[images] It’s not Sunday, but I must either share this Rain Spam or die.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

I simply cannot bear to keep it to myself. Just be sitting down relaxed when you look at it. I moved too quickly towards my computer monitor and ended up jerking a knot in my neck. I actually heard it pop. *youch* Don’t let that happen to you!

(All images compliments of yuko @rainstorm, Japan. Thanks for sharing!^^)

SixToFive Rain.

New York state of mind Rain.

~ by Cloud USA on July 7, 2011.

9 Responses to “[images] It’s not Sunday, but I must either share this Rain Spam or die.”

  1. Sooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!


  2. I love all the N.Y pictures so much, but they were all up in his face,hahahaha He is so beautiful…


  3. Back, butt, face, lips, eyes, chest… Everything from him is sexy! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Thanks for posting!! Lordey, his back is soo sexy!!! Argh!! Yummie 6to5 picts!! He looked adorable in that interview coming to NY!! Awwww I think he felt free during his visit to NY without kmedia tagging along.


  5. awawwa they are so sexy hot and so beauitful nice of rain body i never forget him for endoser that Sixtofive cloth and a model as sexy for us either even not that he still my JUCY drink AS U ARE SEE AWAWAWWA !!
    THAT BODY ARE TO *dIE* for and the LIP my just could STOP liking it damit u !! :P) well u see the think my PC full of his Lip hukie all over awaww :P)


  6. NICE!!!!

    Thank you for sharing!!


  7. I just worry about his eyes would become inflamed and swollen,
    BI too hot, in the sun. make me die


  8. I just wanna “plant one” on those flower petal lips!!!! Good Gawd!! Yes, married me said it…”sho” did….Umm Hmm…….. (SMILES)


  9. Six to 5……….HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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