RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 13. I’m too sexy for my shirt.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast, 6/25 (Rain’s birthday).

We’re in the middle of ADIEU!2010 with Rain, on New Year’s Eve, and the fans are showing enthusiastic participation during “With You.” Dear heavens. Just look at all of those people! The audience is massive. It’s just incredible. *pausing a moment to crack up at the rollerskating crew* Wow. How can you not have a great time performing in that get-up? LOL!

Song change. “Let’s gooooo!” Fresh Woman! With the ultra-sleek, ultra-sexy, retro-fitted Rain dance break at the end of it. Check that attitude right around minute marker 3:08. I’m too sexy for this bear skin, yo.

*gasp* Oh dear. *tries not to hyperventilate when Rain starts into Love Story*

OMG. They go RIGHT INTO THE STEAM SHOWER with his poodle hair flying every which way. No warning. No prep. No nothing. Are you trying to kill me, RAINY DAY. *zones out*

That was insane.

Moving on.

Well dog-gone-it, grab a quick breath because here comes “Love Song.” Ai-yai-yai. I’ve seen the Golden Abs countless times, so why, when the shirt went over the head, did I STILL go *gasp*? What the heck is up with that? *shaking my head*

Wow, what a cocky moment at minute marker 5:46. Just look at that. “Nan” is coming up and he knows he’s going to slay the fans with it. He knows it. You just want to smack him, the ham. LOL! 😛

Enter the Rainism coat, the Rainism music, the accompanying graphics on the JumboTron, and Rain’s own green laser show. Oh, to be able to see this whole thing uncut and in person. Perhaps one day… a Cloud can hope. For the rest of the episode, we’re treated to snippets of “It’s Raining”, “Bad Guy”, “Instead of Saying Goodbye”, killer confetti, jump-jumping, and—finally!—Rain’s full-on face after he watched the loving surprise tribute to him made of pictures and messages sent by Rain fans from all over the world, and put together for the concert by The Korean Cloud. Ah. His reaction to the fans (his honorific bows in all four directions) still kind of gets you right there, doesn’t it? Aww. ♥ ♥ ♥ That’s a 3-Hearter, for sure.

He still looks a bit emotional (not to mention good and tired) when we go backstage with him after the final bow.

I enjoyed this episode. So much so that I’m about to watch it again for good measure. Until next week, fans!

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(Source: happyyyrain torrent / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on June 26, 2011.

9 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 13. I’m too sexy for my shirt.”

  1. Awesome! I know I’ll see one of his concerts when he comes back from military duty- even if I have to go to Korea!!! I’m not missing a concert again!!!! Love u Ji Hoon. 😉


  2. gosh love watching this i very love the most how he dance LOVE STORY though rain never make such a sickness move so sexy and swaying JAW DROP TO FLOOR like that one it was one heck noseblooding MERCY!1 :p) IF HE CAN pervance in furture must death ahahah


  3. Currently I can only think of inappropriate things to say, so I guess I’ll come back later when I get my mind out of the gutter…


  4. Awwwww he is so adorable!!! I love the part were his dancers throw him in the air!! You know that they did it not only to show their affection but also to cheer him up cuz he was very touched with the video. You gotta love your friends when they pull you thru an emotional moment. I wept too when I saw him doing those bows, I mean, it was such a surprise the first time he did them and to remember again, oh boy, it melted my heart all over again. He is amazing and so real at the same time. That’s the thing with Rain, what you see is what you get but OMG what you get is soo much more than you expected that there is nothing to do but stare in awe. He is that good!!


  5. Okay I wasn’t up for a Sunday cry but anything can happen when you put JiHoon in the mix. This whole birthday weekend has been very emotional and just reminded me of his honesty, humility and how open he is as a person and why I love him. Also just can’t wait to hear what he’s doing on his new cd, the way he keeps opening up those pipes of his WOW! He really has magic in his voice.


  6. I totally get what you mean Stephe. Doesn’t matter how many times I see that “Love Story” performance……my jaw still drops to the floor.


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