Faxo June 2011 poll results: A deluge of Rain and Clouds.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Goodness! Chock one up for the worldwide Cloud nation! Have you seen the polling results on search engine site Faxo yet? The top four websites in the world for June 2011 belonged to none other than RAIN.

Rain VietNam came in at #4, RAIN Germany finished at #3, Cloud USA made a strong showing at #2, and the official Korean Cloud took top honor as Best Fansite for June 2011—by 6 votes. Isn’t that something? If the world didn’t know that Rain’s fan base spreads to the four corners of creation, they know it now. Congratulations, sisters! We’re so excited.

Our Cloud USA media blog rounded out the top five in the Best Forum, Message Board, or Blog for June, and we are pleased indeed. Ain’t no shame in being bested by Rain’s idol, the late great Michael Jackson. It’s an honor just to be in the same row.

Who’s got the Sexiest Twitter for June 2011? Why, 29rain himself! 🙂

Who is the Follow Me! Twitter for June 2011? The birthday boy, 29rain.^^

In the Best of Twitter category, Rain finished in 7th, for Actor of the Month, Rain finished in 6th, for Musician of the Month, he finished in 4th, and in the Mr. Twitter poll, Rain came in at #3. Not a bad showing at all. How about them apples? 🙂

Thanks very much to all of you who took the time to nominate and vote for Rain, for us, and for our Cloud sisters. Your support feels so good.

This is a proud moment indeed. Rain fans are the best fans!

Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-} 

~ by Cloud USA on July 5, 2011.

10 Responses to “Faxo June 2011 poll results: A deluge of Rain and Clouds.”

  1. WOW the cloud won by 6votes! Congrats to you ladies and our man RAIN!

    I am curios though why are they doing it again now so soon?


  2. Wowwwww genial!!!! Rain es lo mas!!!!!


  3. Congrats to Cloud USA and Rain!!!!!!! I am so proud to be a cloud!!!!


  4. congrats. CloudUSA

    your site is so worthy…man, oh man when these Clouds start something the world needs to watch out. did anyone notice the heavy “rains” in Korea around Rain’s birthday?????? i know, i know. it’s the rainy season there, but i couldn’t help think of the phenomena that takes place every time Clouds gather with one focus in mind. just couldn’t help it, hahahaha

    anyway congrats. again to CloudUSA the other Cloud sites and to Rain, who keeps creating these types of deluges.


  5. i am so happy put on my *happy Dance* righ now and sing oh Haliluya… baby gril that right?? it all about our rain and heck yeah i am very rain differently bring this to next level ahahhaah CONGRAT to all rain clouds national fansite & cloudUSA too the BOMB…!!
    oh rain clap on you HIP


  6. those are awesome news. we Clouds are in a different level 😉 Congrats Cloud USA and Baby Bi!!!!!


  7. wow!!!hahaha of course Rain our man grandslam hahaha…that’s how CLOUDS working…Last month he lost,but now we did our BEST to support RAIN….Congratulation to our beloved RAIN!!!W e always loved Rain!!!


  8. …beaming with pride…


  9. Doing the Cabbage Patch dance!!…..Hooty HOO!!

    Congrats Cloud Nation! (sounds familiar)…..SMILES


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