!!!!

    There is a WHOLE DAMNED PARK dedicated to NOTHING BUT male GENTALIA, the WHOLE PARK……PUBLIC park. Did I say PUBLIC park, big giant KING KONG statues!!! Somebody took a shirt off on TV???!!!!……Again, GTFOH!!!!


  4. Stephe I’m sorry I didn’t read your post on this till now, who’s calling JiHoon a hypocrite?


  5. I also understand Korea’s policies but give me a damn break! You see more skin going to the beach. I understand why JiHoon got in Joonies butt, it was for his own good because of the netizens.

    But its still a JOKE! They need to get with it.


  6. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! talking about NATIONAL TV Expose >_<
    well let me talk this STRIGHT
    well EXCUSE me rain been what now??????? he have scolded and rip or took of his shirt show his chest or flip what ever u called many time not just his LOVE SONG he been do for Nan and some other perfrom as well even back then he still with JYP oh pleaseeeeeeeeee O_O how many time did they been banned rain MV ands some perform this was NOT the only one he rip of his shirt off and show that abs in front NATIONAL TV it was more then 3 of them LIVE performs and yet included his MV about that!!
    KBS, Rain had to perform without taking off or exposing his chest. so i think rain very DID the right expose of Rain for keeping Joon on the straight and narrow. and i think joonie learn quite a lot from Rain too this KBS MBC SBSI gezeeeeeeee i scare me all the time they told one artis not to do this and then go ater other to banned them on program ext…. as matter fact i don't blame Joonie near rain either well just coz rain have extended that expose a lot audience been love and like to see and more overwhelming and get more rating DON'T u think so also i also know some Program been Jealous over the rating too SUCK!
    beside i think rain should continue to rip of his shiet show that chest and expose his abs and chest frenktly more often *s*


  7. While I understand that each country has their own rules and guidelines about stuff like this. I find it a bit silly….I mean you can take of your shirt here but not there. I guess to me being a Latina and an American it just doesn’t seem like a big deal. However I don’t think Rain did anything hypocritical, he was just watching out for them. On a side note these Netizens need to get a life….lol.


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