[Cloudburst account] Cloud USA Atlanta Super Cell #1.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to Add: Our Cloudbursts in New Jersey State and in Australia and Puerto Rico are planning their first meets very soon. If you are near these areas, follow the links and give your fellow Clouds a hello! ^@@^}

It certainly was not my plan to post this Cloudburst account from Saturday, 4/30/2011, so late, dear Cloud USA community members.

But the month of May was pretty demanding, and June hasn’t been much better until now, and never let it be said that we don’t rise to a challenge around here. (Challenge licked. Brushing shoulders off.)

And so, without further ado, here is what happened the day of Cloud USA‘s very first Rain fan get-together on this fine planet of ours, here in Atlanta!

I still can’t believe how much fun we had.

On the road again.

I was pretty calm before the Cloudmobile pulled up to my driveway. But then I hopped into the car and felt Terri’s very palpable excitement as we drove off, and my own mind began to whirl. We glanced at each other with silent grins. Nothing needed to be said, really. Within hours, we were actually going to meet two CloudUSAers, Rain fans much like ourselves. It was a special day that words would never properly describe.

After a quick detour at the mall—to replace Terri’s forgotten phone charger—we hit the highway with a vengeance in the the direction of Pleasant Hill Road over in Gwinnett County. (We had our first road trip in search of Rain there, remember?) That charger was of utmost importance… Gee (a.k.a Questsurfer) was flying in from Louisiana, Paola (a.k.a Paoare) was waiting a few more miles up the road in Suwanee for word from us that we’d arrived on her side of town, and so a dead phone battery would be a disaster. We had to be reachable so that everyone was in the loop.  (Terri here: And if I had remembered to charge the phone up the night before, this would not even have been an issue…sigh… :-})

And so we were away, under fluffy clouds and azure sky, with Rain belting out his songs and keeping us company. Terri accompanied him on vocals, as usual, and very well. And my on-point choreography didn’t scare other motorists, for once. (I must try harder next time. *wink*)

Destination: Super HMart.

The plan was to 1) hit the SuperHMart because we had a Korean birthday cake to buy (Paola’s wonderful friend Ileana in Pennsylvania couldn’t come to the meeting but wanted to surprise Pao for her birthday), 2) do a bit of shopping in our favorite stores there around the strip mall, 3) check in at the restaurant where the Cloudburst would take place and have the Chung Dam staff hide Paola’s cake, and 4) call up both peeps and say, “We’re here! Can’t wait to see you!”

Well, a monkey wrench flew into that plan right away, haha. As it turned out, we couldn’t get a cake at HMart, and you’re not going to believe why. *lowers voice to a conspiratorial whisper* A soft-spoken employee advised us that we wouldn’t like any of their cakes, and pointed us to a “much better place across the parking lot”—the White Windmill Bakery. I must give the girl high props for being honest, you know? It may or may not have been true, but it was definitely her opinion and there was no reason to not listen. And so… off to the Korean bakery we went.

Destination: White Windmill.

The White Windmill Bakery was neat and clean with a lot of decorative wood finishes, helpful employees, and display cases full of tasty Korean cakes, pies, and pastries. Triple-yum. You could either sit comfortably and eat, or take your purchase to go, which is what we did because we were anxious to get Paola’s secret birthday cake hidden at the restaurant. And once that was done (whew, I didn’t drop the cake going back across the parking lot, but I did think for a moment I was going to have to fight off someone’s little girl who obviously knew a cake box when she saw it), Terri touched base with both Gee (at her hotel) and Paola by phone, and we went sashaying off to kill some time at the Korean skincare shop that we frequent.

Enter: Gee and Paola.

We were in the skincare shop (with VONÍN, DHC, Biotherm, and about a zillion other beautifully displayed brands) when Gee called from the restaurant, and so while Terri picked up some Mamonde facial masks as gifts for the peeps, I headed outside so that she could spot where we were. The excitement of it was about to kill me, and I was horrified that I might accidentally overlook her, but I needn’t have worried. A woman with gorgeous skin and wearing the cutest sun dress and sandals to die for came straight at me across the parking lot. “Stephe?” *gasp* “Gee?” It was squeal-and-hug time, with Terri getting in on the action too. Haha!

