[Updated info 7/11][article][images] Rain’s final Japanese fan meet before military service.

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{*Edited to Add 7/11: According to an article out of Asian news source Star News, Rain’s management had this to say: Quote, “This is not his last fan meeting before he enters the military. This event was hosted by only Lotte Duty Free Shop. Thus, there could be an additional fan meeting hosted by his agency.” We did not think this was his last fan meet; we did think, however, that it was his last Japanese fan meet because of the direct quote attributed to Rain in the article below. There were many sources who did use those exact words though, “final fan meet”, without any kind of specifics, and so that may be what J.Tune is reacting to (if the Rain quote isn’t wrong as well, that is). In any case, now you know. Carry on, everyone, and thanks. ^@@^}


Japanese Clouds flew across the East Sea to be with him one last time, and he made it worth their while. What a guy. 🙂

The final Korean fan meet will probably be a blast, for sure!


Allkpop 7/9/2011 — by Vitalsign

Rain holds his final fan meet with Japanese fans before his enlistment

On July 9th, Rain held the “Lotte Rain Premium Concert 2011“, his last fan meeting before his enlistment.

Over 1,000 Japanese fans flocked from Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka to show up for the event. MBLAQ opened up the concert with a congratulatory stage before Rain emerged, greeting the audience in Japanese with, “Are you all well? This is Rain.”

Rain began, “It’s my fourth year this year modeling for Lotte Duty Free. I’m thankful for the experience since it has allowed me to become closer with my Japanese fans. I’m overjoyed at being able to be with you all one last time before my enlistment.”

The fan meet concert was comprised of an honest Q&A segment and a 30 minute talk show that featured stories from his Asian tour, recent whereabouts, and future plans. At the mention of his enlistment this year, fans were brought to tears at the thought of having to let their star go.

A high five event with each of the 1,000 fans concluded the fan meet. One fan from Tokyo said, “I personally came at the thought of this being the last time I’d ever see him before his enlistment. I’d like to thank the sponsors for this event.”

Source + Photos: BNT News via Naver


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10 Responses to “[Updated info 7/11][article][images] Rain’s final Japanese fan meet before military service.”

  1. […] Magazine for August 2011, LDF did a nice mini-spread on the Lotte Rain Premium Concert 2011, the fan meet back on July 9 where Japanese fans flew to Seoul and got to see JiHoon for a final time before his […]


  2. Oh Good Lord, final this final that. It’s starting to irk me now. Ultimately, he will have to stop his appearances at some point. Personally, I “feel” For Him more than anyone. After all, he has to hear all of this. There’s nothing like feeling the Anxiety of…”Damn, I gotta go serve/protect my country…..like For Real” than thousands of people saying this is my final this and that. Yeah, THAT would Really make me feel calm, cool and collected, with my mind at peace going into military service.

    Hey, I’m just as sensitive as the next person, but he ain’t gone away yet. I’m gonna save my “blue” moments for when he’s Actually serving. There’s no reason to cry for him now. Instead of crying, Pray (if you do) that Korea remains at peace during his period of service. THIS (to me) is the “energy” that should be put out into the “cosmos” for him right now.

    If my comment offends, I’ll apologize upfront (it’s Not Really my intent to offend) but this the other side of BiAlamode. I couldn’t hold it in anymore.


  3. THIS SO SAD that we have to let our KING of this years 2011 and i know alot of them will be miss rain and hope he the best of seeing him for the last time before he are Ship off to
    MS i would river cry how i understand he have to leave noi matter but the shred of the tearing would STOP his fan of missing just like they love their world star so much who would glad they come to see him and spen a memories together with rain *SNIF*
    and his hair i am deeply fall in LOVE iwh him the arm that righ he bulging out of that vest. Yummmmmy!!!
    @Duva u said it :P)


  4. Rain look so cute and sexy!!!! His arms look amazing!!! Every time I think about him going into the military I get sad. I try not to but I just cannot help myself. I feel so sad it makes me want to cry. I feel so happy for all the fans who get a chance to see him in a fanmeet or concert before he goes off.


  5. Rain looked so handsome!! Gosh, we have The Man well measure cuz we all notice that THE HAIR is a few inches long!! Lol!!! Aww the crying started already!! Poor man, still have at least 4 1/2 months of weeping. Sighhh This is gonna be tough.


  6. He looks sooo good!!! I’m dying to see better pics and vids. I really want to see what that drapey outfit looks like. Love that his hair is growing out and that his arms are just bulging out of that vest. Yummmmmy!!!


  7. He is just so sweet and sexy and cute! I feel tears coming on!!!!


  8. I want to go to Rain’ Korean Fan Meeting!


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