[CloudUSA Article] Building Rain’s Storm

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Hello, lovely Clouds. Terri here.

I was just wondering…is everybody out there doing your part to spread the news about Rain? I mean, I know I personally tell everybody who will listen to me chatter about him. But I was just wondering, do you do that too?

I’ve stopped driving my family crazy with him, mainly because they’ve long gotten over the shock, and whenever I mention him now, their response is either to pat me on the head and say, “That’s nice, dear,” or to ignore me altogether. :-} However, if the opportunity arises elsewhere, I’m pretty quick to tell people as much about Rain as they can stand. But I’m not sure everybody is doing that. So, I just wanted to ask.

There were two main reasons that Stephe and I created Cloud USA:

  • Because we wanted to create a place where Rain fans could come together not just as Clouds, but as family.
  • Because we wanted to make sure everyone in the USA knew about him.

Think about what it was like before you discovered Cloud USA (or one of the other English-speaking Rain fan sites you frequent)? Think about how alone you felt, how much you wanted to share your love for this incredibly talented artist, but didn’t know where to go, didn’t know who to talk to about it. How did that make you feel?

Now stop and think about how many people in your neighborhood still don’t know his name.

If you’d like to help Cloud USA build a humongous fan base here in the United States for Rain (or elsewhere, if you’re abroad), then do whatever you can to help make that happen. Talk to your family and friends about Rain. Share his work with as many people as possible—wherever you are.

Leading a Cloudburst is a great way to start the rumblings of a Rainstorm in your own backyard. Check out the Cloudburst category on our forum: CLOUD USA’s Cloudbursts. If you don’t see a Cloudburst in your area listed, then please don’t wait for someone else to step up to the plate. Instead, start one yourself. (Send me a message to Terri @ Terri@cloudusa.org to find out how.)

If you don’t get much (or any) response from Cloud USA members who live in your area via your Cloudburst thread, then you may need to find another way to let the people in your community know you exist and when and where your meetings will be happening. Try putting an advertisement for your Cloudburst meetings in the local community newspaper, or on a community bulletin board, or in whatever free media outlet is available to you.

One of the simplest approaches to advertising your meetings once you find a good advertising outlet is to choose a good venue, schedule regular meetings, provide contact information for the club, and then write up a listing you can either leave in place or submit every month for publishing. Then, be at that time and place whenever a meeting is scheduled. Even if you are the only one that attends at first, if your listing stays in place long enough, you might be pleasantly surprised at how many people will eventually show up and become members.

I remember the first writer’s group meeting I ever went to. There was a flyer in the library about it. It was right down the street from my house. I was so nervous about going (because I was a beginning writer) that I didn’t even have the courage to call the number. Instead, I showed up at the door, asking, “Is this the writer’s group?” There were four people in the room. A few years later, there were fifty. Stephe and I are still members of a branch of that writer’s group today. :-}

Don’t worry if your Cloudburst is really small at first. If you have two people who want to get together on a regular basis to gush about Rain, then you’re still a Cloudburst. If your numbers stay small, tell more people. Actively search online for people in your area who love K-Pop. Invite them to your meetings.

Don’t be shy about telling the people at the venue you are visiting who you are and why you are there. Share your excitement, your knowledge about Rain with whoever will listen to you. You never know. You might meet someone along the way that will want to join up…and then they might invite someone and then they might invite someone…well, you get my drift.

Your meetings don’t have to be costly either. Heck, you could meet at a McDonald’s and order a small drink, if you like—as long as you’re having a blast meeting face-to-face and talking about Rain, that’s what matters.

The most important thing is that you find some way to spread the news of this incredible artist, so that in a few years, when he returns from his military service and starts actively working again, there will be even more Clouds around to back him up and to welcome him home.

Sound like a plan?

FYI, Atlanta’s next Cloudburst meeting will be happening sometime soon.  So be on the lookout for our report–better yet, come and join us if you can!

Terri :-}

~written by Terri Robinson @ CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on July 30, 2011.

17 Responses to “[CloudUSA Article] Building Rain’s Storm”

  1. Well everyone I know, knows about Rain I have him all over my fb,phone and twitter also I’ve never until knowing about Jihoon noted Asian origins in people I mean by that, Korea, China, Japan etc. Please not to be rude at all cause to me people are just people. Anyway some people I’ve known were Korean? hahahaha cause once I discovered him I was trying to find his music around were I live and I did. And some of my friends and family members do really like his music and a view are now fans and follow him and four square. Even some that I wouldn’t think would be into it certain songs they like. I do want to see him go as far as he wants to go.


