[fan cams] Revisiting November 2010: Rain lays the charm on thick for Lotte.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

ROFL! Remember this, everybody? Last Thanksgiving, at the Lotte Family Concert, where Rain was Mr. Lay The Charm On Thick? I don’t think we will ever see as laid-back a “Hip Song” as we saw that night. No way, no how.

The Man was having so much fun, you just wanted to pinch his cheeks (among other things). Haha! Enjoy. ♥

101126 Lotte Family Concert – (Rain) Hip Song. (courtesy of miyupy @YT)

[Fancam7] 101126 Rain (Bi) @ Lotte Touch Ya. (courtesy of moebi1232 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “[fan cams] Revisiting November 2010: Rain lays the charm on thick for Lotte.”

  1. dam!!! overtime i see rain wearing that TIGHT outfit esp the PANT o.O i could help to sexy for your BOOTY rain just wanted tp GRAP it i said!!!!
    it is way to SMEXY and sexinesssssssss OVERLOADING he sure give me a Sppeechlessssssssss monment here awawawawaw :P)
    and when ever he do his hip swaying move ahahah SCREAMING!!!!!!! noseblooding …..!!
    Jung Ji Hoon __jung Ji Hoon__!!
    GO SEXY GO SEXY!! :p)


  2. Gah those performances in the suit just add another level of sexiness.


  3. ROFL!!!! We all expected that first hip move to be sexy and he did a little itsy tiny version and then cover his eyes like he was shy, yeah right, like we are gonna believe that!!! Lol!!! He got that audience wrapped in his little finger, that charm dancing all over them. Gosh Rain is awesome!!! Sexylicious all the way!!!


  4. En el escenario se transforma. El es dueño y señor en ese momento. de todos los que lo vemos. Nos hipnotiza.


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