RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 15. A New York state of mind, Part 2.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast 7/9.

As you recall, Episode 14 left us at the Blue Fin bar and eatery in Times Square, NYC, where Rain and friend Ronnie Yang (CEO of CABA Entertainment) were enjoying a hardy breakfast. The TIME 100 Gala was only hours away! So let’s head back there now…

We pick right up where we left off, with Rain wielding his self-cam and tearing into his sashimi. And then bingo-presto, we’re back outside on the streets of Times Square, with the King of Asian Pop surveying a far land that is primed and ready for conquering. (Go get ’em, Rain!) As passersby stroll in and out of the camera’s frame, completely unaware of the star mega-wattage that is on the same street with them, Rain has a Q & A session right there on camera. A wonderful thing, when it comes to the visuals. All of that handsomeness is quite blinding. It’s an absolutely frustrating thing when it comes to everything else, however, because WE HAVEN’T A CLUE WHAT HE’S SAYING. And what he’s saying sounds important.

Translating even five minutes of something isn’t as easy as a lot of people think it is. I can vouch for that truth because I’ve translated/recapped an hour-long telenovela (Hispanic drama) episode on Univision for my telenovela community peeps before, and even though it was great fun, I also thought it would kill me. (It’s suddenly really nerve-wracking when a heck of a lot of people are depending on you to relay what someone else says without making a mistake. There tends to be marathon sessions of rewinding and obsessing over muffled words and what isn’t clear, and sweating bullets over the words you don’t know and have to look up. It takes a while to finish. Thank goodness I was able to do a good job.) This is why I never give rain bird and other folks a hard time if it takes them a while to translate something, or if they don’t translate it at all. To fans, it just magically appears—tada!—but the reality is it takes a real chunk of a translator’s time.

With that said… why in the world, with all the thousands of Rain fans that speak Korean and English, haven’t other folks jumped in to translate the show as well and help sisters out? Why has it been left on one person’s shoulders all this time? If Terri or I knew Korean, you know we’d have been on it like the devil on a sinner, yo. This is one episode where we really need to know what the heck Rain is saying!

Moving on.

I loved how, as he was casually strolling on the sidewalk  (and hopefully finding something he liked for his upcoming album) and we looked at the sights with him, there was a nice insert of Ol’ Glory a’waving in the wind. Sort of a sign of things to come, yeah? 😀

A third of the way through the episode, we leave the early morning streets and—new scene! The Man is in tux-mode, and we are off to the TIME Gala. Oh, my gosh. CloudUSAers Diva, Gigi, Stormy, and Tara (and new USAer novaries) were there, outside the Lincoln Center venue! It’s still exciting to think about that, even after two-and-a-half months. Haha!

The on-camera question and answer session continues all the way to the Gala. In the car, he seems to be chatting about things like his 2006 TIME journey, Ninja Assassin, the MTV Movie Awards, and either the President or Mrs. Obama, as NY drivers whiz by at 90 MPH and almost take the paint off the side of the limo, but doggonit. It really sucks not knowing what he’s telling us all. I feel a bit of an angry cry coming on. *huhuhu!* 😦

Well, my goodness! A bright spot in the whole episode… in addition to Rain’s Gala pics with Bruno Mars and Sting, RAINY DAY also included the picture that Chanee Vijay’s husband took and that natural design blogger Chanee tweeted from the Gala that night, not knowing that she would unleash a tidal wave across the Rainiverse. LOL! Love the smiley face on you, C.V.! 🙂

Rain gets to the Red Carpet, and we are out. More at the Gala next week (I hope), so until then, take care, everyone.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(video credit : happyyyrain torrent / rainsnow / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 11, 2011.

20 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 15. A New York state of mind, Part 2.”

  1. He has my ring tone! hahahahaha so cool!


  2. watching rain eat those heatly seafood salom and Tomatoe does are vry health for u. i only understand some part h mention about he going to making a New ALBUM soon this years not that i heard he going to THE BEST TOUE in Seoul Korea i doubt is even happen i so curious what if is going to release new Ablum or not however if not i just hope his FULLY SUCCESS in his Korean Concert tours.

    Rain : It’s a big day for me.It makes me feel good and
    excited to meet the world’s celebrities.
    i just wish Rainbrid will continue to trans this but why are stop after all serenely i wish i could understand more >__<


  3. i feel so pissed right now , i could have seen him. i live in ny and it don’t take me long to get to Manhattan . i just don’t know how to speck Korean . should i have a twitter, to up on him next time


  4. CloudUSA have u visited a site called its-rainism-world? it’s a fan sub blogsite.

    u can find it at rainlisting on the blogs page. they have quite a few vids translated and i watched a part of this one that’s up on their site. however, i don’t think it has all that’s in this one, but at least what the ladies have done there is a good start. hope it helps.


  5. @ Stephe
    No problem. Her first name is Grace… just realized I don’t remember her last name but she might not want it all out there on the internets anyway. I’ll ask her. 🙂


    • I was thinking her first name was enough, considering this is the Internet and all… but just let me know what she says. Thanks, gurrrl.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Oh, and you can email it to me if you’d like… hidden people like to read these comments and LIFT things without crediting faster than you can say Rain. As if we wouldn’t notice. Heh.

      Stephe ^@@^


  6. Wouldn’t it have been amazing if Rain’s camera man caught a glimpse of our ladies Diva, Stormy, Tara, noavries and don’t forget Georgia too. Let’s cross our fingers that we see them on the next video as he goes into the party!!!!


  7. Alright! I didn’t get an exact translation, of course, because that would take awhile. But here is a rephrasing of what he said:
    :45- I’m having/eating breakfast.
    1:14- It’s a crazy morning.. I can’t think right now, talk to you later.
    1:56 (These lines of dialog are not in correct order) Today is a resting day. It’s been awhile since I’ve rested. I came to NYC to rest.
    I feel really good when I come to NYC.
    Awhile back I used to travel a lot. I miss those days.
    New York has a distinct smell. It makes me happy.
    Today I’m looking for ideas for my album.
    3:24-Walking makes me happy.
    4:20 Going to Time magazine.


    • Distinct smell, huh? All I know is my first time in NYC had me “clutching” my father’s hand for DEAR LIFE in Times Square……and I was 18 (not a baby).


      • It definitely does have a distinct smell… when it’s hot. Lol… I don’t really step foot in NYC during the summer months. I love you NYC, but not when you smell like pee and sweltering trash…

        Lol anyway… I’ll have my friend do a more in depth translation tomorrow if you like. We didn’t have time to look at the whole thing. 🙂


        • Oh… In reading this post again, we’ll definitely watch the rest of the video and translate what he says while he’s in the limo. It was super busy at work today… We have Ipads for work now and I had my friend in the backroom watching the video while I walked in and out and surreptitiously wrote down what she was saying. My crew was being all nosy too. I was like, “Yes! I’m having her translate a video by the guy from Ninja Assassin. Stop looking at me like I’m crazy and don’t bother me right now!”


          • LOL!

            Thanks, Diva. You’re the best. (Please let us know your friend’s name as well so that we can credit you two in the actual post, okay?)

            Stephe ^@@^


    • Diva et all. You insulting my beautiful city. Death glare. Seriously I know exactly what he means. I call it NY smell. The smell of those peanuts they sell in the street combined with other things. My mothers country smells like the ocean. So that is how I remember it too even tbough its been a long time since Ive been there.


  8. I SO hate he didn’t get to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. I feel you Bi, I’d want that historical photo too! (SMILES)


  9. Well. If I get a chance to today, I will ask one of the Korean girls at work what he says in those parts.


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