Monkey3 poll said: Rain’s comeback greatly anticipated.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Seeing as this poll on popular major music site Monkey3 ran from July 28 until yesterday, August 3…

When they ask which singer’s comeback is most anticipated in the second half, I’m thinking they’re talking about this year, of course. And that makes me really happy because Rain came in second with 45%, while Super Junior barely squeaked by him with 46%. Some 4852 people (명, myeong) voted. S-w-e-e-t!  *doing the Ed Lover dance*

Q. 하반기 컴백이 가장 기대되는 가수는? (Direct conversion: The singer is the most anticipated comeback in the second half? If anything in this post needs a correction, please let me know… thanks, fans. I wish we’d known about this poll before now!)

Congrats, JiHoon!

(CLICK the image for a larger view.)

~ by Cloud USA on August 4, 2011.

8 Responses to “Monkey3 poll said: Rain’s comeback greatly anticipated.”

  1. Yey!!! I think that Rain’s concerts are too good to be missed cuz you know he puts awesome concerts. Specially these series cuz they are probably the last ones before MS. People are expecting a great show and also a great movie. I know both are going to be amazing cuz baby Boo is working hard for it.


  2. me alegra no ser la unica que comenta en español !!!


  3. Que pena que no sabíamos de este encuesta. Pero bien por nuestro Príncipe. Sabemos que el es el mejor. Yeahh!!


  4. stephe i check i don’t rain in their anymore iis done voting right he was not their


    • Hi, Kongsao. 🙂

      Yes, the poll is done. No more voting. Drats, we didn’t know about it until tonight. But he still did so good, didn’t he? Wow! A difference of only 1% might as well be a tie!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • yes i am so happy for our man rain that very good to hear from another poll which we did no this was up until 3th Kudo to ever vote for rain on this he does did good *HAPPY DANCE* 🙂


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