Having Trouble Planning Your “Rain The Best Show” Trip, U.S. Clouds…?

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

{*Edited to Add: Go here for our Cloud USA » Rain’s The Cloud (Fansite) in South Korea: HOW TO JOIN INSTRUCTIONS… IN ENGLISH. A permanent link to this media blog page is also in our media blog side bar to your right, under PAGES. ^@@^}

…then call your local Korea tourism office!

Yep.  That’s what one group of K-Pop fans did in Los Angeles.  After being unable to navigate all of the Korean websites to buy tickets to their favorite group’s concert in South Korea (sound familiar, Clouds?), a group of Girl’s Generation S♥NEs petitioned the Los Angeles office of the Korea Tourism Organization for help.  The result was that today (July 22) a group of 100+ S♥NEs arrived in Seoul just in time for this weekend’s SNSD concert.  According to Arirang News, this is the “first time that American fans have traveled to the country en masse” exclusively to participate in K-Pop activities.

Go HERE to watch the news report on Arirang Global TV.  (Note:  You have to click on the play button on the video player image in the article to open up the player and to start the video.)

All I have to say, Clouds is this:  If you have the resources to go to South Korea and to enjoy one of Rain’s concerts, and you’re having trouble getting tickets, don’t just sit back and whine.  Instead, ask for some help.  Contact a travel agent.  Contact your local Korean consulate.  Contact your local Korea Tourism Office.

Better yet, why don’t you register for The Cloud’s fan forum at http://rain-cloud.co.kr/ and check the English Talk Board for news about how and where and when to buy tickets.  Coordinators on The Cloud are working really hard to help us overseas Clouds.  There is an effort currently underway to assist overseas Clouds with getting VIP tickets for the Seoul concert.  They are even planning to provide bus service for several of the concerts.

Rain is going to be away for a long time, and we haven’t a clue when the next chance to see him on stage will crop up–especially here in The States.  So, if you want to go and if you can go, then by all means GO.


Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on July 23, 2011.

10 Responses to “Having Trouble Planning Your “Rain The Best Show” Trip, U.S. Clouds…?”

  1. Going to Seoul Concerts!!!!

    It wasn’t easy but I was able to get tickets for the 9/24 and 9/25 concerts.

    So……………… I’m going to see Rain in concert….yippee!!!!
    I’ll try to take pics/vids while I’m there.

    If there are any other US clouds going to this concert, I hope we can
    meet up as I am going alone and don’t know the language.


  2. It is indeed a shame that Korean labels and such dont make more of an effort to translate things into english or reach out more to international fans. We are a growing group overseas and we come with moolah to spend. They should be happy not trying to alienate us and push us away.

    A big shoutout and thank you to huhuhu (Heidi) for rushing in and offering to coordinate ticket purchases for everyone. That was really a nice thing to do. She helped me get a decent ticket for Busan on the 14th when the interpark global site wasnt offereing them at the time.


  3. does anyone know the link to register on that fan forum? (http://rain-cloud.co.kr/) thanks for the suggestion to register & read the english boards, but the instructions for registering are in korean. any tips?


  4. This is really a great thing to see. I’m glad that so many people are finding help to see their favorite K-pop celebrities. Maybe this will show their labels that they need to invest in their groups to come here to America and perform more often! AND to put their sites in English too. lol

    Also, I am one of the fans that spent days trying to find information about one of Rain’s concerts. I contacted Tourtainment and they were very helpful. I now I have two tickets, autographed CD’s, and group pics with Rain to the Gwangju concert on September 17th. So don’t just sit back and say you can’t figure it out. Email, call, and do whatever you can to find the information you need! Good luck!


    • That is extremely good to hear, Crystal!

      Please take lots of pics of your travels. Get us some good fan cams if you are able!

      You know? We’re absolutely thrilled to see some of our Cloud USA peeps making the trip. Makes us REALLY happy. :-}

      Ya’ll be sure and make lots of noise, would ya? We want you to make sure Rain knows his U.S. Clouds are there for him. We may still be small in numbers, but I think we can make a huge impact if we just keep trying. Don’t you? That’s going to be especially important while he is away.

      Terri :-}


  5. thank terri
    for info
    i will try to contact my BRO… about this concert i read the ticket was not that expansive so i crossing my finger for this last TIME see rain CONCERT !! i try to make this happen i am frustrate about this right now DON’T know what to do oh man starching my head now !! >__<


  6. Yes he;s going away “..sniff..blowing nose..sniff”


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