9 Responses to “[post] It is said Rain is always held in high regard by the people he works with.”

  1. That was to cute.


  2. He is a sweetie.


  3. I can only imagine… I would’ve said sexy and powerful Papi!!!!! Just dance!!!! 😉


  4. As KC, Jo Jo and Tupac would say…..”Tell Daddy how you want…How do you want it, How do you feel?”…………

    Yes m’am!


  5. that’s my boy !


  6. Geezz, my brain will turn to mush the moment I see him so by the time he asks something I will be catatonic!! Lol!!! Don’t blame that girl at all!! Oh and when Rain starts to dance then call 911 cuz I am dead!! 😀


  7. Well knowing this topic & mentioning how Rain work easily…Rain is easy to approached for work?wooow,sounds good,bcoz he is a SUPERSTAR but he is not like the other showbiz people its not easy to talk w/.Good for knowing he is like that kind of person & he is really cool in that matter…He is so kind & his heart is so humle & he is so different among celebrity…That’s why not possible if Rain having a lots of followers hehehe…


  8. awwaaw this so sweet and lovely about this man our rain he alway like to help and show what ever he can to give them good trait ahah if this was to me to ask i migh not even focus and and scream or somthing about that at all giving me a dancing here OMG!! i migh be not who i am ekekekek is such a charming personn that why i love his human being is and if that was to happen i would not let this slide at all my i am so LOSS for sure but heck yea i would love have rain dancing anything kind for me took that at a yes!! :P)


  9. I really loved this account. I can only imagine trying to maintain my composure after Rain giving me dancing examples, lol! I’d probably turn into an incoherent puddle of goo. I’m not at all surprised though about the comments on Rain’s charming and sincere character. That’s one of the reasons we love him so much!


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