[clip][Eng subs] MBLAQ check: The Boys on Mnet’s Wide Open Studio Talk.

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MBLAQ is looking so good, and as pure and as sweet as the driven snow, on this episode of Wide Open Studio Talk live, released by Mnet yesterday. But we all know differently, don’t we? Ain’t no driven snow there. Beneath all of the white that they’re wearing beats the hearts of lions.

Since 2009, SeungHo, G.O, Joon, Mir, and Thunder have climbed hard for their goals, reached for the stars, and fought for what they wanted, be it the perfect choreography, respect among their peers, their big brother’s smile, or—and we’ll bet money on this one—a woman’s love, behind the scenes. (No, they’re not fooling us with that innocent act. 😀 ) Watching them continue to grow and reach their potential together and individually, in the years to come, will be a pleasure.

(When G.O started singing a cappella, I thought I was going to slide out of my chair. ♥)

MBLAQ (G.O LIVE)_Wide open studio talk. (Credit: Mnet / mnet @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 28, 2011.

12 Responses to “[clip][Eng subs] MBLAQ check: The Boys on Mnet’s Wide Open Studio Talk.”

  1. All of them look absolutely HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! They really look so sexy with the dark hair and the white oufits. G.O. voice is just so beautiful and I cannot get enough from hearing it.


  2. So cute and I just love G.O’s voice on the spot throw down he knocked it out.


  3. just finished watching Mblaq on mnet.america.com

    their Mona Lisa and G.O.’s Only In My Dreams are showing there.

    love it. been spending some time getting to know more about these guys and even found out that Rain gave each of them their stage names. so much info. on them. makes me extra proud of Rain for his foresight and learning about MBLAQ gives me a deeper understanding of Rain’s creative mind. the guy is epic.


    • Busy,

      Thank you for this tip! I just tweeted about it. So exciting!

      Terri :-}


      • correction for the link: (remove the ( . ) between mnet and america

        sorry bout that.

        i just left there and got a little confused. yesterday’s views were at least 100 times more than what they are today. is Korea’s counting method different too???? other groups have increased, the boys have decreased. strange!


        • Thanks, Busybee.

          I tweeted the information with the direct link, so no worries. I was wondering about the count too. What is going on with that? I’m going to do a commentary on Mona Lisa sometime soon, that I hope will drive a little bit of traffic their way and get their count up a little. I’ve already tweeted that we needed to get them more plays. Maybe that will help?

          Terri :-}


  4. tHE guyS lOOk ReaLLY Good.


  5. oh my the boy looking so good in full shjine WHITE!! the boy are just so plain sweet and whaoooooooo G.O. when he sing it melt my heart awawaw my if he ever sing any radom song to me i sure melting away awawwa :P)
    he so handsome in that white O.o and all of them but why i am so attractive to G.O. heart puming here .
    the boy when they all smile i could face all 5 of them same time hmmmmmmmmm who would i choose to date ek eke eke !!


  6. Now this look i like. they look more mature and it’s easier for me to identify each of them. Now someone has to tell the moderator that the tie with flower designs doesn’t look good.


  7. They looked positively HOT!!!! Geezz they have matured nicely into young men, very chic and sure of themselves without beeing coky. I look at Joonie and he is still handsome but there’s somethin about Thunder that makes me look at him. Yumm!! plus his cuteness with his little cat, aww. G.O is somethin else cuz his voice is AMAZING!! P


  8. Love how the white outfits look against their skin and darker hair. All they need now is some halos with devil horns sticking out of them….LOL.


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