[ETA: Info For 8th Cloud Members, from The Cloud][Cloud USA instructions] For 8th Cloud members AND all Rain fans: Rain The Best Show 2011 ticket purchasing.

[ETA Some INFO for 8th Cloud members, from The Cloud If you haven’t received your 8th Cloud membership card by the time you leave for your trip to South Korea for Rain’s concert(s), please don’t fret.  If you do happen to land any of the special Cloud tickets for one of Rain’s concerts in August or September, all you have to do is remember to take your passport with you to present to The Cloud.  That should be easy, because when you are traveling in a foreign country, you should always keep your passport on your person anyway, right?  To pick up your tickets from The Cloud staff, you will need to present your passport, so that they can properly identify you and match up your identity with their fan club records.  If you do NOT bring the proper identification with you proving you are who you say you are, then the tickets WILL NOT be released to you.  So, please don’t forget.  Sounds simple, right?  Thanks,  Terri :-}]

SECTION 1. Blue 8th Cloud members who wish to apply for fan seats at the Busan concert by email to The Cloud: This first section applies to you. Rain fans who need to buy tickets through Interpark and do not yet have an account on that site, please go to the second section. Thanks!

Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}

Dear 8th Clouds: We have written these instructions based on information posted on the English Talk board by RoseHoong and translated by 화니, and also from additional information provided to us by the overseas fan coordinator. We’re not sure if you will have to go through Interpark or not by purchasing through The Cloud (probably not), but at this moment, Interpark isn’t something you have to deal with.

Additional information on the other concerts stops will be forthcoming very soon.

• There are 2 blocks of fan club seats, Block A and Block B, in Busan for August 13 (Saturday 7 pm) and August 14 (Sunday 5 pm). Decide which block you wish to apply for (sit in), for either or both shows.

(Chart translations by Stephe : 무대 (mudae) = stage / 팬 석 (paen seog) A & B = fan seats A & B)

• Each Email application can be for one person or can include up to a maximum of 4 people in a group (including the person doing the emailing). They must ALL be 8th Cloud members.

• You can send your Email application a maximum of 4 times (this is to help with the problem of false starts—mistakenly sending ahead of time). Acceptance is on a first come, first serve basis. Any Email sent before the starting time will not be counted. If you send more than 4 Emails, you will be put at the end of the queue.

• The times to apply for seating by Email are as follows: For the August 13 show, 9-10 pm Saturday night July 9 KST (which is 8-9 am Saturday morning EST). For the August 14 show, 10-11 pm Saturday night July 9 KST (which is 9-10 am Saturday morning EST). Please check the time in your area.  The Email addresses are as follows:

Email address for seat block A for the concert on Aug.13 :

Email address for seat block B for the concert on Aug.13 :

Email address for seat block A for the concert on Aug.14 :

Email address for seat block B for the concert on Aug.14 :

• Ticket price: 165,000 KRW / $155. USD (give or take some cents, depending on the current rate of exchange)

• Only apply for ONE seating section per show in the email you send, or your application won’t be accepted. Only apply for ONE show per email, at the appropriate time as shown above.

• Your Email application should include your name, the total number of additional applicants you are applying for (IF any), and everyone’s name, 8th Cloud member ID, and contact number (or only your info if you’re applying alone). For instance:

정지돌, 3.

정지돌 (raiiin) 010-1111-2222
정지순 (820625) 011-123-1234
정훈남 (oppa) 010-625-0625

• You will be asked to send payment for your ticket(s) to The Cloud between July 11 and July 14 (stay tuned for more information on that, after the application process).

• If there is any fan seating left over after the application process, those may also be up for grabs through The Cloud. Stay tuned.

This is what we have gleaned from available information. We did our best; if there is anything we have misconstrued, we’ll be sure to amend it ASAP. Please check the actual notice on The Cloud English Talk board HERE. We hope this helps.

°     °     °

°     °     °

SECTION 2. For Rain fans who are not Blue 8th Clouds, are NOT already registered on Interpark, and wish to buy tickets for Rain The Best Show 2011 as individuals (also for Blue 8th Clouds who don’t manage to get special fan seating through The Cloud, or who wish to personally pick their own seats):

Dear Rain fans,

» Go to Rain’s Korea tour page on Interpark HERE, just as a starting point. Look up in the far right-hand corner and click on the ENGLISH option.

» This takes you to the Interpark English ticketing page for all musicals, concerts, and sports shows. PLEASE note: Rain’s concert tickets will not be available for purchase until July 11, so at this time, the tour is not listed. This process is simply to get you registered on the Interpark site anyway, so that is not a concern. Just pick one of the shows that are available, for now, and click on the show title or icon. (I’m choosing FT Island.)