  2. i’m still at it…just gave a June birthday present to someone living in EggHarbor, NJ. Rain’s Rainism cd, even included a sheet with english trans. for them….

    i asked had they had a chance to listen and was told they alwasy listen in the car on the way home and even shared it with the wifey…cool.


    • Sweet!

      Thank you for your efforts. We are GOING to make him a superstar here, right, ladies?

      Terri :_}


    • @terri
      yes my dear we are and we will fight to end to make it happen adn wing our GOLD
      wowowoo your story are TOUCH me by rain and u are humble for your family and did what to gt them finally learn and see and know rain is i am very proud of u Terri
      for me what u say is TRUE i will not give _up either i will try my best and smooth as it goes i know it might be hard for them at first perhaps it might took quite a time to very get into rain bio and know him and start to listing and see and whom rain is i keep trying all the effort i can.
      ABOUT = I quickly informed him that Rain was going to be in the ROK Army at the same time, and if he did get stationed over there
      and actually managed to meet Rain somehow, then he’d BETTER get an autograph from the man for me–or he was in BIG BIG TROUBLE. He promised he would if he could. LOL. <—-
      this is great to hear from nephew i hope he get to meet rain and introduce and get to be his firend and learn a lot together that if they are stay in same station and share us some update and pict when ever they allow them to sent out their letter
      when u say it make my heart felt warm at lease u have someone to keep rain more someone he can meet if ONLY he does meet rain and stay same station.
      oh also my other i miss for 2 month now she just email me and told me how i am doing and she miss rain i will introduce her to this site and visit this site ever time she have her time too she is also one RAIN fans that i meet her from 6to5 site we always share our feeling and though about rain all the time today she email me i let her visit this site PROMISE i know she well coz she is RAIN HUGE rain fan
      her name is tjrachel …


    • @busybee1982
      that sound so COOL… about a road trip of all cloudUSA with ladie buch put on rain Cd hmmm i pict first THIS IS HIP SONG on the Road today ahahahahahh next bring the magic strick on i am goning to be bad ladies ekekek LMAO!! kick it off with some music rad ahahah


  3. Terri and Stephe, I am grateful for having found, although the language separates us a little, JiHoon our love unites us, I want to say that all my friends talk about him. Here is a radio where I ask as there are many songs and chat and not miss a chance to talk about him. Even though my friends like other groups, I have managed to recognize that Rain is the King of Kpop. And I’m very proud of that.

    Terri and Stephe are always wonderful and I hope the Lord bless you in your work. That brings people together in love.
    I apologize for not speaking good English, but I hope you understand me. I’m happy to be with you.



    Terri y Stephe, estoy muy agradecida por haberlas encontrado, aunque el idioma nos separa un poco, nuestro amor hacia JiHoon nos une, yo quiero decirles que a todos mis amigos les hablo de él. Aqui hay una radio donde yo pido muchas canciones y como hay chat y no pierdo oportunidad de hablar de él. A pesar que mis amigas les gustas otros grupos, he logrado que reconozcan que Rain es el Rey del Kpop. Y estoy muy orgullosa de eso.
    Valorar traducción


    • Hi, Adry. 🙂

      Please don’t feel self-conscious about your English — it’s just fine! And never apologize for speaking your beautiful native language. Clouds are all united and speak one universal language — RAIN! We love having you and all global sisters here with us. And thanks for your kind words.

      ¡Su Inglés es bueno! Su lengua materna es hermoso. ¡Clouds se unen y hablan un idioma – RAIN! Nos alegra que estés aquí. Gracias por sus amables palabras. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. LOL I was happy to see this post! I have Rain everywhere, even on my cell phone wall and the picture changes, maybe weekly or when you guys post something that I just HAVE to see each and every time I look at my phone so that I can say “Umm umm ummmm he is super fine!” LMBO 😀 I am a travel nurse and you better know that everywhere I have been has heard about Rain and learn a bit of Korean as well. They are all like, how did you even get into that?! Why are you learning Korean? Then I just have to go on and explain and it always starts with, “Well, it happened over a year ago when I watched the movie Ninja Assassin and got my first glimpse of Rain, that’s his stage name, but his real name is Jung JiHoon!” …..and when I start that, there is just no stopping me. Rain’s name is being spread by me so far, from Arkansas to California to Texas. His pic was my background on my computer in Northern California and the cable guy was like “Is that Rain?!” Apparently his gf is in love with him too LMBO!!! 😀


    • Aw, New Cloud.

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. Keep on keeping on. I loved the cable guy. Ha ha. Poor fellows. They don’t have a chance, do they?

