Influential Rain series 2: A concentrated call for water conservation, afforestation, and an end to desertification.

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[Cloud USA 7/1/2011] — Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

Back in February of this year, when Rain announced his BEST Rain 2011 concert tour that would take place in many cities across Asia over the spring, legions of his fans rejoiced, major concert venues were almost giddy as they began preparations, and the Media was both delighted and shocked at the same time. (After all, they had been taking it upon themselves to announce “Rain’s final concert before going into the military” for nearly a year. First they claimed it was ZEPP Japan in Summer 2010. Then Intensity Manila in the fall. Then ADIEU!2010 in December. We simply rolled our eyes when they—again—said the same thing about this BEST Rain tour. Oh well.)

The most wonderful thing about the new concert tour was that entertainment wasn’t the only thing at its core.

The environment was a huge part of Rain’s message—treasuring it, preserving it, using it wisely and teaching our children to continue on where we leave off. Rain’s BEST 2011 tour was a green-themed “rain for the world” concept where he wanted to give something back to the earth. It was tailored specifically for each country on its schedule, and a portion of the proceeds from the tour went to help the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.


Beijing, China. In connection with the earliest and very first concert stop at Wukesong/MasterCard Arena (March 26), Rain recorded a promotional song called 《珍愛》”Treasure” in both Korean and Chinese in order to bring urgency to the problem of desertification in China. In continuing to take the initiative concerning the severe degradation of the land, he also went through formalities to be named honorary ambassador for the China-Korea Green Environmental Protection campaign, a project where he would focus on Chinese and Korean youths and environmental awareness.

Rain’s additional concert stops in China were in Guangzhou (May 28), Shanghai (May 25), Taipei City/Taiwan (May 15), and special region Macao (May 14).

Xinhuanet News: South Korean singer Rain named ambassador for environmental protection

Rain’s “Treasure” is #5 in Baidu Music Chart’s Top 100.

《珍愛》”Treasure” music video. Credit: / scorpiolabi @YouTube.

(Brief translation by rain bird @Rain Europe)

RAIN: Various pollutants enhanced by global warming are causing serious environmental contamination. It’s imperative that desertification does not continue.

As part of the eco-activity, I’ve recorded a campaign song called ‘Treasure’ in Chinese. Your active support would be appreciated, and I hope you will help us protect the environment from pollution.

Bangkok, Thailand. For his BEST Rain 2011 concert stop at the Impact Arena (May 8), Rain’s save the earth/green theme switched gears, but only slightly. The reestablishing of lost forest cover (reforestation), as well as establishing new forests or simple stands of trees in areas where there were none (afforestation) is badly needed in Thailand, particularly in the face of the natural disasters that hit Asia every year.

He urged Thai citizens to regularly plant more trees as a barrier to reduce erosion and the damage caused by both nature and by man.

ทันข่าวบันเทิง (Entertainment News) 09.05.54 Part 02. (Credit: EHot News / ehotnews @YT)

(brief English translation by rain bird @Rain Europe)

RAIN: It will be an eco-friendly and more upgraded concert, compared to what it used to be.

RAIN: Global warming has caused changes in climate worldwide. And, in fact, there are many things we all can do to preserve the environment. Even small acts such as planting and taking care of a tree can be an effective way to preserve the environment.

Kallang, Singapore. For the BEST Rain 2011 concert stop at Singapore Indoor Stadium (May 22) the green theme was all about urging the population to change their lifestyles to include water conservation and recycling. There were water conservation messages, special events, and fan participation opportunities initiated by Rain and concert promoter Faith & D, endorsed by Singapore national water agency PUB, and carried out by local media outlets. As an added touch on that theme, Rain made it rain. An actual rainstorm with real water occurred in mid-concert and lasted for two and one-half minutes. And afterwards, the 1,000 liters of water were collected and recycled for the purpose of plant irrigation.

At the BEST Singapore press conference at the Marina Bay Sands Resort, Rain was presented with a national water authority certificate by PUB’s official mascot for his efforts in promoting water conservation in that country.

Highlights of Korean pop star, RAIN’s press conference in Singapore. (Credit: PUB Authority / pubwebadmin @YT)

Following his lead: Rain’s official fan club in South Korea, The Cloud, which is home base to his Korean followers and many others across Asia, the Americas, Europe, etc. donated ₩15 million KRW (around $14,000. USD) to the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan this past April. His fan base has truly gone worldwide this year as non-Asian fans have officially come together with his Asian supporters in a strong show of solidarity. His super fan club, Benamoo, also donates regularly to charities in Africa, Haiti, and throughout Asia, every year.

Continuing to follow his lead: Rain fan clubs in China—China RainBar and RainCN—along with other global Rain fans across the planet decided to donate a forest this year. They got together with environmental powerhouse Roots & Shoots in Shanghai and The Million Tree Project in March 2011, and purchased 2000 trees to be planted in Inner Mongolia in Rain’s name, to help rebuild the environment there.

Some human beings have more influence on this great planet of ours, and some have less. But the amount of influence simply isn’t important in the whole scheme of things. That you use whatever influence you have, is. Rain does that, on a daily basis.

Rain doesn’t bother with the petty practices people love to fall back on like “keeping score”, or comparing one influential person to another, or to himself. In fact, his charitable acts (monetary and physical aid to crime victims, disaster victims, children, the elderly, and the sick or shut-in on every continent, in particular) are one place you really have to root into to get any information because he never makes such details public. That’s just his way.

So now, when a Rain fan gets totally bent out of shape because someone (either non-Rain-educated or simply out of meanness) calls him a worthless pop star who never did anything, you’ll understand why. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rain influences his fans, his peers, his junior and senior colleagues, the recipients of his daily kindnesses and deeds, global businesses and organizations, children across Asia, people who meet him for the first time, and even people who don’t know him, regularly. By his demeanor and actions alone.

A long time ago, when he was a child literally dying in the streets, someone came along and saved his life. He’s been showing other people, from all walks of life, that same kindness ever since.

— Stephe /

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Sources: TVDaily, Sohu, Pollstar, Faith & D Entertainment, PUB, AsiaOne News, The New Paper, Bangkok Post, The Nation (Bangkok), Star News/Nate News

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