RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 17. He just about busted a gut. LOL!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast 7/23.

We finished up with the TIME Gala and being in a New York state of mind last week. Well before that, we were ADIEUing. So where oh where will we land now? Any guesses?

Ah! BEST Rain Macao, the third stop on Rain’s BEST concert tour of Asia! Okay. 😀

(Oh lord, it’s that shirt that drove me abso-freakin-lutely nuts because it cut Rain off at the hips and made him look stunted or something… but hey, that was then, I’m over it now, and he was as handsome and personable as ever while speaking to the Media at his press con, so no problema.) RAINY DAY spends only about three minutes on Rain’s Macao press conference before taking a station break and bugging out, and that’s just fine with me. As you may recall, the AP Article Shot Around the World stemmed from this event, you remember the one, where the writer claimed that not only was Rain being surly and evasive about his upcoming military enlistment (which made about as much sense as a dog flying under its own power) but that he also dissed America and planned a future only in Asia (which made about as much sense as a rock flying under its own power). Yeah. Somehow, the Rainiverse weathered the storm that the writer’s own conclusions produced, and went on about its business. These days, the less I think about that hot mess, the better for my health, frankly.

Moving on.

LOL! For a second there, with all the running going on, I had a Fugitive flashback. But I don’t think fashion plate “JiWoo” would be caught dead with a scarf on his perfect hair. (He beat some of Mafia Daddy’s guys down just for messing it up, remember.) Ah, we’re at a Macao rehearsal, and of course, Rain is horsing around… backstage, on stage, off stage. Heh. Remember when he tweeted those pictures?

And so the Man, the Men, the Women, and the Crew get down to the bidnez of putting the show together. “Everybody get ready… Me and my boys… smellin’, fellin’… you know how we do it—” There is a really nice energy on that stage. Looks like he was really ready for that show.

What the—? Hold the bus. One of the Women was really late for her cue and about broke her neck trying to get to the King and his throne. ROFL! I haven’t seen a woman move that fast since Flo Jo! Rain just about busted a gut laughing. LMAO!

Minute marker 7:20 starts one of those special Rain moments that only happens once in a blue moon: (hippity hoppity) “How you doing… yeah, it’s been a long time…” (hoppity skippity) “I luv you alllllllllllllll my fans…” Yadda yadda blah blah, this is rehearsal, make something up as I goooooo, just get down the damn staaaaage… ROFL

*scream* “One”, y’all! *scream*

After a bit more rehearsal time, we’re out. I really enjoyed this go-round. Nice job, JiHoon. ♥ See you next episode, fans, where I’m hoping we’ll get some of the real thing in Macao. Be here, or be square!

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(video credit: happyyyrain torrent / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 24, 2011.

11 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 17. He just about busted a gut. LOL!”

  1. Terri, please let Stephe know my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family that all will be fine.


  2. @Terri
    iis Setphe Dad Ok i heard somthing about her dad i hope he alright i hope she ok too i hope everything is ok btw… i just sent u emil please check thank u


  3. Oh boy, I almost busted a gut too seeing him laughing like that!! I bet that doesn’t happen often or that girl would be out as fast as she ran!! LMAO It was good to see him like that, he was in a good mood that day. So cute!!


    • Mari,

      Yes, it was good to see him laughing. He’s shows his fans many faces, but laughter is not often one of them. So, I agree–it was really nice to see.

      Terri :-}


  4. Just what inner light does this man exude that makes me smile and laugh when he does. It never fails, no matter how my day is going if he laughs or smiles on something I’m looking at, I have to smile too. Ah JiHoon 고마워 !!!


  5. Thank you Stephe, JIHOON, JIHOON!…Yeah I’m talking to YOU!..It pays the cost to be the International BOSS!…TRANSLATIONS? PLEASE, pretty please with kimchi and brown sauce noodles….Ilove you…Te Amo…Saranghae…hehehehe


  6. Jihoon is so charming when he is on stage.


  7. The part where the girl missed her cue was hilarious…..he was looking like “uh girl, where you at?”……LOL!

    The English part = swoon. 🙂


  8. uauuuuu!! He is really cuteeeee, adorable, amaizing …. I love him!!

    Mi Príncipe hermoso, eres lo mas bello de este mundo. Always with you

    His voice is ……… his body…….. his face…… is an Angel.

    with love


  9. awwaaw @ 4:26
    this when he looking the Pict and post on twitter and share to all his fan so cute whapppppppppp i very love his t-Shirt rehearsal here so nice to see rain BTS do all the perfection in his stage I.M Coming with the move and him just get me on the mood ya..ekekeke dance too. @7:00 min they gril just JUMP i guess she forget her part ha ha ha !! and rain just craking up ahahha
    @7:00min awawaw ENGLISH yeah that what am saying speaking out the englkish baby boo rain so cute how he Patrice and yet jump and say at same time MUCK!! JUST LIKE A CHILDISH sometime he so adorable like this i love seeing him playful too. love his Harduo song that sing bring me to the moment he and all his fan been good time together maybe it just me ekek i very love ONLY YOU routine he so perfectionism
    GRawD……….!! watching him her itching m out just want to run over their and HUG to crap out of him and won’t let goes i mean NOPE!!


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