Tweets abound: What? Am I Reading This Right?

~ Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Did @Kevinra really say Rain actually paid for his valet parking and gave him spending money?  Ha ha.

Wow.  Rain must have been even more exhausted from filming than we thought.  :-}

It doesn’t sound like that’s going to happen again anytime soon, though, Kevin.  So, you’d better listen to the man, dear boy.  Save your money.  LOL.

Terri :-}

(Credits: As tagged. Source: The Cloud)

~ by Cloud USA on August 4, 2011.

9 Responses to “Tweets abound: What? Am I Reading This Right?”

  1. If I got $20 from Rain I would frame it!! ~LOL~ Right next to the photo I would have of me hugging him!! ^_~


  2. i want to save money too baby Bi ^_^


  3. Gawd Rain is too nice. I mean, twenty dollars is not pennies!! Is enough money, especially if is someone you don’t know. He has such a good heart!!


  4. That was cool of Bi, but I like the “Save money” comment. In other words, I paid for you This Time but next time’s on you. (SMILES)


  5. That was so nice of Rain!


  6. oh gosh is our rain HCE SUCH a HEART fuilter my he so sweet paying the ticker for him he alway amaze me no wondering i COULDN’T let him goes ahahahhaah serious rain very a gentelman and so nice to other a truly touch by many thing gotta
    LOVE OUR man even more @kevinra
    i think u need to save some money next and u own rain for that he very swwet don’t forgeth to tell u peoples who rain really alright!!
    ahahah that like about 19 USD round it of but it was actuall
    20,000.00 KRW = 18.7391 USD
    how nice of rain


  7. i think ur currency coverter is about right. JiHoon oppa is a great guy…Love and ADORE him LOOOOOTTTSSS!!!!


  8. Oh, that was so nice of Rain to give the guy some money. And if my currency converter is correct…that’s about $20USD.


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