Clouds gathered all over the world for Rain’s birthday. What fun!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The Hawai’ian Cloud came together to celebrate Rain’s birthday last month—wow!—and it looks like our sisters in the Aloha State had a great time. What a wonderful reason to get together—one more year under Rain’s belt. Plus, they did it in camo in honor of his upcoming military service at year’s end. How sweet. Very cool! Works for us! 😀

Thanks for sharing this, ladies.

(Rain Birthday Excitement! Image: BiGrrr @The Cloud Photo Board)


Our Cloud Peru sisters in South America were of like mind… 🙂

Shared by Tefi @The Cloud Photo Board:

“Our party was called… ‘SANTOKKI DAY’. It was a party with korean style ^^’ … we ate korean food and we listened Rain’s music and watched Rain’s videos too! .. was so amazing!!!!!! ..  ^^’ I hope you like it !! our cake was delicious hehehe… Hugs from PERU”

(Source: RainPeruFans @Twitpic)


Our Cloud Indonesia sisters had a blow-out of their own for Rain’s birthday. What an amazing cake! It looks just like their cloud logo. Thumbs up. 😀

(Source: RainIndonesia @yfrog / filabiluv @Twitter)


Cloud Japan’s cake went all the way Back To The Basic. Nicely done!^^

(Image: momorumi @The Cloud Photo Board)

~ by Cloud USA on July 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Clouds gathered all over the world for Rain’s birthday. What fun!”

  1. So cool sistahs…. 😀


  2. So awesome… We need this everywhere in the world!!!!! 😉


  3. wowowowo so cool, the cake so creative abd Beauytful done really!! thank for all them put thios and devote to rain Brith_Day is that sweet i know thjis it very meanful to him and all his fan just show how much their heart open to him and love rain … 🙂 am am sure rain will be more happy and show that grin on him ekekek


  4. Wow, that’s so cool!!! One day we have to do somethin like that!!! 😀


  5. Beautiful bday cakes!!!! Im sure rain is loving it 🙂


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