[concert teaser][MV][cover] MBLAQ check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Oh, hai, CheongDung! (as we say in America, right? ROFL! And our symbol looks like flippin’ Burger King, whut? OMG hilarious)

You have before you MBLAQ’s second concert teaser as released by J.Tune, fans. This MImB episode belongs to dear Thunder, communications expert and linguist of the group (yeah, r-i-g-h-t), as he is greeted by foreign fans at the concert venue. “¡Hola, amigo!” Heheh. Too cute.

MEN in MBLAQ 콘서트 티져 천둥 (Thunder concert teaser) ver. (Credit: jtunecamp @YT)

(Men In MBLAQ, August 20, 2011, Sat 5 pm, Jamsil Gymnasium — ^@@^)


All I can say about this next video is: What the heck happened? G.O and his former group, TYKEYS, had this amazing vibe that should still be going today. All three of them clearly are stars, with killer pipes. I can’t imagine how anything could derail this kind of talent.

{MBA Subs} Old and young! TYKEYS’ MV. (courtesy of mblaqattacksubs @YT)


And since we’re all up on G.O: When did Stephe first fall in love with dear ByungHee? When I saw this right HERE, last year. It took me a week to uncross my eyes. WOW.

라이브작렬!! Stevie Wonder의 Lately를 타이키즈 장군만의 색깔로! (courtesy of mgoon @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on June 27, 2011.

7 Responses to “[concert teaser][MV][cover] MBLAQ check.”

  1. G.O. sings very good.


  2. thank u busybee1982
    for the tran 🙂 wowow this so nice yet funny too Mblaq very know to make his fan love them is they ahahha love this and all of thje Boy version


  3. the group GO was apart of; it’s owners went bankrupt and instead of terminating GO’s contract, it seems he had to seek out a lawyer. he talks about it just before his performance (via JTune Camp youtube channel)

    the trans. isn’t there though, ifound it on a spanish MBLAQ blogsite that uploaded his performance.


  4. I love the teasers so cute and funny. G.O can seriously blow and I agree with you Stephe on the group, do you know anything about the other two are they still performing?


  5. Wow, sooo beautiful!!! G.O has an amazing voice and really, I don’t know what happened with his group cuz they were very talented. It seems that it was just bad luck or bad management cuz the talent was there. So sad!!


  6. Wow indeed, beautiful rendition “Lately”


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