      Funny tidbit for you: When Stephe and I went to see Ninja Assassin the first time, it was with one of our writer buddies. He’s a huge ninja movie aficionado, like Stephe. He brought another guy with him who also loved ninja movies (who I had never met). Both of the guys are married, but neither had been able to convince their wives to come. After all, it was a boring action flick, right? Not anything a woman would enjoy, right? :-}

      After the movie was over, we all were standing around in the lobby for a few minutes discussing the film, before we went our separate ways. You know how you do after you’ve been thoroughly entertained and you don’t want the fun to end? Well. At some point, the discussion naturally moved to Rain’s body and how he had totally transformed himself into a ninja, not just mentally, but physically.

      Stephe and I were trying really hard to be good girls. We really were. After all, we were in mixed company, and this was the first time we had met Darrell’s friend, right? So, we didn’t want him to think we were nuts. But I guess the looks on our faces were speaking volumes, because suddenly, our friend, Darrell, turns to his friend and says, “There is no way in hell I’m letting my wife see this movie.” The other replied, “Nope. No way in hell.”

      Ha ha!

      Terri :-}


  5. First off all,i want to great you Ms.Terri HELLO & to all your staff…Well,this msgs your been posted here everything was so great my dear,expossing someone we love & talking about our idol especially RAIN or somebody in K-POP showbiz.I,as an avid fans of Rain,in my part how spread the named RAIN ooohhhh my…..all my friends & co-workers here in UAE everybody knows RAIN so familiar & he is really famous when i mentioned to them.To me when i started to know him really i’m going crazy about him,everything to his videos,pictures,songs,movies & drams was totally in my gadgets.My room mates tell me.When i supposed to stop being crazy to Rain,i answer her i can’t leaved w/out seing Rain in everyday life hehehe…I don’t know he is like a magnet to me & to every one who loved HIM.I tried to shared to everyone about him & i am make updated to them what is the latest news about Rain…And before i forget Ms.Terri thank you so much for Knowing this CLOUD USA & TO kONG SAO esp.bcoz she’s the one who refer me this web site & some web site also,for that i further learning & knowing about Rain,& thank for all you’ve shared to everyone & your effort also,love you CloudUSA & kept a good work guys….Have a nice & God Bless you all guys!


    • Marites,

      We are delighted that you found Cloud USA. (Thanks Kongsao!)

      Yes, I remember my early days of discovering Rain. My problem was there was so much material out there about him that it was like I could never finish watching videos or reading stuff about him. Or watching dramas. It was exhausting. LOL.

      Thank you for your kind words about Cloud USA. We will continue to try to do our best.

      Terri :-}


  6. I have Rain’s picture for my profile on fb. Whenever they see my profile they would ask me who he is. When I tell them that it’s Rain, a famous actor, singer, dancer in Korea; the MJ of Korea, almost immediately I also tell them to check him out on youtube under Bi Rain; chances are those friends and relatives of mine who asked about him are hooked on him. Then I’d follow it with ” Here, I’ll lend you my FH dvd and after that I’ll lend you Sangdoo”. I have done this to about 8 of my relatives and 5 of my acquaintances. Not bad huh. Most of them are crazy about him in his concerts. This is just a start. I’ll continue to support Rain even when he is away. It’s only for 2 yrs but of course we will miss him still. So, my mission goes on….


  7. well to be HONEST to Terri i am HUGE none any Asia like that i love rain and crazy and supporting and DEVOTE to him back in 2008 until today i have trying so hard i have several many friend to meet and spent think together i even talk to about rain and trying to introduce them about and who he is and why they called him and why he a world star ect… but u i am talking about as where i i live NONE of them wanted to learn and get to who why
    1 they think him Asia not good make me fell off and i felt like they are to AMERICANIZE meaning they speak act and one to be it turn me even more down i even try hard enough to pull them together what rain all about and what his drama and Cd and see why he been know WORLD STAR IN ASIA but nothing come to their period i keep trying and trying for many year nothing without as where i from they don;r even butter ti hear or learn and even listing out all of them i the ONLY one who in rain WORLDS as u can say it ahahhaha btw… coz him i learn how to be have my FB account meeting a lot Rain Asia friend and some are also love rain and supporting i meet and make quite of friend from they that was my first star out and then i went to twitter after that and meet more rain friend and that how i learn and know a lot of rain fan ect…
    i also even creative Youtube for rain to post and updating to let more of rain fan growing by i even edit and fanmade and ect… all this all come out from my heart as u know i am know rain for quite a while back 2008 that how i begining to became his fan and cloud and start digging all over his like updating filming CF all that. i trying my best when i ever trying to pull them about they are ingnor me Terri i am rain fan and i trying to get them to know him too. plus i even went to his concert with fan cloud from ^to5 site we get together and his concert and all that how i learn their are many fan out their are loving rain but some they don’t seem to learn him i just saying for serene ppls that all
    matter some are cloud that visit here are me give them the website to came here and supporting rain and know about more of him
    if i have all these rain fan in my location i well get them do what ever to spread more word about rain and all i fell SUCK that am the only girl here known rain and the only felt run for him as well >__<


