Blast from the past #s 70 & 71: Don’t hurt ’em with that R&B swag, Rain! Don’t hurt ’em! :)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

I think he must have, though, the way the Clouds were hollering and carrying on. You would have thought a preacher was pulling a confession out of them on a Sunday morning. Amen.

I cannot imagine any of you not enjoying and grinning all the way through these two Blasts, both performances of “Incomplete”, one at Rain’s 2003 birthday fan meet and the other a year later, at his 2004 birthday fan meet. OMG, his voice. I was ridiculously enthralled and giggling like a schoolgirl. “From their covers to my covers, wanna lay with me…” Good heavens, Rain!

Rain (channeling Sisqo): “Without you, girl, HUH… incomplete… ” Clouds: *ear-splitting, floor-shaking screams and flailing*  At one point, during the 2004 meet, he cracked up in the middle of the song and looked like, Damn, am I whoopin’ @ss or what?? And just gave up. He ad-libbed the whole rest of the song, grinning adorably, completely undone by the Clouds figuratively dying in front of him. ROFL! LMAO!

Love this. This kind of stuff is what you call Solid Gold Rain. ♥ 😀

Incomplete. (courtesy of tarong @YT)

RAIN 2004 BirthdayParty -incomplete-. (courtesy of eye0rain @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on June 29, 2011.

22 Responses to “Blast from the past #s 70 & 71: Don’t hurt ’em with that R&B swag, Rain! Don’t hurt ’em! :)”

  1. OMG these two performances were amazing!!!!! I love it when Rain sings so soulful!!!!! I want to hear him sing like this more often. He looks hot in both videos, especially in the second video. He is just too sexy in that second video. Everytime he smiled it just knocked me out.


  2. U go oppa.


  3. HAHAHAHA to be honest I barley understood what he was saying, but that gorgeous voice, besides I think if he did it now he would blow the heck out it and we’d understand ever word.

    @BiA , me thinks Rain could handle the sistahs but JiHoon might have a problem, to shy?…..


    • It shows just how far he’s come along with his English.

      Oh and Lotus Rain/Ji-Hoon would become all discombobulated. See sexy, suave Rain would be the one that would start out singing, but the minute the first 5 Sistas “bumrush” the stage, swirling their hips at him…..(as Mari says Ji-Woo face would happen….picture when Ji-Woo had that gun pointed at this face) THEN Ji-Hoon would be the one trying to finish the song. (*Kekekekekeke*)


      • You know maybe at one time I would have thought that but the more I see of this man. NAW brother can handle the sistahs, Rain is always on point but JiHoon is shy, stage is so much different than reality and Rain is wild on stage and takes no prisoners. He knows his ssshhh is on TOP!!

        Seriously check him out on stage his hands are everywhere! off stage he barley touches the women he hugs its more of a bat on the back so not to be rude. And I get it!

        I love the hell out him but he does crack me up too.


        • Okay, I hear ya…..BUT (Smiles)…….I’ll reserve judgement til I see it for myself. Remember his audiences are still primarily Asian fangirls/women, even when he performed over here. I could be wrong, but this is all I have seen. This is why I want to see him perform for a predominantly non-Korean audience (particularly one with a little more “Cocoa”). After all, it’s where R&B comes from.

          However, I concede that he owns the stage when he’s on it………mainly in Asia! (*don’t get mad, I’m messing with you*). I wanna get Mr. Happy Feet (isn’t that what he’s called?) over here. You know what Lotus, I think Ji-Hoon gives women the “back pat” hug only because he doesn’t want the press to link him with anybody publicly. You know he can’t give that full body contact in public, they’ll run him out of town. Like Diva said once before, there’s his real smile and then there’s his “press/interview” smile. I think it’s the same with his hugs. Some of those female reporters are little hotties……now you know what would happen if he hugged one of them full on. (SMILES) The sky would fall over Korea! (SMILES) So I’m not sure if the back pats are because of shyness or because of cautiousness in front of the press.

