[article]Tweets abound: It does seem that Rain has stopped aging, doesn’t it?

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G.O shared an image of himself, Rain hyung, and Joonie in his Twitpics today, backstage before Rain’s Lotte Duty Free fan meet and mini-concert for the horde of Japanese fans who had flown into Seoul just for the occasion. And in this picture, Hi-Def according to G.O, all three of them could be the same age. Easily.

Wouldn’t surprise us if the Man remained forever young. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Source: MBLAQGO @Twitpic, 7/9/11 / CLICK image for full size)


Sports Hankook 7/8/11 โ€” [English translation by rain bird @ rain-eu.]

Rain’s fan meeting aimed at his Japanese fans, is arranged by a domestic travel bureau

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the company, ‘Hanjin Tour’, a domestic travel bureau, has arranged with ‘Lotte Duty Free’ for Rain to hold a fan meeting aimed at his Japanese fans, at ‘Ewha University Memorial Celebrating the Centenary of its Founding’, from 4 pm for two hours, upcoming July 9th.

As 1,000 concurrent people have applied as soon as the organizers have begun pre-selling the product, the fan meeting product has got an explosive response from them.

An officer from ‘Hanjin’ company said, “Rain is currently gearing up for his nationwide concerts after his Asia tour concert. He’ll be performing in special highlights for his Japanese fans who have love him.”

Meanwhile, during this event, fans will also be able to enjoy the special performance of 5 male group MBLAQ who are currently among the most popular in Japan.

(Image source: myjanggun @Twitpic, 7/9/11)

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10 Responses to “[article]Tweets abound: It does seem that Rain has stopped aging, doesn’t it?”

  1. So Kool the Japanese fans can enjoy the time with Rain and Mblaq ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Baby Boi looks like his kidz awww


  3. It’s funny what people consider “old” these days. Honestly, 30s/40s/50s/60s in decades past had people looking haggard like the crypt keeper, but in 2011 people in these same age ranges look W-a-a-a-y younger. It’s called regular doctor visits, gym memberships and for some……..Botox!


  4. very love this pict they are look so handsome rain and hius Mblaq are looking so good and the hyung in the middle doesn;t look age a bit he look like in his teen eekkeke is he so gorgeous look at them thy seem to conmy ach other what a brother lov ahahah ๐Ÿ™‚
    that pict rain so HOT and very YOUNG really he dosn’t look his age gosh what a beauitful youuh he became love u rain abd his boy ekek they tweet each other last night and G.O. so hansome too i love his muscles arm whaooooooo are rain boy very have some own hot looking if u look at good ahah


  5. Well they all look good.


  6. I love that pic, they all look so handsome!!! I have always said that Rain does not look his age but much younger. He does look about 20 or 21 in the pic..


  7. Gawd Rain look like he is 20-21 and the boys like they are 17-18 maybe? They all look so handsome in that pict. You know is all in the outfits he is using lately that he looks serious cuz if he dress casual, he looks younger.


  8. BI is always changed styles over time,
    BI is not that old but forever young with time.
    because he loves life. and I love him


  9. He looks like another member of mblaq lol.


  10. Dang I’m trying to get caught up and I went back to FB after I thought I was finished here and was tagged with this picture, why do they think hes suppose to age heck he ain’t that OLD! Boo is a fine @SS MAN!

    And Yeah I’m gonna say it we just don’t age like that, and he leads a good life, he better look he ALWAYS has.


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