What will you do for your Cloudiversary?

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Do you remember when you first found Rain? When you became a fan, or when you became a Cloud? Cloud USA community member violarain and her BFF Jasmen took a nice walk down Memory Lane on the anniversary of the day it began Raining in their lives, and had a heck of a lot of fun doing it (and coined a new word). Haha.

Thanks for sharing this with the Rainiverse, ladies!

Enjoy, everyone. What will you do for your Cloudiversary?

Our Rain Stories (Cloud Tag). Credit and edit: violarain625 / Jasmen / AJHProductions217 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 10, 2011.

8 Responses to “What will you do for your Cloudiversary?”

  1. HAHAHAHA so cute my beautiful sister…


  2. Aesha’s story make me felt back on knowing rain before i know him i have see rain coupl time beofre i even became her ture real fan of rain of 2008 i been know him from Speed Racer but was not into all about him and his fan devote yet afterall watching him ALK that how i very became his fan and he have change all my lif how to
    be happy make me follow his footage and get into his life of going to concert start watching his vid perform K-drama back them i was actually a hudge fan of Chinese actor Nicholas Jackie Chan, Jet Li ,Louis ko ect… but then after i became a hudge of rain i have nothing but to fall very deep into all his passionate for who so inspire and hardworking he give me life turn around making me live happy i have to check up his updating everyday i just can’t resist rain period and learn so much of this challange person brought u life and family and firend. it all come one person rain. i love all his Ablum drama his performance live concert and actor he such a intelligent asnd i am been rain fan since 2008 until today and will forever too thank sharing this dicated of rain fan


  3. What a fun video! Thanks for sharing your Cloudiversary with us. My Cloudiversary is May or June 2007 – I don’t have an exact day. In May I saw an ad for Rain’s World Tour on the big screen at the Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festval – I was there with my daughter who had just introduced me to Kpop. The crowd went crazy when they saw Rain’s ad so I asked my daughter, “Who is that guy???” She said it was Rain, the guy we had seen in Full House in April. FH hadn’t made me a fan but when I saw how nuts people were about Rain I got curious and watched A Love to Kill – Wow! impressive acting! And I checked out his MVs on YouTube – what a great dancer and singer! Then I watched Seven Rainmakers documentary and it broke my heart to see Rain cry. Made me want to see him happy and I’ve been a supporter ever since.


  4. Aesha’s story made me cry. I can relate to her story, because my life changed a lot too since I came to know Rain. I became emotional and I can still feel the tears threatening to come out. I first saw Rain on youtube in Aug 2007 when I was still crazy about Lee Dong Gun. Both of them guested in this program but I was wondering why the camera was always aimed at Rain. Of course I didn’t know that he is Rain at the time. Then my brother sent me a Korean drama FH and the rest is history. I only have eyes for him since. My favorite songs are Friends, Love is, Move on, Because of you, Him and Me, Harudo, Nan. My fave drama is Sangdoo and Fugitive. My favorite moment of Rain was when he had a concert in Manila. He was tanned, his body was perfect and with his sunglasses on while performing on stage, he looks like a million bucks and so very handsome. He is on my profile picture. Thanks for sharing your Cloudiversary. Mine is every Dec.18 from 2007.


  5. woooooooooo so nice!!!! thanks for give us this beautyful present


  6. I’ve been a fan of BI since January 2005, I saw him in a video of “I do” in AZN and fell in love with him, what I like about him is his humbleness and down to earth attitude in the face of his growing global fame, my favorite song fo all time is “Nan” my favorite drama is “Full House” and favorite movie “Ninja assasin”..of course…sarang BI!!!


  7. OMG! Stephe! Kamsahminida!!!!! Thank You so much!!!!! Wow! We really weren’t expecting you to post this! Wowwwwwwww! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!


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