[article][teaser] Rain’s 30-second kiss wins him the “King of Kiss” title.

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When Rain’s “Love Song” teaser with Han YeSeul hit in March 2010, it produced an innocently sweet yet titillating hotness, to say the least. And when we were faced with the music video in its entirety that April… well, only heaven could help us. The tenderness between Rain’s and YeSeul’s characters in their intimate moments pretty much set stuff on fire. *sigh* I think we can all agree that Rain does indeed deserve this title, yes? With age comes experience!

Thanks to Ella Jane for sending us the Taiwan Apple Daily article translation.

[Rain MV] 100330 Rain Bi Love Song teaser _ 54 Sec. (courtesy of ratoka @YT)


Taiwan Apple Daily 6/16/2011 — [Chinese to English translation by Ella Jane]

Rain’s 30sec Kiss Wins Him the King of Kiss Title

Comprehensive report by Lin YiWen

In South Korea, 14th June is the annual Kiss-Day. In Rain’s Love Song, his sensual kiss with Han Ye-Sul lasted 30 seconds affirming his ‘kissing’ technique. As an artist who is on the older end of the scale, at 28 he received more than half of the votes and was crowned ‘The Most Exquisite Kisser’. Bigbang’s TOP and 2PM’s Nichkhun came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Last month, Rain’s Asia Tour successfully finished and he’s now busy filming ‘Flight: Close to the Sun’ where he plays a fighter jet pilot and has a love-line with Shin Se Kyung who plays the Maintenance Technician. This film has a similar storyline to the Japanese film ‘Good Luck’ that was released 8 years ago.

Recently Rain uploaded a photo of him and Shin Se Kyung from the set of the film. As soon as netizens saw this they praised on how great they look together and that they can’t wait for the film to be released. Rain is expected to be enlisted in Autumn and ‘Flight’ will be his final piece of work before he leaves for the military.

(article cap by Stephe @CloudUSA)

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10 Responses to “[article][teaser] Rain’s 30-second kiss wins him the “King of Kiss” title.”

  1. Thanks Ella sis, no surprise here. His teaser kisses are a killer.


  2. Yes I am not surprised. I love how Rain kisses. I remember when I first saw this teaser for the song. I played the video over and over. The way he kisses her is so soft, sweet and full of passion. It was like they were in thier own little world. They definitely had real chemistry and they looked hot together. Even now I had to play the video several times to get my Rain fix. He should of won because the kiss is so hot!!!!!!!!


  3. Gawd I saw that video and I got chills cuz he looks miserable!! Argh!!! He kills me too!! The kissing part is georgeous, they are touching, caressing each other, kissing with such tenderness but also with hot passion, sighhh just the way true love is. I love the chemistry between them and they look amazing together. The white setting makes a great contrast with their skin and the black hair of both of them. I think is the most beautiful video of his career so the award is well deserved. 😀


  4. woooohhh,my god 30 seconds???ok-ok i want to experienced also w/ Rain hahaha….Ooohhh i can’t imagined how kissable lips Rain….How lucky Han Ye-Sul…they are both professional….IMPRESSIVE really….Our Man Rain Is “KIING OF KISS”…


  5. awawaw that kiss i can goes on forever and is HOT KISS i would not STOP and brething in & out gosh MERCY what so ever i will run my lip all over his kiss and not counting ahahahha i belive he have a SOFT LIP TOO FELT THE SUGAR YA… i want to just kisssssssssss him until i can move anymore ahahahhhaah :P) kiss uuuuuuuuuuu yebo 3>3


  6. You just envision yourself as the female lead and that alone makes you *sigh…


  7. haha who can deny this ,
    he is extremely subtle things do not just kiss,
    I was impressed by him kiss too great, no errors., thousands of lives year. the girl lucky


  8. Definitely… I can happily die after I get one of those kisses- and everything else that comes with it!!!!!!!!!!! 😉


  9. Now I wonder how it is to be kissed by Rain…. oh heck ! who wants a sensual kiss… i want a wild one with Rain… and I want it longer than a minute, actually until we’re blue and out of breath…. hahaha! ! !


  10. Well that’s not surprising, Rain does have the kissing technique down.


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