[article] Rain on FeverWatch: DramaFever’s Top 5 F.L.S. Kdramas.

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I have to agree. The Forced Living Situation between “YoungJae” and “Han JiEun” on Full House was hilarious and as eye-popping as all get-out, and completely insane. LOL! Great stuff!

Meerkat at DF touted Full House, Attic Cat, Personal Taste, My Girl, and Goong (Princess Hours) as their top five Forced Living Situations in KDrama-dom.

What are your favorites?


DramaFever’s FeverWatch Blog 6/14/2011 — by meerkat

Let’s Talk Kdrama: Forced Living Situations

Forced Living Situations — What does this mean to you? Does it mean having to live with five other people in a three-bedroom apartment? Having to live with your parents? Having to live in a town that’s too small for your larger-than-life dreams?

Whatever your answer, let me tell you exactly what Forced Living Situations — from hereon F.L.S. — means in the world of Korean dramas.

In Kdrama-Land, Forced Living Situations are when a handsome (conveniently rich) man lives with a pretty (conveniently broke) girl, usually because some ridiculous circumstance involving money and contracts requires them to do so. F.L.S. are key plot devices in bringing said man and woman together in romantic harmony.

We love F.L.S. here at FeverWatch, which is why we are spotlighting it in today’s edition of Let’s Talk Kdrama.

So without further ado, here are our Top 5 F.L.S. Kdramas:

1. Full House

Imagine having to live with the hottest superstar in your country, which is exactly what happens when Han Ji Eun (played by Song Hye Gyo) enters a contractual marriage with A-list actor Lee Young Jae (played by Rain). As a condition of their fake marriage, the two live together in Full House, the home that Ji Eun’s father built. The two strangers begin their F.L.S. begrudgingly, but it is no surprise when these roomies eventually blossom into this:

Sigh. If only all of our F.L.S. could involve living with a handsome, powerful megastar…

» You can see the other four Kdramas and read meerkat’s article in its entirety on the FeverWatch blog HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on July 29, 2011.

8 Responses to “[article] Rain on FeverWatch: DramaFever’s Top 5 F.L.S. Kdramas.”

  1. En esa foto luce maravilloso. Y ellos hacen una linda pareja.
    Rain….. my sweet prince, my house is available when you want.


    • te apoyo adry, de todas las parejas q rain ha tenido. Esta es mi pareja favorita. Lucen tan lindos juntos!!!!!!! Por ella no me pondria celosa. jejejeje


  2. lol i got it mari, Thanks. i guess it looks diff when u see from a picture perspective than a video one. and i have to say that last kiss was more traumatizing for me than romantic when neither of them move their lips. So i guess i erased that image from internal hard drive of my brain.


    • LOL!!!! I know right? They where like ages locked together in a kiss like statues. It wasn’t very romantic but hey, at that point I was so desperate for a kiss between them that I didn’t mind. They looked cute!


      • I agree with what you said. I too was so desperate for a kiss from them that I did not mind the type of kiss that finally happened. Yes I did want a way more romantic hot kiss but hey I was just happy they finally kissed. I loved this drama so much. It is still one of my all time favorite dramas.


  3. Can someone remind me what episode does this scene come from? 😉


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