[learning Korean] Rain about town: On his home turf.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The huge Rain billboard below, advertising Haechandle red chili sauce, was spotted by a Rain fan in Korea the other day. Not only is it perfect for a Rain About Town post where Rain is once again larger than life… it’s also the perfect opportunity for me to practice reading Hangul and try to improve myself for my teachers before my next class. So here goes.

I verbally sound out the syllables on the billboard: Haechandeul taeyangcholamas-issgemabda. Then I type the Korean characters (해찬들 태양초라맛있게다) into a dictionary to check my Romanization: Haechandeul taeyangcholamas-issgemaebda. Not bad! I did put a wrong vowel in the second to last syllable, though (in blue). Grrr. *knocking myself upside the head*

Other than Haechandle (the brand) and taeyang (the sun, or solar), I’ve no idea what the rest means. So let’s go to our trusty online translator: “Haechandle taeyangcho second spicy called delicious tastes hot”. And so there you go—a massive ad hovering over the city with a guy named RAIN telling you how utterly hot and delicious Haechandle’s sun-grown chili pepper product tastes. How you’re only seconds away from spicy flavor. Or something to that effect.

Thanks for sharing this lesson with me, y’all. It really helps, a lot.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com 

(Image credit: カ ズ コ 67 ‘s blog / raincloudHK)

~ by Cloud USA on July 12, 2011.

6 Responses to “[learning Korean] Rain about town: On his home turf.”

  1. Go my sister myself I’m just not smart enough to learn another language but I do pick up bits of it. And if I was driving a long and saw a Rain billboard or poster for that matter I’d probably be in an accident. hahaha


  2. You go Stephe!! Damn, I am with Star, that’s a difficult language to learn!!


  3. He look so handsome!!! Rain and the sauce have one thing in common, they both are hot, lol!!!!!


  4. so handsome and his food look so delicious here awwa i anted to see this Cf is not out yet righ ?


  5. You lost me at “the”….


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