RAINtholatum check: It’s raining inside Shanghai Hongyi Plaza until July 24.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Taking your picture with a life-sized Rain cutout? Sounds like loads of fun to me! Haha. Try not to run off with “him”, though. LOL! “Security to the atrium… could we please have security to the atrium! There is a theft in progress!!” 


Mentholatum Rain appeared in Shanghai Hongyi Plaza

By: Siao Men @official MENtholatum on Weibo, 7/22/2011

English translation: Scorpiola @rain-cloud Photo Board

Images: mentholatum001 @weibo

#Rain代言曼秀雷敦#雨粉們發現,”Rain”出現在上海宏伊廣場一樓中庭。 7月22日至7月24日,小曼歡迎曼粉們前來與一比一高度的”Rain”親密合影,而且現場購買任意男士產品即送活炭深層潔面乳20g一份,很吸引,有木有? !那就快來吧~ @屈臣氏中國

Rain fans found that Rain appeared in the atrium on the first floor of Shanghai Hongyi Plaza. From July 22th to July 24th, Siao Men welcomes Mentholatum fans to come and take photos with the 1:1 ratio “Rain”. Also, purchasing any Mentholatum products on-site will get a free 20g bottle of Icy Charcoal Face Wash. Isn’t it attractive? Come! Hurry!

~ by Cloud USA on July 22, 2011.

10 Responses to “RAINtholatum check: It’s raining inside Shanghai Hongyi Plaza until July 24.”

  1. *plotting to steal that cutout*


  2. Well that cutout would stand no chance with a couple of Clouds in the building…..myself included.


  3. Damn I wanna steal that cardboard cutout…


  4. Gawd, I would be like a kid in a candy store!!! Running from one cutout to the other and taking picts like crazy!! The speakers would say “please, the children from the crazy mother please take her out of the atrium NOW”


  5. If I lived there, that poster would have to be bolted to the floor. Just sayin…


  6. omg wont all of that lol loveeeee u RAIN


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