Rain check.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Gorgeous screen caps and GIFs (the GIFs move, the caps don’t) from RAINY DAY’s season 3, episodes 8-13, which, as you recall, is all ADIEU!2010 rehearsal and the concert itself. These are my favorites of the bunch that were posted on The Cloud. Yippee-kah-yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

(images: rainkum @rain-cloud Photo Board)

~ by Cloud USA on June 30, 2011.

10 Responses to “Rain check.”

  1. Awww man I love these!! but they wouldn’t move on my LT or my android? I must be missing something they moved on my BB. CRAP!!!

    Still thank you Stephe. MUAH!!


  2. Oh, Lord Almighty the one that kills me is when he turns around and then smiles in that sexy way like I know what you are looking at naughty girl!! Kekekeke He is such a tease and I love it!!!! In the one he is looking at his abs, damn, baby Boo you know that they are PERFECT soo don’t stop, keep looking at them, let me enjoy them a little bit more!! Yesss!!!! Huahahahaha!!!!


  3. @_@ OH LORD #4 :p)
    SNAP OH SNAP mama say …. drang how can he not in my house pull that pant O.o and flip of his shirt up all rain i think u need to took it all OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!! completely *NAKE*
    i no no no no!! not one shritless on you and u know screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GASP!! i am so death over this that GIF more hotness then it isssssssssss!! SIGH* i though i see his brife color black awawawawaw !!


  4. GAH! ….. Pants…. XP


  5. Thank God I wasn’t there when he was pulling his pants down. I would’ve finish that!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. :swoooonnn:
    The gif where he checks his abs out on the screen cracks me up and makes me drool at the same time. He is something else, isn’t he?


    • Yes m’am he is……………

      The GIF when he points and breaks into a smile. Diva you know this is the one that kills me on these Rainy Day caps. His lips…..Guuurrl!!


      • Ohh that does it for me too… I took a screen cap of that so quickly when I first saw it, my head might have spun.


  7. Awww Yeeeaaahh!!!!


  8. That gif of the abs on the Jumbotron is priceless!!!
    Lord have mercy!


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