Give us a break and get with the program, J.Tune.

{*Edited to Add: It has come to our attention that there are stories in the news concerning Korean sites being hacked by persons unknown who are possibly in China. IF that is what happened to this particular post (our Info Tech staffer says it looks like an English to Hangul conversion problem by the admin)—the only post on the English side about Rain’s upcoming concerts in Korea, mind you—then it should be taken down OR a notice put up that says sorry, we’ve been hacked. No other post on the Korean or English side appears to have this problem.

You can’t always control what happens on the Internet, but we’re just saying pay attention and try to keep people informed about things. That’s all. ^@@^ :-}

Not only do we English-speakers have to deal with our side of Rain’s official website being miles behind the Korean side when it comes to Rain news and media… it appears that » now we can’t even get ENGLISH.

How many more days before somebody over there notices that their post is corrupted? (It’s already been a month.)

Seriously, J.Tune? Can you be more shoddy? You can at least pretend that English-speaking Rain fans (who are spending their hard-earned money just like everybody else) are a little important. *steaming* ^@@^ :-{ 

(from Stephe’s point of view) 

(from Terri’s point of view) 

~ by Cloud USA on August 1, 2011.

11 Responses to “Give us a break and get with the program, J.Tune.”

  1. That’s one thing I can’t understand, why Rain’s music isn’t in Itunes? It would be so much easier for his fans to get his songs and now that he is going to MS a sure way to keep getting money. I really hope he can do somethin about that cuz to me he’s not getting promoted as he should. They say proudly that Rain is a world star so what’s up that they are not promoting his image as a world star?


  2. Like Lotus, I am also pretty new to how things work in Korean entertainment and mainly only know of a few others because of my attention to Rain. However, if I may ask the question (because I truly don’t know)……How much of an artists current information is on management to handle and how much is the artists responsibility?

    Don’t cuss me……I only ask because over here artists are constantly “putting a fire” under their representatives or they move on to other managers and agents, etc. when they feel their careers are not getting the attention they need. I know Bi is HELLA busy, but should he take a peek at his own web site and see what exactly is going on and say to his peeps….”HEY, WTF is up with my fan site??!!! and WHY the hell is my music not on Itunes??!!!”

    I think in Korea there is less “foot in ass” when it comes to trusting people to take care of business for you. Don’t get me wrong, I think the honorific way is truly to be commended, however there are times when you have to call people out when they so obviously Are Not doing all they can do to promote your career goals.


    • AMEN! A very valid point, in my opinion.

      When it comes to stuff with my name on it jacked up, I would have opened up a can of whoop@ss a long time ago. And if they wouldn’t get their act together, they’d just have to listen to me berate them until they did. If their butts weren’t replaced, that is. Huh.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • EXACTLY! Because excuse me but MBLAQ is on itunes before Rain? WTF and big bang and shinee are all over the fanned place.


    • GRIL U GOES !
      i have agreed with this as well serious JTUNE How much of an artists current information is on management to handle and how much is the artists responsibility?
      they need to LET RAIN now the the hell going on or he at lease get his site check we all know rain is hectic and so busy i just don’t why they keep pull him away form him and NOT for once of this work out also my question just like Lotus mention i HARDLY see Rain in I_Tune but then i see MBLaq WTF is that supose to mean to all his site and fans base as JTUNE i have to PITTY them could even let rain site with right with all his fan that wanted to order and understands English apart from other Artis they have their ENGLISH up right away i been roaming around to quite too and dang their are FAST but come across rain why any of this are DONE IN ENGLISH btw… I HATE THE FACT they not putting any visa rain update near his translation either. i just wish that Jtune need to OVERLOOK and felt how rain his fan fell over this traffic 😦


  3. hummmm, just saw some news on Arirang english tv that is kind of distrubing and i wonder if it has any effects on the site. i visited this site often and was able to access it in english. so yeah, it is corrupted. but JTune may not be at fault.

    anyway, it’s just been reported that someone in China has hacked into Korea’s internet systems. seems to be very serious too and even being reported that people’s info. is being used by some in China falsely.
    so i don’t know how wide spread it is, but this does look like some tampering is going on to me. (of course only my opinion)


  4. this SO MESS UP period ?–>_<
    seems J Tune trying to keep his fan away from all his stuff for example 6TO5 Site order line they DID NOT EVEN provided us ENGLISH none this CONCERT TICKET of any fan BASE either it very so DELICIOUS how they could get rain goodies to all his fan with ENGLISH translation and all … DON'T KNOW their are fan DIE to gfor his stuff and get and supporting JTUNE need to gather and get this thing straight here. no wondering why rain keep get mad and blame on rain whic it was him aarrrgghhhhhhhhhhhh 😡


  5. My question with all this is, Mblaq has their stuff all translated so fast yet Jihoon’s stuff is not? Not only that but other kpop artist also have fast translations for their information. Is this done as a slap in our face? At first it didn’t bother me so much because Jihoon was the only artist I payed any attention to so I didn’t know how they handled this kind of thing and all this is still so new to me. BTW JiHoon is my main and only focus as far on a fan basis, but because of him I’ve been introduced to some really good music and I see the differences in how fast translations are coming on certain things.


    • So agree. He’s the only one that I pay attention to that doesn’t get their stuff posted on iTunes, has a shoddily kept up site, doesn’t get stuff translated on his site often enough. I find it flabbergasting.


  6. Wow how disappointing. 😦


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