[article] Rain may do Hollywood Project with Richard Gere.

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Rain and Richard Gere image credit: 29rain @Twitter

10Asia 8/5/2011 — by Reporter : Lucia Hong 영문뉴스팀 / Editor : Jessica Kim 영문뉴스팀

Rain may do Hollywood Project with Richard Gere

Asian superstar Rain may do Hollywood Project with Richard Gere.

Earlier today, Rain uploaded a picture of himself next to Richard Gere with a comment below saying, “Can I be any happier. Words can’t express how I’m feeling… I was proposed a huge project so that is why I’m here. Starting now. Expect it three years later…with Mr. Richard.”

An official from Rain’s agency J.Tune told 10Asia over the phone, “The upcoming project revolves around something happening in Hollywood but no information can be revealed yet since nothing has been finalized.”

She went onto explain that if the project comes about, it will probably take place after Rain fulfills his mandatory two-year military service which he is set to serve starting sometime this year.

Rain, considered one of biggest stars in Korea and throughout Asia since the start to his solo singing career in 2002, is currently preparing for his nationwide tour in Korea starting this month till September. He is also in the final stages of shooting his film “Take Off: Closer to the Sun” (translated title).

Rain had made his Hollywood debut in 2008 with a role in the Wachowski Brothers’ action pic “Speed Racer” and landed the lead role in martial arts film “Ninja Assassin” a year later.

Richard Gere visited Korea in mid-June to promote his exhibition titled “Pilgrim” and to take part in various programs to experience the Korean culture.

» See the actual article by Lucia Hong on the 10Asia news site HERE.

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17 Responses to “[article] Rain may do Hollywood Project with Richard Gere.”

  1. isn’t he going to the military soon?


  2. Looking forward to seeing this, 3 years not so long…It’ll go by before we know it.


    • Yep, true that, because we’re going to be having hella-fun while those years go by. Gonna be dope. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Exactly, barring any disasters real or man-made. Bi’s time in the military will be only as long as it takes to make a movie. How many times have you seen in a weekly magazine a photo of a celebrity from a film set. Often times that movie they’re filming won’t be seen for at least a year and a half to two years down the road. By the time you see the movie trailer on TV, you’d swear it was only a “couple of months” ago so-and-so was filming the damned thing. That’s why I’m not sad for Bi to be gone. That time will fly by so damned fast.


  3. And even now, dear Gere is STILL one handsome hunk of a man. Especially when he smiles. Maaaannn.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Yesss!!! He is still hot!! His “Lancelot” was awesome!! That desperate kiss you could see coming in his face from the door to the girl’s mouth, damn!! That was HOT!! And I still remember “An Officer and a Gentleman” I mean, that end was every girl’s dream!! He looked soo georgeous in that white uniform!! Argh!! The sex scene was incredible too!! That scene stayed in my young mind for some time. Hot!!


  4. this is differently a indeed new and i will look forward for rain and Mr . Richard for his NEXT LEVEL movies what rain have to SURPRISE us in HOLLY WOODS i can’t wait for rain Mondotoray mandatory two-year military service end if rain leaving end of DECEMBER would more appropriated think for all.. i’m just saying!!
    but that took up around 2013-14
    no matter i know rain will alway give us such a good taste and more fans will love this guy even more and something SPECIAL treat from him Rain & mr. Ricahrd this will be the HARDCORE DEBAK !! i ever heard PH YEAH~~~ !! 🙂


  5. I love a lot of movies in Gere’s repertoire, but I tell you, the way that man looked in First Knight had me on the ground. The camera has always loved Gere’s face and eyes, but his “Lancelot” had me begging for mercy. OMG!

    What an amazing actor and philanthropist Richard Gere is. Oh, sounded like I was talking about Rain there too, huh? ㅋㅋㅋ 😛

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Stephe……guuurrl Richard’s “Lancelot” had E’erbody begging for mercy! As I said, “Mr. Gere” knows his way around some H-O-T love scenes. Yes indeedy!! Richard was (is still for some) the “Big Boss with the Hot Sauce” when it comes to love scenes. (SMILES)


    • True, Richard and Rain share some similarities indeed.


  6. Congratulations Baby!!! I am thrilled with this and I wish you great success in this new opportunity to shake up Holywood. I am praying that this proyect gives him a good character to work with so he can show the world what an amazing actor he is.


  7. Otra vez, felicitaciones mi prìncipe, eres el mejor y Richard Gere ya se diò cuenta. Eres un orgullo para todas nosotras. Te adoro.


    • Okay, that was sweet, Adry.

      I’ve just got to translate this into English for everyone to read.

      Adry said: “Otra vez, felicitaciones mi prìncipe, eres el mejor y Richard Gere ya se diò cuenta. Eres un orgullo para todas nosotras. Te adoro.”

      In English: “Again, congratulations my prince, you are the best and Richard Gere has already noticed. You are a pride to us all. I adore you.”


      Terri :-}


  8. Wow!this is a great news guys ^____^As a biggest huge of Rain why not?In Rain’s part that a big opportunity for if he can do a project w/ Richacd Gere,one of biggest actor & famous in HOLLYWOOD….We are hoping for that after he fulfill his mandatory 2 yrs.in militar….


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