MBLAQ check: G.O’s Even in My Dreams MV

~ Cloud cover by: Terri, Managing Editor :-}

Clouds and A+s,

From J.Tune Camp, we bring you G.O’s new MV, Even in my Dreams.

This time, it’s a story brilliantly presented in pictures, where G.O’s flawless vocals will leave you breathless and the ending will break your heart.

Way to go, G.O!

Terri :-}

[Video courtesy of on YouTube]

~ by Cloud USA on July 4, 2011.

8 Responses to “MBLAQ check: G.O’s Even in My Dreams MV”

  1. I do love this, way to go G.O. I’m sure JiHoon is so proud of his little brother, I know I feel so much pride for him…. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. i very love his voice the MV here with along the thoudsand of word of G.O. very touch how he very lov the gril but do sad that she marries to someone else … this was so beauitful done by JTune very put the vocal of G.O. it very melt my heart away if this was to sing to me no word but awawwa felt the tear on me


  3. Love G.O. voice so much!!!! Love the song and video, beautiful and sad!!!

    However, can someone explain the ending? Was that her in the post card in the end with the other guy? Did she leave G.O. for that guy, which is why he was crying? Or was he just dreaming about her?


    • @flower…he was just dreaming (the name of the song: Even in my Dreams)

      the vid is showing what he is dreaming about, but ends sadly because she loves and married someone else.

      such a sweet story told in pictures, which the saying goes pictures tell a thousand words. i like this no, i love the way they put this mv together to showcase G.O. and having Mir (with his serious voice and uber cute expressions), just made it that much more special.


  4. I love the technique they used, so unexpected!! I love his voice in it, very sweet. Lovely ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. uhhhh so sad. beautiful song and video though. Way to go G.O


  6. I love this song so much. And G.O’s vocals just melts my heart. I played it almost non stop yesterday teehee


  7. beautyfull song.


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