[clips] Strictly for the visuals: Before he was “Rain.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

This first one is pretty much a bona fide Blast From The Past, really, if not the ultimate BFTP. It is the clearest version to date that I’ve seen of 비 being showcased and introduced to Korea as a principle dancer (KBS Music Plus, 2001). This was the year before his debut as a singer/idol, and will always be one of the most precious videos I’ve ever come across. Just precious. (We still wonder how he managed to move his body like that!)

Rain_2001 KBS music plus Rain Dance. (courtesy of manloverain8 @YT)


And this jewel is 비, barely a month past his April 2002 debut, on an MBC idol game show hosted by radio personality Park KyungLim. I tell you, even without a translation, at times this thing had me hollering. 비 having to successfully eat an orange while being slingshot up into the air? ROFLMAO!

020525 RAIN_MBC Gameshow. (courtesy of manloverain8 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 14, 2011.

9 Responses to “[clips] Strictly for the visuals: Before he was “Rain.””

  1. Awesome flash back. thanks for sharing!!!!


  2. My eyes immediately go to Bi, he just has always had(has) that special something.


  3. wow…doesn’t seem that long ago….


  4. I like his music and love his dance moves.


  5. Loved both videos!!!! The first one I had seen before. His dancing skills were always amazing. The second video was hilarious!!! It amazes me how I find these shows so hilarious even though I do not know what they are saying. Laughter is just contacious and universal.


  6. Awww so adorable!! His dancing skills are amazing; you just can take your eyes of him!!! I LMAO with that show, gosh, they slept in the floor, that woman abuse them and in top of that they got to do whatever she wanted. Lol!!


  7. LOVE IT!!! Hope to see the complete version of the game show too. Thanks for sharing ^^


  8. His body was like rubber. Hey do you remember the name of that Janet song he was dancing to? It’s been a long while since I heard it.


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