[past interview] Nothing came between Rain and his Louis Vuittons in Praew Magazine.

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A good interview always gives a fan insight into what makes Jung JiHoon tick, right? Well, here is what had the Man ticking in 2007, during his Speed Racer era, after his gorgeous photo shoot for Louis Vuitton.

We hope you enjoy Rain’s circa 2007 interview in Thai fashion magazine Praew.

Have a great evening, everyone!


Rain’s Exclusive Interview with Praew Magazine, posted 9/13/2007

Source: Praew Magazine, September 2007 Issue
Thai to English translation: janejz@sexybi

Credit: rainvn@rain-usa.com

Cloud USA’s source: Janet @multiply

– Do you know that your fans are all waiting for your future plans?

Rain: First of all, I would like to say thank you to all my fans and I am glad to hear that they’re still keeping up about me. I have to say that lately especially after I announced that I’d like to try something else this may be make many people shocked… but don’t worry, I’m still here. After my world tour concert in Thailand, my contract with JYPE was over. I was just opening a management company named Rainy Entertainment and plan to have encore concert in Japan and China. And also I just agreed to be in Hollywood movie, ‘Speed Racer’ with the two Wachowski brothers (Andy and Larry Wachowski) who’re the famous directors of ‘The Matrix’… I think I may have to stay in Berlin for a while for filming.

– How do you feel working with the Wachowski brothers?

Rain: I like “The Matrix” very much. I’m glad and excited to work with such a talented director like them. This movie was created from a Japanese cartoon and my character is a talented newbie Japanese racer who’s trying to save his family business. In this movie I have to drive very fast and I think that I’ll not use the stunt. Even this is not the lead character but they trusted me to work with them so I’ll have to put all effort in it. When I saw the crew preparing the set and everything, I felt very proud that I was working with them and plus this is my first Hollywood movie so there are things that I need to learn… I hope to learn more about new acting techniques from great actors and actresses as much as I can like John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Christina Ricci.

– You’ve got challenging work with more challenging characters, is there any character that you like and why?

Rain: I still have very little experience in acting but every time I read the different scripts I think that I have got into that character. Like “I’m a Cyborg, But that’s OK”, I had to spend many days to study the character of the psychopath in the hospital. I think they are sincere and innocent more than normal people. And acting like them is very difficult. I need to concentrate a lot because the character’s emotions are complicated.

– Do you have any idol or any one who you were dreaming of being like?

Rain: Hmmm… let’s say… if my life is the road, I’ve been on the road that no one’s ever been on before. So, I think I don’t have any idol because I have already created my own road. The Road for Rain or Jung Ji Hoon, and I believe that it will lead the way to others too.

– If you have a chance to start your new life again, any kind of work or life would you like to have?

Rain: Even if I’ve got a chance to start my new life again I hope to have my life like this. The life of being actor and singer… I think there’s no such life that can be happier than this.

– If you have a chance to go for a trip but you can have only three things with you, what would you like to bring?

Rain: It really depends on how long… I’d rather take an mp3 player, photo of the person I love, and cup noodle with me (laugh).

– Your trips are mostly about work, if you can arrange the schedule by yourself, where would you like to go?

Rain: I would go to somewhere I can be free and travel with the person I want to. Even if I don’t have anything special to do, however, it would be very wonderful if I can spend time freely with someone I love.

– How’s your trip to Valencia for LV [Louis Vuitton] photo shoot?

Rain: This was my first time to Valencia… the country is charming. Ah yes… this is my first time sailing and it’s not that easy to understand (learn) this kind of sport, but I think I’ve improved after they’ve taught me, and maybe because I like water sports like swimming, surfing or water skiing, so that’s helping me a lot.

– What do you think about LV Fall-Winter Men Collection that you were just doing the photo shoot?

Rain: I like LV and I decided to do this photo shoot because I like the brand. The brand has a long history, valuable and antique. This collection is LV Fall-Winter for men, the style will look simple but trendy… this is what I’m searching for.

– Many people think that you have a great sense of fashion, does fashion inspire you and your daily life?

Rain: Everyday there will be stories and people surrounding, they inspired me in dancing, singing and my daily life and of course, these include fashion and my lifestyle. I believed that fashion is one of many important things to create people’s character. So, I choose the fashion that suits me and my character. Frankly, I feel really good that many people think I have a great sense of fashion (laugh).

– Last question, you were chosen to be one of the world’s top 100 influential people, has this made your daily life change? If yes, how?

Rain: I want to say thank you for the honor that Times & People Magazine gave me. From now on, I know that every word I say, every move I make will get attention from the West. So my daily life and my responsibilities for work will be more important than before… it’s like many people are hearing me. So this is also my responsibility to make it even better and I hope that I’ll succeed.

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9 Responses to “[past interview] Nothing came between Rain and his Louis Vuittons in Praew Magazine.”

  1. He was so self-confident in his 25 years – no idols, just his own path. And it was perfectly reasonable considering his achievements in this age! Good that now he can finally travel freely and with the person he loves!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t even know this interview existed! Thank you, as always, for keeping such a treasure home for Rain.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wowoo this is BEAUTIFUL interiew of rain felt like he very love his fashion that suit him and so his charisma and yet i know rain love to share all his
    he just simply antique for him and i love his personal he sweet and honest and he very have this humble side of him to get his work and business done that why i love about this.


  4. I love Rain! I love his imperfect english, it set him apart from the ordinary. His Hair, the skin thing, he’s perfect.


  5. Thanks so much for this interview Stephe/ Janet I loved reading it.


  6. Seriously I do just love him, (not in love) One thing I’d like to point out while Jihoon is an easterner his english will not be perfect and we should not criticize it, like it has been done. Although yes he has a great sense of humor, a personal attack on ones language is pretty offensive. (just saying please don’t attack me). And I’m not saying any one person in general. The only reason I’m even bringing this up is because of the hair and skin thing.


    • What??!!……….Somebody’s out there talkin’ about Baby Love!!………let’s get’em!!! (SMILES)

      I’ve missed this recent round of criticisms, but Clouds KNOW Baby Love is beautiful from head to toe…..so any comment about his skin and hair other than they’re beautiful is “poppycock,” heavy on the…………….poppy!

      That bottom pic is DEADLY!!!


  7. Love that headline….no Rain, no Pain….lol. 🙂


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