[Update] Influential Rain series 3: You WILL see a forest for the trees in Mongolia.

Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

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You may recall this entry from our Influential Rain series 2 article back on July 1, that detailed how Chinese and global Rain fans were motivated to follow Rain’s (a.k.a. Jung JiHoon) lead concerning his environmental campaign promoting afforestation:

Rain fan clubs in China—China RainBar and RainCN—along with other global Rain fans across the planet decided to donate a forest this year. They got together with environmental powerhouse Roots & Shoots in Shanghai and The Million Tree Project in March 2011, and purchased 2000 trees to be planted in Inner Mongolia in Rain’s name, to help rebuild the environment there.

It came to our attention today that The Million Tree Project has delivered its first report on the new Cloud & Rain Forest in inner Mongolia, where the 2000 donated poplars have been planted over a 1.5 hectare area (roughly three acres) by local farmers, their families, and volunteers.

The trees were planted three months ago, and are growing well!

This forest will become an excellent windbreak and add much needed nutrients and stability to the soil, which would otherwise erode and be lost to ravages of the harsh storms in the region. It will also protect the crops belonging to the village nearby from destruction. This is one step among many to curtail the desertification in China, and will go a long way in giving the planet itself new life.

We at Cloud USA are extremely proud of our Asian and global Cloud sisters, more so than mere words could ever explain. We look forward to more reports as time goes on, and watching the Cloud & Rain Forest grow to maturity. Perhaps one day in the future, we’ll be able to help spearhead a fan expedition there, and join hands with many of our world sisters under the cool canopy of this new forest haven.

Amazing job, China RainBar, RainCN, and Rain’s global fans.

Congratulations, Rain! To see your campaign bear fruit is so inspiring. Wear your TIME 100 Most Inspirational People for 2011 title with your head held high.

You are a motivating force. You are worthy.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(Images: zhou yuan / yuannovia @Twitpic, 7.26.11 / source site: The Cloud Photo Board)

~ by Cloud USA on July 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “[Update] Influential Rain series 3: You WILL see a forest for the trees in Mongolia.”

  1. IAmaizingggggg! Rain is magnificent.

    Really, he is a great influence for all. I hope that the people recognize his efforts.

    Thanks to the persons for listening to Jung JiHoon, and doing the good of this world.


  2. yes it was SO NICE and dictated cloud China from Beijing doing this progress for rain and very dictated for him these was very saluted hardworking they did for rain Ambassador of confirm 26th i very ENVY them i felt like i am part of their and so
    proud of this it will continue to raise up among rain forest and tree and for next generation this can be first in History too serious this is one heck i wanted to visit and do what i need me to supporting if i ever change a change i will drop by and first place i well goes to that place . this is SUCH a new article and good happen staring and i belive rain is proud to see how loyalty fan is to him that right fans


  3. Wow, that’s amazing!! I want to see them in a few years when those trees grow tall and you can see a real forrest in there. The benefits in the long run are gonna be inmesurable and Rain’s name is gonna be there for years. If that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what it is!! Fighting!!


  4. Great inspiration and lovely story. Thanks Rain Fans Rock.


  5. Wow this is awsome news!!!! I am so glad that Rain influence to help the environment is truely working. Congrats to all the fans involved in making this happen, you guys rock!!!!!!


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