          One thing’s for sure after the show is over the Sistas will feed him and the dancers. It’d be like a big ole family reunion in the house.
          “Bi get you some of this cornbread, you know you too damn skinny!” ………..(*Bi – scratching head – “I thought I was fat?*) (SMILES)

          Yeah, you know you can see it happening…….can’t you?…..(*Kekekekeke*)


          • ROFLMAO! Magic Feet. (Happy feet LOL!! gurrrl you’re killing me)

            Stephe ^@@^


          • BiA, HAHAHAHA girl you a mess (magic feet) kekeke
            Now you know the sistahs will feed the brother and JiHoon would love that good home cooking to honey… But if you remember the first time he came to the states it shocked the sh*t out of him the way sisters were caring on about him. HE LOVED that sh*t!! girl

            And I have to say he has to be careful of what he says and does not just for the press but the whole damn pressure that Korean culture has put on him. Their still in our sixties culture wise and JiHoon is more in the NOW!(you know what I mean). If he really said and showed all that he is, wants,likes or has done they’d run his butt out of town. Come on now you don’t think Boo tasted the honey? sshhh I bet he has, hahahaha But he bet not never tell (color purple).
            Now I would NEVER EVER take anything away from this beautiful man and I respect him in so many ways but I also understand the respect of culture as YOU DO also.

            So I have to say this side of him we may never see, that is unless he does move to the states were he can have more freedom to be himself and hide out better. JiHoon is more sauve then we think at least I’ll say I use to think and not just on stage but off and don’t forget brother don’t mess with little girls he digs a grown @SS woman that should tell ya some thing right there. hahahaha
            But I understand you to, you have to see it to believe it. But I know you heard: You gonna believe me or your lying eyes, hahahaha Anyway only time will tell. 😀


  4. Now I liked this song when Sisqo sang it. However hearing Rain’s voice wrap itself around that…..then that smile that he flashed on the second video……..


  5. *Hahahahaha*………..Where’s Waldo…um Sisqo? Where’s Mr. Thong, tha thong thong thong? Sorry, I digress.

    I know everybody wants to see Bi on a huge concert stage in the U.S. someday and ME too. However………….

    *Kekekekeke* I would personally like to see him performing a song like Incomplete in a room of about 50 Sistas (really small crowd) and I would observe from the back. See Bi you “just playing” on these videos. I would LOVE to see him handle that. *Kekekeke*……just the thought of it makes me crack up. He would try to keep his composure being the professional that he is (cause they’d be all up on him like skin on a grape….in “bring it on Daddy” style) and when the show is over he’d head STRAIGHT for the hills…um…airport to catch the FIRST flight back to Korea! You think he said OMG when he met Sting, HA! he’d say that plus a WHOLE lot of other things!

    Those little fangirls don’t know nothing about soul Brotha crooning….but the sista girls’ll let him know……*Kekekeke*!!….LOVE U Bi Baby!!!


    • Hahahaha! Sho you right.

      That’s what I want — JiHoon, small crowd of sistagirls, crooning. He would be scared silly by what came out of that, but I dare say he’d like it, too. A LOT. You know Usher’s already told him Dude, just practice the Boy Scout moto, Be Prepared. And don’t start what you can’t finish and you’re good. LOL!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Oh he’d LIKE it alright…the MAN in him would LOVE IT!! But they’d scare the @hit out of him too, in a good way though!! *Kekekekeke*….it struck me as SO funny only because, he’s an R&B singer, basically, and the “heart” of R&B music is soul brotha crooning, the kind that leads to…Other Things. (SMILES) I want to see him handle a room full of Sistas who ain’t about to back down. If he can handle a room full of “expressive” Sistas (For Ladies Only) concert and Survive! He’d be IN like Flynn!!

        I think he can do it, but it would be funny as hell to watch!! *Kekekeke*………………


        • ROFLMAO!!!!!!!’ You know that’s true. He tease a lot with asian women cuz he knows he’s save by their modesty. I wanna see Rain this side of the ocean were girls are a bit more expressive with their love for a performer. I am sure he will be surprise when women’s undies fall in the stage, oh well, like rain, cuz that’s gonna happen if he ever sings in latina territory!!! It has happened before with other performers!! I think he is gonna need a batallion of soldiers just to get him out of the stage!!! Kekeke


          • *sees an image in my head of it Raining down panties on stage, sort of like “Nan”* Hahahahaha

            *sees an image in my head of Rain’s stunned expression through those falling panties* ROFLMAO!! oww my stomach



          • LOL!


          • Oh and if he performs “Nan”….(*American version…channeling Young Jae*), those Sistas would make him “snatch” his pants off…Chippendales style! You can’t tease a Sista for too long before you have to “deliver the goods” baby…..deliver the goods!! *Kekekekeke*…………………….


          • ROFLMAO!!!!!!!’ Ji Woo’s stunt face!!!


          • ROFLMAO!!!! I mean, Ji Woo’s stunned face!!! Jesus!!! Don’t know what I am saying at this point!! ROFL!!!!


        • EXACTLY…..Mari!!……*Kekekekeke*


  6. Loved it! So cute.


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