[clip] Revisiting April 2010: Red Swarovski Bling on the comeback trail.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As we recall, Rain was still sick as a dog and flu-ridden when he performed these Back To The Basic comeback stages on KBS Music Bank the last part of April 2010. And yet he still managed to look and sing like this. It’s amazing. His strength and determination have always been incredible to witness (when we weren’t wanting to strangle him for being so stubborn, that is). 🙂

One of the coolest things about this “Love Song” performance was: Every week, we would try to guess what color leather and Bling Rain was going to wear next, because he never wore the same Bling twice, and Purplezesty Katie was like (and I quote), “I do hope he does a red version, or red and black… it would be pure smex…” And BOOM—a day or so later, she got it! He showed up in exactly that. Haha!

Another cool thing was that he won Music Bank that week over HyoRi and 2PM with this “Love Song” performance. It was one of the final times we would see “Love Song” because the time had come for him to concentrate on “Hip Song” then, so the win was a sweet one. Double-thumbs up!

RAIN BI 비 Apr 30, 2010_널 붙잡을 노래 + Hip Song. (courtesy of biblueberry06 @YT)

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6 Responses to “[clip] Revisiting April 2010: Red Swarovski Bling on the comeback trail.”

  1. La verdad este hombre me inspira, su esfuerzo y amor por lo que hace…es un buen modelo a seguir estoy muy impresionada por Rain mas allá de las bromas que uno puede hacer sobre su hermosa apariencia. El es mucho mas que un cuerpo y una cara bonita. Me encantaría conocerlo para decirle todo lo que lo admiro.


  2. i very love his LOVE SONG no matter what color he wear he always stand in all of that performs rain look so DELICIOUS sexy flawless and makeup are suit well some-peoples DISAGREE with that Jacket but me i very love how he always make his comeback with so different than any idol they reveal on stage i am impressive
    he won 3-4 award on that BTTB yet he even sacrifice of his DISPiTE his sick and tell come for his stage i saluted rain for and why he such a true SOLO that i admire all my heart the works he name this called BLING BLING it suit perfect and i love it and he can sing and with the beauitful sexy while he still six he is one HEACK SEXUAL APPREAL then any idol and Solo out their coz he show it rain u are we love u for that give of u sickness perfrom even u still sick that why i love this so much.


  3. OMG he looked georgeous with the red bling!!! Argh THE HAIR is dancing too!!!!! Sexilicious to the max!!! When I am sick my eyes drop, my nose get red and I look like a truck pass over me, how he can look so fresh and handsome? That smile at the end was amazing!! 😀


  4. How Rain sounded this great while sick….is crazy. Usually when I am sick I look and sound like crap….lol.


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