[vintage clips] Strictly for the visuals: Rain gets punked (by G.o.d.), and meets himself. :)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Remember this from 2005, fans? It will always be one of our all time laughs! Kim TaeWoo hyung and the other members of legendary G.o.d. (Groove Over Dose) kept walking through Rain’s MBC interview spot, claiming to need to use the bathroom. ROFL! Poor thing. “Why are you doing this to me?” LMAO!

And in a totally unbelievable piece of broadcasting (I mean it was Korea, you know), popular host JaeSeok got a tremendous eyeful of cleavage and… you can guess the result. Rain was like, DANG!

Can you say NG?? ROFLMAO!

Rain 050206 MBC_Happy Time_Gayo Concert + Come to Play NG. (courtesy of manloverain8 @YT)


And this, from 2004, when a statue of Rain made him think he was seeing double (he looked rather bewildered by the thing), and created havoc all over town. This is great stuff.


Rain 041207 MBC_TV Suprise World_Rain. (courtesy of manloverain8 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 27, 2011.

9 Responses to “[vintage clips] Strictly for the visuals: Rain gets punked (by G.o.d.), and meets himself. :)”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA this was hilarious! hahahahaha


  2. Those videos were hilarious! I found myself grinning while watching him smile & laugh! Rains’ infectious smile gets me every time. And where can I find this artist? I would commission her to do a piece for me…Rain piece that is!


  3. OMG that was so funny!!!! Both videos are but the second vid with the statue took the price cuz people’s reactions were priceless!! ROFLMAO!!!! Men were envious and some were intimidated, that young man almost broke his neck running when he saw Rain!!! ROFL!!! To me that was the funiest reaction!! Those ladies reacted as expected, surprise at first but then taking photos or stealing a hug, they were cute. I bet they were going to get a coffee or somethin and ended wide awake with that georgeous man in the elevator!! Kekeke!!!


  4. awawwa this so funny rain was in middle interview and kim tea Woo pass by rain seem to embrace or something LOL… ha yeah like the group G.O.D.
    his smile just so to kill me everytime he show his chiny eyeh awawaw gorgeous rain love his fical expression . ekekekek 🙂
    seeing rain Laughing i COULDN’T even help to pricelesssss!!
    2 vid
    OMG!! that staue if i ever stand nexk to it will be gone the same i am there i just have to jack that home with and put it in my room and have him stare at or i stare at him hug him all day ahahahah oh yeah serious must have done !! LMAO in the elevator i will differently took home with me rain u come home with for sure ahahah
    OMG!! LOl.. @ 4:50 the ladies stook and think it that rain or is real him hmmmmmm should go in or????????? Lol..
    oh yeah i be like her touching took pict with rain i could help it either she so lucky !!
    the man even more FUNNY all touching him look like the statute is tall them rain a little but hey it him shell do 🙂


  5. Both videos was very funny!!!!! The statue was a very good likeness of Rain, so cute!!!!!!


  6. Thanks for posting this guys! I really needed a good laugh today and this is definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! ROFLMAO!!


  7. What would you do if you find a sculpture of baby bi inside an elevator? I know some of you doesn’t have to use that much their imagination cuz you have a Rain size doll. kekekeke


  8. Omg, thank you for posting these two videos. I have no idea what’s being said but the smiles, laughter and facial expressions are priceless.

    Oh all the pandemonium caused by these statues, love it!


  9. awesome likeness !


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