[article] Rain and other artists headlining sold-out shows.

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Awesome, awesome news.

We want nothing but the best for RAIN: The Best Show 2011 as it blazes a trail across South Korea. Fighting! 😀

(capture by wawalalal)


Art Actually/The Voiceofpeople 8/10/2011 — [English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

CNBLUE, Rain, 2PM, and the subsequent performances of Hallyu Wave artists sold out

[Rain excerpt]

The advance sale of tickets for Rain’s concert ‘2011 Rain The Best Show’, began last 26th. (The concert ranked top on the advance ticket selling list in the last week of July)

No tickets were available for seat VIP and zone R for the concert as soon as the advance sale of tickets began, and the concert is now almost sold-out and the countdown to the complete sellout has begun.

30 % of the total people who have booked tickets are foreigners as Rain has achieved worldwide fame as a singer and actor. After 10 years of his debut, Rain has kicked off his first nationwide concert tour where he plays in 6 different venues all over the country.

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One Response to “[article] Rain and other artists headlining sold-out shows.”

  1. South Korea will received plenty of tourist from different parts of the world which will be translated into money. Yessssssss. The man. Just one man. But one hell of a Awesome Man. Well i guess is easy to understand why there are people in his own country that won’t give him a break and are green of envy.


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