From Stephe’s desk: Well, the HIM photos would have been a great Muffler check. But…

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Hi, fans.

Several days ago, we were right on the verge of publishing those amazing 비상/Flight images from HIM (Honor & Indomitable Mind) Military Culture Magazine that showed up on The Cloud. I’m sure you’ve all seen them by now… they are so the absolute coolest thing since sliced bread. Wow. Well… as you can also see, we didn’t put them up. I’ll tell you why. (and I won’t yell, though this is pretty upsetting to me, though not to other people, obviously)

When we first saw them, we had to wonder why they were released to the public, seeing as in our minds they look a lot like a scene from the movie. It looks like Rain’s character “TaeHoon” has miraculously made it out of a deadly situation and back home, a bit on the worn, grimy side, and is greeting his woman to the cheers of his comrades. You can almost hear the triumphant Top Gun music, when “Maverick” made it back after saving “Iceman” and the MIGs were all destroyed, and Tom and Kelly’s characters reunited and made passionate love for the rest of their lives. And one thing in particular really kept nagging me—when you click to go to the pictures at HIM, via the link that was given on The Cloud, you don’t get pics. You get this:

Uh oh. Red flag.

I typed that into Google Translate, and this is what came out:

잘못된 주소이거나. 비공개 또는 삭제된 글입니다.

This is a wrong address, or private or deleted.

*sigh* *heartbreak*

If the pictures are indeed private or have been deleted, then THEY WERE A SPOILER and they shouldn’t have been taken from the magazine. I hope heads rolled when someone found out that they’d been shared with the public to begin with! This could greatly affect how Rain’s movie does at the box office! Rain fans will flock to the theater to see it because they’re Rain fans, but the general population won’t if they think they know a major plot point or how it might end, and Rain fan numbers will not be enough.

Hopefully, I’m wrong. But even with a detailed search, I cannot find these pictures on this site in any of their three issues. That link is the only page on the site that you can’t see.

And so, until we find out differently, we can’t in good conscience post those pictures here. Doesn’t matter that they’re on Rain sites all over the place now—we won’t be a party to anything that could spoil 비상 (飛上): 태양가까이(Flight: Close To The Sun), and in the process, Rain’s career. That might sound melodramatic, but it isn’t. You saw what happened to The Fugitive: Plan B when an unforeseen circumstance stepped in and spoiled the story. Despite brilliant acting from the cast and the amazing way Rain brought JiWoo’s character to life (he was right, we had never seen anyone like JiWoo before!), the ratings in Korea never recovered. 😦

Thanks for understanding, everyone. We’re not trying to be sticks in the mud. We are major Rain fans, just like everybody else. But when we’re in doubt, his career comes first and being fans comes second. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Thanks again.

— Stephe /

~ by Cloud USA on July 20, 2011.

14 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: Well, the HIM photos would have been a great Muffler check. But…”

  1. Okay here I don’t know whats going on? I had a trojan in my computer and was out for a week, I had a lot of pictures on my fb when I came back online which were gorgeous! but I also only come to CloudUSA for my Rain/JiHoon info, I trust you ladies and you always make the right choices when it comes to Rain. So If I have any on my page I wouldn’t know them anyway. I feel to dumb at times about some things because even when I go on the CLOUD site(official) I only go to leave JiHoon a message I never check other stuff out.
    I think if its something to be known you ladies will inform us.


    • Lotus,

      I’m so sorry that happened to you. That is so frustrating. I hate hackers. Such evil people.

      There are many trojans being passed around on Twitter these days, so people need to be careful about any links they click via Twitter. If it doesn’t come directly from Cloud USA or someone you know, please don’t click it. People are also being targeted via direct messaging on Twitter. It’s not just a problem on Cloud USA though. It’s a problem everywhere.

      I haven’t run across any on facebook yet, luckily. I have a virus protection program on my computers that protects them (I hope). Everyone should have a virus protection program. But you still need to be careful–especially with your Twitters going to your phone. Too late for you, I know Lotus.

      What’s just as bad are the porn links floating around. I’ve accidentally clicked on a few of those myself. Simply lovely. O_o

      Terri :-}


      • Nothing like getting your hair “blown back” unexpectedly! I only have a few sites I go to on a routine basis and don’t go to them all the time. This one and two others I go to daily unless I’m out of pocket……that’s it. I do have virus protection on my computer both here and at work because people are mean and just plain crazy for no apparent reason these days!


