[Rain check][Revisiting April 2010] Rain pauses for a cool interview during Back To The Basic comeback.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Well, this started out as a Rain check… and turned into a 2010 Revisit. LOL! That’s just how my mind works, I guess. 🙂

Remember these? Lovely, lovely screen caps from JiHoon’s KBS 2 Entertainment Weekly interview from last year, April 17, 2010 (during his Back To The Basic comeback).  What a cutie, and with his Atlanta iced ball cap too! ♥


And a Bonus (this is where things sort of went awry):  I went ahead and pulled up our 4/26/2010 post with Rain’s English-subbed interview in it—the interview that these caps came from. ***NOTE!! Now SEE?? The KPop world is in the condition it’s in right now because of Mr. Shirt-tearing, Crotch-loving, THRUST-grinding, Envelope-pushing, Take-it-off JiHoon Jung here, who started it all FIRST, took the government’s wrath, and paved the way for all who came behind him. We salute you, sir. We heartily salute you for enriching our lives to an incredible degree! Good show! 😀

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(posted on Cloud USA, 4/26/10) 

Rain’s Entertainment Weekly interview, now English subbed.

[ *ETA: By the way, in my opinion, Rain’s “effeminate” remark had nothing to do with becoming gay or seeming womanish or putting anyone who is gay down.  I think it had everything to do with remaining an honorable man in terms of responsibility, thus a good example for a son.  What he doesn’t want to do (in 10 years) is anything that would make him less honorable as a responsible Korean male in the eyes of his family, friends, and fans. ^@@^]

From KBS 2, back on the 17th.  Amazing Clouds across the Rain Blog-o-sphere are truly working overtime!  Please, enjoy! — Stephe ^@@^

Credit: itsrainismworld @ youtube
DL: http://www.its-rainism-world.blogspot.com

~ by Cloud USA on August 9, 2011.

6 Responses to “[Rain check][Revisiting April 2010] Rain pauses for a cool interview during Back To The Basic comeback.”

  1. i can see rain very learn a hard way when he was 16 and have a fan club dance and now he join JYP who work on his dance almost 7-8 a day to make himself very perfect and good rain such a humble person who so dictated to his hardworking in his perform and dancer.
    and the rip of his shirt from NAn
    that how everybody took and ;earn to be like rain as for rain he did so smoothly and naturally sexual and his body just totally expose to his fans plus i love what rain stated that:
    album and that’s why this album is prodigious in term of quality Although
    production costs high, i can make the business pay off by featuring in
    advertisements. SO TRUE they need him without rain u think this world of SEOUL have this much population it all saluted to rain effort and give it all to his country ..!!
    After 10 years, I hope I’ll became effeminate and i’ll be good example
    for my son _ i know rain is GOOD EXAMPLE for any Role Model he done for peoples and even new generation could help but to learn and follow his footage even more !!
    and yes star One name called rain for every generation and history as well this was very such a best interview and true of his experience and no doubt we all learn so much and how he became such a world star today i very admire amd and envy him and please continue to give all u more accomplish and GOLD for fortune rain


  2. It was interesting for me to see his reaction when they show him a vid of him when baby bi was crying (btw, that shot always makes me sad), he just focus on how he looked back then. We know that day was one of the happiest and saddest day of his life.


  3. I say if any performer wants to learn how to rip a shirt the right way…..they should look at some Rain vids. Rain can teach how to be sexy in a lot of ways. 😉


  4. Jihoon oppa looks so cute on the stage talking to the reporter.


  5. I remember this special interview….Loved it. Also, I don’t really think you had to explain the “effeminate” comment. It’s pretty darn clear what he meant. Heck, I could use a few other “choice” words that would make it Crystal clear to anybody who might be confused, but Stephe you explained it so well. (SMILES)


    • Yeah, pretty darned clear to you and me. And Terri. And some other folks. But not when it came to the Rain fandom at large that is always, always taking news and quotes out of context and going buck-wild. Come on. You know.

      Stephe ^@@^


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