From Stephe’s desk: “What can I do? What should I do?”

Hey, peeps.

I just came in from a monthly fiction writers’ meeting and having a late supper with Terri at a local restaurant afterwards. With five Rain albums and one mini-album to choose from, I never get bored when it comes to listening to the Man either jamming or talking sweet to me in the car, because of all the variety. And so, on the way home, it happened to be Back To The Basic this time.

I sit here now, at my computer, talking to you all. In a daze.

The emotional way Rain’s voice wraps around the English version of “Love Song” stuns my brain like a blow to the head. The feeling in it is just incredible to listen to.

Yes, I know that this English version was specifically for Asian audiences and the lyrics aren’t what you call our cup of tea in the States. BUT. I’m telling you. It’s a beautiful song, nonetheless, that mesmerizes me when I listen to it. In terms of a good, solid American revamp to the lyrics and the video, I can “hear” this thing on the radio. I can see DJs and listeners all over just falling in some serious love with the Man’s sound.

I’m just musing here. I certainly don’t expect that to happen, mind you. Revamps and videos are expensive as hell and impossible to secure without a proven market waiting for them (for Powers That Be, it’s all about the profit), and it’s not like Rain doesn’t already have plenty of irons in the fire. I’m just sayin’… we’ve already talked about how well an English “One” would go over here, and as far as I’m concerned, an Americanized “Love Song” would be a ballad that would shoot a lot of people straight to the moon and back.

(I dare not guess how many U.S. babies would be born roughly nine months after that release…LOL!) 😉

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 27, 2011.

5 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: “What can I do? What should I do?””

  1. Oh yes, Love song in english is beeautiful!!! I love it and hear it all the time. I see that song doing really good in the USA cuz is filled with such passion, regret and love. Rain did a great job with his pronunciation and the lyrics aren’t perfect but hey, the way he sings it compensate for it. Love Story is another song that will do really well anywhere. They are timeless, sincere, full of soul and Rain with his beautiful voice made them unforgetable.


  2. I agree, “Love Song” in English is a good song. A revamp of the lyrics would make it even better. I honestly don’t listen to the radio much, however if Rain was on it……I would be all over it.


  3. Love in english version is one of my favorite. i’m sure is because i actually can understand what i’m singing. maybe the lyrics are not the best but i heard worst song getting first place in Billboard, etc. What Rain needs is to find a USA producer that is able to see the potential and willing to help him to do the crossover. I’m sure i had mention this before but if he really wants to be recognize by USA people he needs to move here. That’s the only way he can eat, breath, live, think, speak, listen and understand english.


  4. I love this song. I love the way Rain voice sounds on it. Also, I love the pics too. I swear Rain and the actress in this video had the perfect chemistry in the video.


  5. I totally agree with you – the English version is getting on my nerves! Why don’t you make some kind of competition about the lyrics – I am sur somebody will come up witht the perfect version of the song!


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