  2. I never saw the pics.Usually if it’s not posted here, I don’t see it. I rarely go outside of Cloud USA, as y’ all provide more reliable Rain info.


    • Hey Ceci,

      I rarely go outside of Cloud USA too, but I saw them on The Cloud (official fan site). I go there more often these days cause I’m a paid up card carrying member…at least I Will carry the card just as soon as they mail’em out. (SMILES)


      • Hmm, yeah… and of course you noticed who posted them. A person who posts everything that doesn’t move first, regardless of what it is.


        Stephe ^@@^


  3. I saw the pics and like everyone else thought….hmm…that’s strange cause it DID look like part of the movie. Unfortunately, this is the price of the information age (social media) and HATERS. Only a hater would put those pics on the internet before the movie is even finished. Also, it could’ve been somebody who’s not necessarily a hater but just a thickheaded simpleton who thought it would be a grand idea to “leak” photos to generate buzz for the movie. Obviously, Honey Bi and his peeps were NOT having it and the photos came down swiftly. Hopefully, it was swift enough to ensure that the movie still has a chance to be as successful as possible.


    • i got your point right their too i remember when rain BTTB came out their was some PLLS or fan been leaking the photo and some info that was not set to release out yet the they been post on Internet and give such a BIG BUZZZZZZZZZ !! over that and then Jtune found and ask her all the national site TO NOT POST this coz they got upset over somebody been leaking out the infor and they why
      rain never received anything good from the fans they just trying to put some misleading and fishy think that was not sure from Jtune said to be it made me make and rule his population but their alway some STINKY person out their will give such disrespectful of i heard and read i think they just don’t want rain to became famous and pull him down i mean for once i ever heard anything GOOD from poor rain who put all his effect in this his hardworking and the outcame
      is alway an EEOR i make me mad . and i hope this movies is success fort him and who are in this glim too coz everbody are here to SUPPORT rain and wanted him to show the world for who he not not banned from some other post wrong think the fact they leak this out make such a buzz to all his fan and u know how korean they took anything serious and media as well c’mon rain seriously need to come to U.S.


    • And speaking about HATERS! WTH is up with all the twitter attacks? I even at one point had my phone knocked out!! MAJOR PISSED! Now I have all protection for it but being it was a new kind of phone for me I wasn’t used to all the security settings and stuff I needed it for it.
      And still all the bull with Spam DM and even Mentions with bad links.
      Be careful sisters….


  4. Setphe
    AMEN !! i agreed his caerreer alway FIRST PLACE!! fans second it so ture how that page was share to reublic actually i sa that link from site and FB when i click it just HIM serious their sombody try put rain caeere down just how his FUGITIVE Plan B never gain any good rating only from the beginging that it it already UPSET m over that drama and it was MEGINCENT of his charcter who tramfrom and so versatile and now what happen here FIGH TO THE SUN too
    >__< this is gone way to far for him as what i see i seem to understand PLlS out their so not fair to share and wanted all his fan and himself to prof all his acting and caeere rasie sent they happen WHY POST such a thing in this link and then give us an ERRor i hate the fact the trying to not let him became who he want to be
    and i think their is somthing FISHY going on here and not letting Rain know this this so Redelicious to me.


  5. I personally have not seen these pictures. I am glad and hope I do not see the pictures. I totally think you are right Stephe for not posting the pictures. This is his career and that should come first.


  6. I truly hope those shots that might have been plot-specific were from the middle of the movie or something… or not movie scenes at all. I really want to be wrong about this. Ugh.

    If not, though… Rain’s heart had to have absolutely SUNK when he saw them spread all over. *sigh*

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. I was wondering about that myself. Good call.


  8. I saw those picts in Twitter but it made me go hummm cuz there were so many and up until now, Rain posted a few of them. I thought that maybe it was cuz he was finishing the movie but today there was a twit saying he is filming till mid August soo I think you are right Stephe. There’s is something fishy going on. Gawd I hope they can do damage control to keep the plot of the movie safe!! Sighhh That’s the thing with these times, information travel soo fast and is difficult to keep something secret!! Probably one of those haters put those picts up to hurt the movie’s revenue and Rain’s work.


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