[article] J.Tune says there is still no date for Rain’s enlistment.

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And so… the news on Rain’s enlistment is the same as it has been all year, since the New Year rang in. The same news we all know. For now.


Image credit: Lee JinHyuk, 10Asia

10Asia 7/30/2011 — Reporter : Kim Myung-Hyun 데일리팀/ Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk 사진팀/ Editor : Jessica Kim 영문뉴스팀 

Rain denies going to military in October

J.Tune Entertainment has denied that singer-actor Rain will be entering the military in October.

A report earlier in the day said that Rain, real name Jung Ji-hoon, will serve in the military in three months time but an official at J.Tune told 10Asia over the phone that a date has not been set.

“It is true that he plans to enter the military this year but nothing has been set on the exact time of his military entrance. He hasn’t even received a draft notice,” the official added.

Rain was supposed to enter the military last year but was deferred to this year after he requested for a postponement, initially to study for his master’s degree and then for career reasons.

Since then, he had starred in TV series “Fugitive: Plan B” and has been filming his movie “Take Off: Closer to the Sun” (translated title) which is a remake of 1964 pic “Red Muffler.”

“Rain is currently preparing for his nationwide tour and is in the process of wrapping up filming of his movie…

» You can read Kim MyungHyun’s article in its entirety on the 10Asia news site HERE.

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12 Responses to “[article] J.Tune says there is still no date for Rain’s enlistment.”

  1. it’s not like he’s never coming back 🙂 and he will get his furloff~# of days a year you can retern home from military base. I did some reading on th South K. military, you get 15-25 days of furloff a year I think. The South K. militry seems interesting, call me crazy but it doesn’t seem that bad. Then again I’m not the one who has to go~haha


  2. Whenever the day comes, I get more sad. Not that I will make ..
    My Prince ….you are my light.


  3. Honestly… I wish he would hurry up and enlist. He has to do it, it is not something he can get away from… the sooner he does, the sooner he will come back. I wish he would have gone soon as he was done with Ninja Assassin then he would have been back home already with his duties fulfilled. I would rather him not have to go, but he has a duty to his country… So Rain hurry and go, and come home safely and continue your Rain of fire…


    • I have to agree with that!

      I wish he had just gone in last September when he was originally supposed to. He would have almost a whole YEAR under his belt now and only about 8 months left. It’s not like this delay has helped fans get used to the idea the way it was supposed it — folks are still as upset now as they were then, as if his enlistment is new news, and I don’t see that changing, so what the heck.

      (well, I guess to the newbies it IS new news, aww)

      It’s going to be a such a sad day.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Amen!

      Terri :-}


  4. Happy for him (and for us) !


  5. i will miss miss and sad for sure he gone again i hope over their they have rain update for us to keep posted for us and his fans and could know how he doing 3 years gone i felt like the CASE IS CLOSED i just wish they have rain have some environment or something to do for us to see how he duty going on yeah i n=know it hard but at lease keep us posted that all i ask
    and franklyi HOPE RAIN he is leaving DECEMBER u hear December !!


  6. Oh…

    So I can stop running up & down the street screaming that the apocalypse is coming on October 4th?

    Lol I’m just kidding but yay! It’s not ten days after the concert tour is over! Haha


  7. What ever day he is going is going to be one super sad day!!!!!!!


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