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I enjoyed reading this write-up and appreciate the Boys sharing their latest hopes and thoughts. This is great stuff indeed.

I wish people would listen to them about crossing the line between being a fan and being a stalker. The degree to which the “stalkage” has escalated all across the KPop world is just awful these days, and not just on the streets. I’m also talking about intentionally invasive and unbalanced actions on the Internet, on Twitter, on Facebook, you name it. It’s amazing how easily fans justify their bad behavior in their own minds and think nothing of it, as if it somehow makes them attractive to their idols (when it doesn’t, they just want to run the hell away from you). Wow.


Allkpop 7/12/2011 — by KS

MBLAQ on their fans, their individual goals, and how they resolve conflicts

For the second half of their TV Report interview, MBLAQ answered questions concerning their status as idols. As grateful as they are for fans and their support, the group spoke honestly about the difficulties they face because of their fans as well.

Mir said, “Our fans do everything they can for us. We’re very thankful for them and for anybody who even likes us at all.” He made sure to add, “But as grateful as we are, we hope that nobody will go to extremes like skipping school or waiting in the snow or rain because of us anymore.”

Lee Joon agreed, “There are fans who follow me around even when I’m out for personal business. They stop following me if I ask them to, but I feel sorry if I have to ask all the time.”

Thunder said, “It seems like there’s a separate family fandom for me and my sister, Sandara of 2NE1. We’re very thankful of course, but there are some fans who follow my mother and other sister around even though they aren’t celebrities.”


– “We’ll stay up all night to resolve any issues we have with each other.”

Conflicts are inevitable, but MBLAQ shared that their method of resolving issues with each other is simply to talk it out.

Leader Seungho noted, “We’re all adults and we have similar music styles so we don’t fight with each other often. When the occasional disagreement comes up, we talk about it and make sure to listen to the other person’s opinion. That’s how we work things out. But like I said, we don’t fight often. I could probably count all of the arguments we had on one hand alone. If we don’t have time in our schedules to talk about an issue during the day, we’d probably stay up all night in order to put it to rest.”


– “MBLAQ, a group with many different colors.”

MBLAQ doesn’t have as many solo activities as other idols these days. Lee Joon has taken steps as an actor, and G.O is now making appearances on KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘; however, the other members are finally ready to make individual show appearances now as well.

“I wanted to go on variety shows too,” Seungho said. “I’m ready any time if anybody wants me on their show.” Although he’s currently taken some time off school, he’s enrolled as a film/arts major and so fans have been hoping for his debut as an actor. Unfortunately, he stated, “I don’t have any plans to act yet. I don’t think it’d be too late even if I went into acting after I hit my thirties, after MBLAQ has become successful.”

G.O has been receiving praise lately for his vocal abilities through ‘Immortal Song 2.’ He said, “I’m relieved that I was able to put my name out there through the show. Even though it’s been two years since MBLAQ’s debut, nobody recognized me as the main vocalist.”

Lee Joon demonstrated his acting potential through ‘Ninja Assassin‘ and ‘Jungle Fish 2‘, but humbly stated, “I still have a long ways to go in order to achieve perfection. I think I need to study and practice acting a lot more, but for now I want to focus on MBLAQ.”


-”We want to become a multi-talented group.”

Thunder and G.O are currently both writing and composing. Thunder said that he wants to release a solo album while emphasizing that he definitely still loves being in the group. “I want a solo album so that I can show my true music tastes, which differs slightly from that of MBLAQ. After “Mona Lisa” promotions, you never know. My self-composed tracks might erupt out of nowhere.” He also stated that he dreams of not only of releasing a solo album, but of trying out acting as well. It’s said that he decided upon his dream of being an entertainer after hearing Rain’s song, “It’s Raining“.

Lastly, Mir showed his affection for rapping with, “Although I wanted to participate in making the raps for this album, DOK2 is actually the one who wrote them all. He’s very talented so I was able to learn a lot from him while watching him work.” Mir also chose the underground rapper as his role model.

Source & Photo: TV Report via Nate

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7 Responses to “[article] MBLAQ check.”

  1. MBLAQ has really learned from Rain’s example, they are very smart and humble. I can’t believe fans are even stalking Thunder’s mother.


  2. I’m so hoping the guys future will continue to be famous they are so talented and cute. These little fan girls are nuts man following someone around is so creeping. Now I love joking around and playing AT the fan girl thing but some of the people are actually CRAZY! @BiA I’m with you girl I ain’t standing in the snow for anyone unless your GOD.


  3. i have to say the boy all very into this Jtune very make such an outdone on their concept of their new MV and the promo of this Ablum and i have to say OMG!! each one of them sing to this next level i was so impressive
    how rain called them 5 Egal it differntly meaning the % boy are giveing them all their love tune
    slow tune their rap esp Mir OMG i fall of my chair when listing G.O. good mercy his voice Joonie oh my his love song voice just melthing all the boy are such so talen and amazing i hope this time they are hit their chart and won over this this is nothing Kpoper ever done so their no regret on them to me i am fall in all their MV
    ans song i heart all 6 of them the boy different have a powerful to pull this together and thank to Rain so much for such an outdone for MBlaq the style sexy the MV so perfect the makeup whaoooooooooo la laa la ! i am very impressive with Jtune and i wish them will won this Award.


  4. I love MBLAQ they are so talented. I love that they all have a very good head on their shoulders. This was interesting to read. I continue to hope that they have alot of success as a group and individually.


    • i agree with u flower…i always like looking afar off (kinda seeing things that could be) and i see so many possibilities for each one of the members. i so hope that all of them achieve their desires. about stalkers, it’s a shame, i read where once a fan stalked Rain everywhere he went (even to other countries), so much, other’s were trying to talk to her (all to no avail), and the poor girl had to get some mental treatment. when Rain had his first concert in Las Vegas, some Korean fans traveled, by plane, as far as the Mexican boarder. they attempted to cross and got caught. they were returned to Korea and the US made a statement about it. KBS news carried this story on AZNtv. i used to wonder how a person could become obsessed like that, but i guess i’ll never know. btw, i read that this happens to many other kpopers and their fans even have blog sites talking about where, when and what happened. it is sad that families are being harassed like that though.


  5. Standing in the snow for anybody other than Jesus makes no sense to me. You’ve entered another “realm” in your mind. Now if Jesus says to me “it’s the snow or forget it”…………then I’ll have to put on a couple pairs of socks and some snow boots and get to stepping.


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