    • Kongsao,

      Well you must have had some influence somewhere, because I just read from Marites that YOU were the one that told her about Cloud USA. Good job! :-}

      As far as getting Americans in your town to join you, all I can say is PLEASE don’t give up. Americans are stubborn, egotistical–and very territorial. I know it’s frustrating, but please don’t let it stop you. Just keep on gently spreading the news about Rain and don’t worry about whether or not people are listening. The key is just to keep doing what YOU love to do and not to worry about what anyone else says about it or how they perceive it. Not even your family and friends.

      I’m pretty lucky. My family is pretty open minded, for an American family. However, remember, I do live in the Deep South, in Atlanta, where there is still a great deal of racism running rampant. My own family is better than most, mainly because of me. I have traveled extensively, have learned several languages and have made friends with people from several countries. So, they are used to my being worldly and are usually quite tolerant of my “different” tastes. Still, even some of my family members were extremely put off by my sudden interest in Rain and K-Pop. And they had no qualms about saying so either.

      At first, they just rolled their eyes at me. But when my interest continued, even they began to ridicule me. I would be watching KBS on the television and they would ask me why I was watching that stupid stuff, or they would mock the Korean speech they heard as they walked by. I would be chauffeuring my nephews somewhere, playing Rain music in my car, and they’d hear it and start snickering…or start rolling up their windows, because they didn’t want any of their friends to see them riding in a car playing some kind of “weird, foreign” music.

      Nobody ever came right out and actually made a racist slur against Asians–probably because they knew I’d jump all over them. But I knew they were thinking it. It literally took MONTHS of exposure to Rain and K-pop, in general, before all of them finally began acting like my K-Pop passion was just a normal part of our lives.

      Now though, a year or so later, it isn’t unusual at all for one of my family members to stop me to talk about something Asian they’d found interesting on the television or heard on the radio. The first time my nephew called me into his room to look at a dance group on ABDC that he really liked, I about fell out. LOL. You can read my story about that in the forum here: http://cloudusa.lefora.com/2010/08/10/the-weirdest-evening-ever-or-you-know-asians-are-g/.

      A few weeks ago, my Dad proudly alerted me to the fact that we can now watch Dramafever on our big TV in the den, because it is being offered on Roku. The whole family has even watched Happy Together with me several times…and actually laughed in all the right places. :-} A few days ago, my mother actually found Kimchi-flavored dried ramen noodles in our grocery store and bought a huge stash of it. Like 10 bowls. Wow. When I saw it, I was like, “Mom. Who the heck is going to eat all this?” She huffed, “Well, if you all don’t want to eat it, I’LL eat it!” LOL. My point was that none of us really eat much ramen anyway…not that it was Kimchi-flavored…but she actually got a little offended. Talk about funny.

      My oldest nephew is going into the U.S. Army in November. One of the duty stations he might be sent to is South Korea. I quickly informed him that Rain was going to be in the ROK Army at the same time, and if he did get stationed over there and actually managed to meet Rain somehow, then he’d BETTER get an autograph from the man for me–or he was in BIG BIG TROUBLE. He promised he would if he could. LOL.

      Recently, the floods and mudslides in South Korea have concerned everyone in the household. My parents expressed genuine concern about our Korean Clouds sisters over there, wondering if they were all safe.

      My point is…wait…what was my point? Oh, yeah. That a gentle, non-threatening approach can be the key to opening up even very closed American minds that there is a world of entertainment out there that, in some ways, can be even better than American entertainment.

      Not that it’s not gonna be a fight. Sure, it is. It’s going to be a real struggle to win some people over. Still, I’m betting on us to win. Why? Because we have a secret weapon. We’re Clouds. And we’re stubborn too, right?

      Terri :-}


  8. I am was trying to do the Cloudburst in Puerto Rico this month mainly with friends but is difficult. It’s summer time and my friends are on vacation so to set a date for it has been impossible. I was planning to do it at my house but we got to do some urgent repairs and is not the best moment for me either. But I am preparing myself for it doing a bio about Rain and now I learned to download videos so I am planning to get a good group of them in a CD to show them in my VCR during the meeting. I am waiting for my friends to set the date and do a meeting in my house. Also, I openned a Facebook account and I am posting videos of Rain and Mblaq and I receive info from Cloud USA Facebook too and my friend see it in my account. I hope this helps me to get them aware of the world of Kpop cuz they don’t know about it yet. I am introducing them to it and it’s difficult but in the long run I hope to get some new fans for Rain. That’s my goal.


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