» This takes you to the actual show order page. To your right is a white and green BOOK NOW button in an “Available Dates” box. Click on BOOK NOW.

» This gets you a pop-up box where you can either log in as a returning customer OR create an account as a new customer. CLICK “I am a new customer”, fill out all the fields, and CLICK “Create account.”

» You should then get a confirmation box like this. CLICK on OK. This should bring up the “Buy Tickets” page for the show, in the pop-up box, which will walk you through the six steps of the purchasing process. But for now, just close the box/page.

» When you return to the Interpark English ticketing page (with all the musicals, concerts, and sports shows listed), on the top right of the page you should see “log out”, which means you are logged in to Interpark under your new account. Simply log out and return on July 11. On that day you should be able to log in, click on Rain’s concert, and buy your tickets.

We created our own accounts and tested the process when we found this method, so it should work just fine. We hope this is of help. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org 

~ by Cloud USA on July 8, 2011.

16 Responses to “[ETA: Info For 8th Cloud Members, from The Cloud][Cloud USA instructions] For 8th Cloud members AND all Rain fans: Rain The Best Show 2011 ticket purchasing.”

  1. another update. Huhuhu posted on tbe cloud board saying she may be able to get us help with buying tickets. If anyone still needs tickets see her post on the board. I tried emailing interpark this morning at 7. So far nothing.


  2. Guys it looks like we wont be able to purchase from interpark according to a post in the cloud board. It is all very confusing and frustrating.


  3. Hello! I’m a french fan and I tried this morning (7pm korean time) to buy tickets for Pusan but they are not available on the Interpark’s english site…I live in France so I can’t have a registration directly on the korean site.
    Are you more informations about this?
    Thank you for your help.



  4. […] • Cloud USA‘s instructions on how to get established on the Interpark ticketing site if you don’t already have an account there (AND about purchasing fan seating through The Cloud for Rain’s new Korea concert tour) is HERE. […]


  5. I can only dream of going to Korea to catch one of his concerts. Have a great time!!!


  6. If I am not a registered Cloud and go thru Interpark, will I get lousy seats?


    • Patsii,

      I suppose that all depends on how fast you order them and for which venue. Some of the venues are larger than others. Busan is just the FIRST venue.

      As you can see from the chart, sections A and B on the charts (the dark purple sections) have been reserved for Rain’s “official” fan club members. Some of the seats in this section, in the back, might not be so good anyway. BUT I think it would be terrific (if I were going to South Korea and to a Rain concert) to be able to sit with other Clouds and maybe even meet some of the people I’ve been interacting with online. That in itself, makes this fan seating very special. At least, to me it does.

      That doesn’t mean, however, that there won’t be other seats available that are just as good or maybe even better. You’ll just have to go over to Interpark and choose the best that is available, I imagine. The Cloud fan seating is being distributed on a first come/first serve basis. So, I imagine that they will probably fill those seats from the front to the back, based on whenever your e-mails arrive. That’s what I would do if I were handling it anyway. The first that respond would get the best seats.

      Terri :-}


      • Thanks, Terri.

        I think my best bet is to become an official Cloud. I can do it thru this site, right? I’ll see if I can find it. I would hate to travel all the way over there and have a lousy seat.

        I’m thinking of going in September.


        • Patsiii,

          Unfortunately, the membership drive for becoming an official Cloud is over for this year. The drive took place from February-May. They extended it a little bit, but as far as I know it is now over.

          To become an “official” Cloud you must become a member of Rain’s “official” fan club, The Cloud, which is located in Seoul, South Korea. If you do a search on our blog for the term 8th Cloud, you should be able to read all about it.

          Terri :-}


    • Patsii, in your email to me you said you were interested in Sept. Why not get tickets for Seoul and go both days. I am going to try for both days for Busan (cuz Im greedy like that). The one day I am going to email for cloud seats and I wil try my luck with interpark for the second day. This way if I get decent seats I can videorecord/take pictures that day and enjoy the concert the other day without recording.


      • I forgot to add, is the membership for 8th cloud still open? If so maybe you can apply to be a blue cloud by September.


      • Thanks, Gigi and Terri.
        Darn! I guess I have to go thru Interpark for tickets.

        Gigi , let me know how your seats are for the 2nd day in Busan.
        I really wish I was going with you. Hopefully, there will people
        from US going in September too.


        • I’m going to be in Japan in September, and I’m hoping to be able to fly to Korea for the weekend of the Seoul concert. Maybe we could meet up if it works out!


  7. Great info!! Thanks. 😉


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