[article] Can you imagine walking around inside Rain’s Full House?

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I would lurve to visit the one and only “Full House”! My only fear is that, once there, I’d lose my mind and absolutely refuse to leave.

What a beautiful place.


The Chosun Ilbo 8/9/2011 —  Photographs: Mayu Ohohyama, The Chosun Ilbo

Incheon Isles Lure Soap Fans with Film Sets, Beaches

Locally produced TV dramas have given Korea’s tourism industry a boost for many years, with the three islets off Incheon’s Yeongjong Island coming into sharper focus in recent years thanks to fans of Korean dramas such as “Full House,” which features Rain and was partly shot on location there.

“I started to like Korea after watching ‘Full House’ when it was televised in Japan,” said Japanese student Mayu Ohohyama, referring to the romantic drama that aired on KBS in 2004. “It seems like I’m dreaming now, as I can see the set of the drama in real life.”

Mayu decided to visit Sido after being attracted to the country by the popularity of Korean dramas in Japan. When she found that singing K-pop songs at karaoke bars no longer quenched her thirst for Korea’s pop culture, she signed up as an exchange student at Kyungwon University in Korea. Of course, this also afforded her many opportunities to travel the country and visit its wealth of beaches, festivals, historic sites and film sets.

Mayu and her Japanese friend chose Sido for their latest excursion after falling for the main character played by singer and actor Rain in “Full House.” They took a ferry at Sammok wharf on Yeongjong, then hopped along the islets of Sindo, Sido and Modo, which are connected by a bridge but look like a single land mass when observed from afar.

Sido, once known for its traditional goby fishing, has since become a tourist hot spot after pictures of its beautiful beach and soft sand flashed around Asia via the TV drama.

A ten-minute drive by car from Sindo wharf took the two excited Japanese visitors to a wide beach on which stands a white two-story house. It was their first time here, but they had seen the house many times before…

» You can read this article in its entirety on the Chosun Ilbo news site HERE.

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6 Responses to “[article] Can you imagine walking around inside Rain’s Full House?”

  1. im envious..i loved that show to death…though it would have brought back memories of bikyo….n not finding them there would be sad…but im still dying to see it….best drama n couple ever!


  2. Oh geez I would love to go and visit the house!! It’s so beautiful!!! A dream come true!! Like Stephe said, I may never want to go!!


  3. Can I imagine walking around in RAIN’s House………umm…..I meant Rain’s Full House? Why suuuu-r-e……………………………..(SMILES)


  4. Que hermoso lugar, y si tú estuvieras ahí, sería el cielo. Con este dorama te conocí.y ahí empezó todo….. Ji hoon … I love you so much.


  5. I might start to clean the windows like A possessed person. 😉


  6. Wow that’s really cool that the house is still there despite that the drama was filmed there so long ago.


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