[quickie][MV] MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa in HD! Thanks, J.Tune!

It soooooooo pretty! ^@@^ MBLAQ 3rd MINI ALBUM 타이틀곡 [Mona Lisa] MV (HD). Credit: J.Tune Camp / jtunecamp @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 14, 2011.

7 Responses to “[quickie][MV] MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa in HD! Thanks, J.Tune!”

  1. i love their costume concept…Any one know who is the person who design their costume? i love it.^______^


  2. ahhh cool i love this video ❤


  3. They are mature, fine, talented boys and I am sure this album is gonna be a hit!! I love the song, the beat and the way they dance it. Congratulations to them and to Rain!! 😀


  4. so proud of them


  5. I love this song and video so much!!! This song is so hot and it is my jam!!!! I love all of thier outfits and the new hair styles. They are throwing down on the vocals, especially G.O. is so hot. I love to see MBLAQ in concert one day.


  6. I Really, Really like this song and the Latin flavor. Love the “Stars and Stripes” pants Mir (SMILES). I “cringe” a little bit every time I see Mir dancing now, because I had the same surgery he had. I “sensitive” about how far I want to bend my back, much to my husband’s chagrin. Anyway, love the song and video!


  7. ooh super clear thanks for sharing ❤


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