[teaser][clip] MBLAQ check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Enjoy this, the teaser for G.O’s upcoming single debut release, as uploaded by official J.Tune Camp today. Wah! 🙂

MBLAQ G.O 디지털싱글 [내 꿈에서라도] 티저 (digital single [even in my dreams] Teaser). Credit: J.Tune Camp / jtunecamp @YT)


And a Bonus: In anticipation of what we can expect from this amazing young man, here is G.O participating on brand new idol show Immortal Song 2 a few days ago and holding an older audience in the palm of his hand during his version of Yang SooKyung’s “Love Is A Cold Temptation.”

지오(G.O/MBLAQ) – Love Is A Cold Temptation (by Yang SooKyung). (courtesy of BberiBubbles5 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 2, 2011.

7 Responses to “[teaser][clip] MBLAQ check.”

  1. i hope GO doesn’t go solo. i hope he continues to do solo cd’s and sometimes feature different members of MBLAQ, like this one. but if, just if i were apart of JTune Camp’s planning committee i’d recommend that each one of the members in MBLAQ have solo projects where they can introduce to the public their own talent. like: Sheungho (do a musical cd/piano while singing): Mir and Thunder (do a rapping cd-add some rocking dance steps): Joon (do a singing dvd that could incorporate his modern dance skills). i recently heard him sing on the OST of the mini drama he acted in (he has a very mellow voice)
    Thunder sings too, but i kinda think he would do much better with a little more intense coaching. but that’s what i’d like to see happen at JTune for MBLAQ. but i would always want to see MBLAQ stay together as a group because they are amazing on the stage and the team dancing skills are great. the more i watch them the more i catch little tricks to their moves that make me raise my eyebrows. then i would suggest some type of drama that features all five members. anyway, i hope the stay together and not abandon the group to pursue a solo career. they are to good together. JTune has 5 different talents in MBLAQ, i just wonder if this was in the back of Rain’s mind when he chose each one of them.


  2. My gosh G.O is literally so DREAMY ❤ When MBLAQ started he looked so unassuming and non assertive. Joonie was the main point to interest. What with his 4d personality and killer abs. But this past year G.O has loosened up and coming into his own. Talk about " killing me softly with his song..". You can tell even in their MV and group shots. He is like the main man. He talks more and can be as adorkable in his poker face :)) Seungho needs to step up too after G.O has gotten his time to shine.


  3. His single sound like it is going to be awsome! The second song he sang was simply beautiful!!!!


  4. Very good G.O!!!! I love his voice cuz is soulful and he hit those high notes with grace. So suave but powerful at the same time. Great talent that most be cultivated to achive his full potential. If he keeps the good work there’s nothing stopping him to become a great solo performer. Good luck G.O. with your new album!!!! 😀


  5. i veru love G.O. alomne he sing beauitful all his siong he should be SOLO singer i very do think he will grow and also so talen very liking his voice too love u G.O. 🙂


  6. And G>O’s song was very pretty


  7. They all did good singing.


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