[images] Lotte Global Lifestyle Mag gives Rain’s Japanese fan meet some love.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

In this month’s Lotte Duty Free Global Lifestyle Magazine for August 2011, LDF did a nice mini-spread on the Lotte Rain Premium Concert 2011, the fan meet back on July 9 where Japanese fans flew to Seoul and got to see JiHoon for a final time before his enlistment.

And I’ll tell you what—the 2PM feature they did is pretty sweet, with pictures of the Fab 6 that are to die for. Wow. I would put them up but for the fact that Rain, along with his Rainiverse, might come down on me like a ton of bricks for disturbing the sanctity of his dominion here. LOL! (kidding)

Check them out for yourselves in the magazine’s online version, which is easy enough to do if you go to the Japanese site rather than the wonky Korean site. Rain’s concert/fan meet write-up (in Korean and Japanese, sorry) and images are on pages 76 and 77.

Just click on the white and red GO>> button HERE, and enjoy Rain and 2PM!

~ by Cloud USA on August 10, 2011.

One Response to “[images] Lotte Global Lifestyle Mag gives Rain’s Japanese fan meet some love.”

  1. i am hoping someone share a fancam of this to us coz it look like it ONLY one rain can bring all his fans thrill by this i hope to be seems on fanam as well
    uh? 2pm wear remind of Captin Hook funny when i check on ENGLISH i saw the 2pm CM Song sing Lotte Duty Song was that I’M so Loving you remind of rain part !! i saw that ekekek but their out is CUTE dan if that was HOTTTTTTTTTTT!! my caption hhok instead ahahahahah
    yes rain was on 76-77
    toward of 84 page


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