[ETA tweets/Eng trans][images] Muffler check?

Cloud cover  by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*ETA 8/3: The tweets by Kevin Ra, from July 31, and their English translations by rain bird @Rain Europe:

왼손엔 월드스타 오른손엔 과자 봉다리 뭐가 부러우십니까 허땡님 ㅋㅋ

월드스타의 배웅을 받으며 오른손에 과자를 한가득 들고 복귀하는 허승범이병의 위엄 엄청나다 ㅋ

Private ‘Heo Seung Bum’ has got nothing to envy in this world since there is Rain to the left of him while he has a big plastic bag full of snacks in his right hand…keke..

How dignified private ‘Heo Seung Bum’ returning to the unit with the bag in his right as Rain saws [sees, or saw ^@@^] him off, is ! ke…}

We know the backs of those legs anywhere, don’t we? And if that is Rain’s bag, you know it’s got to have a TON of sweets in it. 🙂 (Image: yanggoon kevin ra @Twitpic)


We know those arms and shoulders anywhere, don’t we? (And the original source of this image is… who? What? Where? You had to have gotten it from somebody, honey. LOL) I’m just glad it doesn’t give away any of the Flight: Close To The Sun story, because it is soooo lovely and it would have been a shame for it to go the way of the dodo bird around these parts. You know. *plonk* (Image: ratoka @The Cloud Photo Board)

~ by Cloud USA on August 1, 2011.

8 Responses to “[ETA tweets/Eng trans][images] Muffler check?”

  1. Oh my dear boy…it’s insane how absolutely delicious you can make “trouble” look. LOL.

    I sure do hope he finally gets a winner with this film. He’s SO overdue for a hit and so deserving. Everybody please join me in putting that out there into the matrix, please.

    If the film is going to come out in early 2012, how long do you all think it will take to get to us here in the U.S.? Heck, it will probably take dang forever.

    I really would like to see this one on the big screen, wouldn’t you, Stephe? So, I hope our art houses pick this one up. Let’s e-mail all of them early next year and request it and see if any of them pick it up (with subs), okay, chingu?

    Terri :-}


  2. His arms…….. please …. Amaizinggggg!!


  3. Oh lord, how could you not know this man in person? I mean really….Phew!


  4. Gawd those arms are HOT!!!! Love that pict. He look like there’s trouble!!! Swoon


  5. Oh my…..look at those arms!


  6. GOOD TO SEE RAIN ok!! look at the rainfall u know it was heavy rain their anway, i am glad to see him with his filming crew yeah i bet rain have a lot sweet ekekekek 🙂
    i can see the man sexy back back ahahaha
    oh the one he luck up remind of JIWOO Fugitive when they accuse him and luck him in jail this is almost the same angle of him set and thinking too O_O oh now that even make me flash back jiwoo for sure ahahaha dang that STRONG MUSCLE of rain SO HOT!!
    hey i would maind i luck up with a fine man right their took me in too i will be his assistance for that ahahah


  7. uh uh i feel like a little girl inside a toy store. How exciting!!!!!!!


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