RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 14. A New York state of mind.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It does not matter where he is. People notice him. ^@@^

Asia broadcast 7/2.

Ah! An unexpected treat, fans. We start off with Rain inside his van, self-camming for us. And anyone who wasn’t living under a rock two months ago can tell by his MCM fashion that this is where Rain left South Korea (via Incheon Airport) on his way to the TIME 100 Gala in New York City. Oh, heavens. Does this mean that in an upcoming episode, we might get a few personal glimpses inside the Gala venue, from Rain’s point of view? Wouldn’t that be something?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed as we go on with the show!

(Pardon me, but gosh, he’s handsome. I know, I know, understatement of the year, right?)

How many times has he done this, stood outside of Incheon, on his way to some foreign locale? Hundreds, if one were to count. Rain looked well seasoned to the scene and completely confident on the way to catch his plane, and he should have. After all, he already knew exactly what was around each corner he would turn in that airport and how to handle it. He could probably do it in his sleep, meeting the press included. *adorable little girl alert, Rain is doomed* 🙂 Somehow I can’t imagine such a tiny young’un pining away until her mother got her the Back To The Basic mini-album, where Rain is hot and half-naked and tempting and completely momzzang and singing of love and making a woman emotionally and physically his. Which means that album is probably her mother’s. Which means her mother is a smart cookie. Heheh. 😉

And so Rain makes his plane and that’s when he, for the second time, whips out the self-cam that KBS gave him. LOL! Remember, everyone, the john-versation heard around the world? Hahaha! Q: “How do you pass time on a plane?” A: “I gorge myself, then I take a tremendous crap, and gorge myself again. Just kidding.” ROFLMAO. I think I’ll probably remember that on my death bed, Rain. It just gets no more hilarious than that, dude. ㅎㅎㅎ ROFL!  (For an English translation of a portion of his dialogue throughout this entire episode, you can revisit KBSWorld’s subtitled Star Date clip HERE.) What in the world was he asked when he blushed like a schoolgirl, though? Probably something about him being sexy. What’cha wanna bet?

The Man arrives in NYC, blows through JFK and into his transportation, and of course, it’s really raining. 🙂 On the way to the hotel, he talks about being nervous, not sleeping, his poor face being swollen as a result (aww), and a few other things… before we suddenly find ourselves in the bright light of morning the next day, with him scarfing down a good sashimi breakfast. He seemed quite preoccupied with his forehead. And quite chatty. (And a little gassy or hiccuppy or something 😛 ) Which kept me grinning. So doggone cute. 🙂 (Why did RAINY DAY leave that outtake in? ROFL! I’m glad they did!)

Rain was also looking for inspiration for his next album that morning, which should be dropping around September now… I wonder if he saw anything in New York that he liked for it? In any case, he was happy to show us a nice mini-panorama of Times Square through the window of the establishment where he was eating (the Blue Fin… thanks, Terri!). He really should do self-cams more often—he’s so full of personality, and fabulous at it.

That’s it from Rain in NYC for this week, all, but there’s more to come. I can’t wait to see what additional goodies Rain’s camera might have gotten for us. A Cloud can dream, right?

If any English translations or summaries of this episode come available, we’ll be sure to add one here. Tah for now.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(video source: happyyyrain torrent / rainsnow / ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 3, 2011.

15 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 14. A New York state of mind.”

  1. HAHAHAHA okay he is so funny, maybe he had a headache.

    I’m not going to complain because I can just imagine what MJ (rip) fans went through in other countries not understanding all that went on in his life and not knowing English. And I wish I was smart enough to know korean. Cie la vie….

    JiHoon is cute as h*ll and I could almost guess when the food remark was coming, hahahaha


  2. i love watching him talking to his fan the fact he know we are listing and watchon this seasion Mnet Raindy Day i love his personal he just a sweet gentertalman and gorgeous man that we could get enough off him he side of his human being are very make u klove him even more each day this anever fail to amaze me from the bottom of his heart rain… 😎
    i love how he acting so cute and goofy h just like a boyish eekkek u know seeing him like very fely warm and company like he actually talk to u ahhahahah. everything in this epi was the best from his TIME POLL who won my his lover National fan vote for rain i am happy for rain and he sure do for himeslf a bug Grin on rain
    i hope someone sub this Eng sub ?????


  3. This was kind of like a Vlog to me, like the ones that people post on You Tube….I loved every bit of it. We get to see things that normally we wouldn’t.


  4. Oh geez I love it when Rain talks cuz his voice is soft, soothing, almost wispering but manly and throty. Sighhhh I can hear him talking for hours, never mind that I don’t uderstand anything!! LOL!!!! He is sweet, sexilicious and totally cute!! I can’t think straight now cuz my brain just fried!! Gahh O.o


  5. Ohhh man. I just finally watched this and boy am I glad I did. That man’s little face is so frickin adorable!! I wanted to simultaneously hug him and pinch his cheeks the whole time.
    His selca reminds me of previous Rainy day selcas, in which he was also utterly adorable.
    I really REALLY hope someone subs this soon, because recognizing and understanding some words but not knowing the whole of what he’s saying is killing me. Sighhhh!!


    • You said it! ADORABLE. So much so that you just want to “take him home to mama.” Ahhh.

      He was cracking Ronnie Yang (or somebody) the heck up. LOL

      Stephe ^@@^


  6. Loved it…


  7. The faces Jihoon was making. And acting goofy.


  8. Cute, cute, cute.

    By the way, for those of you who have never been to New York or Times Square, Rain is eating at The Blue Fin (at the bar, it looks like…LOL), which is a seafood and sushi restaurant on Times Square. My experience has been that their food is, well…okay–although I’ve never had their sushi, so I can’t vouch for it at all.

    I mainly liked the fact that there are so many places you can sit there and still have a spectacular view of Time Square. I’m one of those people who digs atmosphere as much as I do the food.

    IMHO, It’s still overpriced and a little touristy (and gets a little crowded at times cause it’s on Times Square), but NOT the most expensive place on the block. So, good enough to patronize, I think.

    Hopefully, Rain enjoyed himself.

    Terri :-}


  9. Wouldn’t it be awesome if his ever-present camera man caught a glimpse of our signs or something while he was filming Rain on the red carpet?


  10. WOW I really hope someone is nice enough to translate this one, I know we have parts from the other reports back in the time but I’d love to know the res. He seems like a truly nice guy and more and more I would love to meet him and actually see for myself.


    • Me too, Dulcie (hoping for a translation). I know that doing translations on these things is a harder job than people realize, it really is, and it takes a lot more time than people realize… but there’s a lot that we’re missing here… 😦

      At least we’re getting to watch the episodes, though, without Mnet being mean and immediately taking them. *sigh*



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