After moseying along the strip mall and showing Gee some of the shops we liked, the three of us headed to the restaurant for food and Cloudburst time. The lovely and gracious Paola was there to greet us with her infectious smile, and the meet-up was on like Donkey Kong.

This is where my account gets a bit muddled…

…because there was no structure nor order to anything we did.

We played it completely by ear. The four of us did whatever the heck we wanted to do.

This is why we urge you all to not be afraid to “cloudburst”! Don’t let the fear of It’s tricky running a meeting, I don’t know what to do stop you from getting together and hobnobbing with your local Clouds. Do have an idea of what you’d like to do, dear leaders, and a time frame in mind. Depending on how many people you have, you may need a little more of a meeting structure, give or take. My point is—when Rain fans come together, the thing takes on a life of its own. Don’t be scared, and don’t worry about it! Just do it. 🙂

The atmosphere in our restaurant alcove was wonderful. We introduced ourselves and got to know each other, talked about how we became Rain fans, shared Rain information, whipped out our laptops (we had three of them fired up on the table all at the same time) and watched Rain videos, played Rain songs back to back to back, squealed and flailed and spazzed at his pictures, told Rain stories, dreamed up future Cloud plans, passed around his CDs, DVDs, booklets and magazines, et cetera, et cetera. At one point, all four of us were talking and swooning and cracking up at the same time. LOL! And we still managed to order a table full of supper, eat, and have the Chung Dam staff surprise Paola with her birthday cake on behalf of her friend. (Ileana even arranged to pay for Pao’s meal. How sweet!)

(The birthday girl! Aww…!) 

(Terri, Paola, and Gee. Gee brought us all Mardi Gras bead necklaces and old-fashioned creamy pecan pralines from the Southern Sweet Potato Pie Company in New Orleans. So thoughtful of her! Thanks, Gee.)

The preliminary plan had been to spend maybe a couple of hours at most at the Cloudburst. After all, we didn’t want any of the peeps getting bored and feeling that they couldn’t leave without being rude. What the heck were we thinking? Two hours, huh? We ended up shutting the restaurant down. When we finally came up for air and looked around (I forget which one of us noticed first), we were the only patrons left in the place and it was past closing time. The Chung Dam staff was quietly going about its business and not bothering us at all. I still wonder how long they would have waited before chucking us out the door. 🙂

With our precious Cloudburst experience and an evening of fantastic company in our hearts, we packed up all of our electronics and Rain paraphernalia, bid the staff annyeonghaseyo, and bid each other slow farewells in the warm night air outside. Notice I said farewell, not goodbye. Because ain’t no doubt we will all come together again.

(Gee and Stephe tried to give their best thug faces, in case there were any unsavory characters about. It might have worked if Gee hadn’t smiled with her cute self. Hehe!)

So there you have it. Our first Atlanta Super Cell Cloudburst meet-up. Too much fun. Just too much fun. I can’t think of one thing that would have made it better (except the obvious, of course). I would not have changed a thing, and I don’t think Terri would have either. What about you, Pao, and Gee? We forgot to give you ladies your skincare mask gifts! Forgive us! *feeling like a dingbat*

Start officially cloudbursting out there and let us know how it goes. Share your accounts and pictures over under your locations on the Forum (any member can share an account, it’s not all on the leaders, you know). Let’s show the Media and the Powers That Be in the U.S. that there is a market for Rain, that we want to see him here. Let’s show the world that Rain’s Nation is live and in effect everywhere. Show them how he has inspired us and motived us to put more meaning and joy into our lives and the lives of others. If there is anyone who deserves to be celebrated and supported by his fan base, it is our compassionate, talented, hardworking JiHoon.

Our next Atlanta Super Cell (we’re shooting for quarterly meet-ups) might be around the end of July. We’ll let you know something as soon as we can on that.

In the meantime, peace out.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

~ by Cloud USA on June 24, 2011.

15 Responses to “[Cloudburst account] Cloud USA Atlanta Super Cell #1.”

  1. Yayyyyy finally the account i was waiting for. You had so much fun!!!!!
    i wish i could meet with New Jersey Cloudburst but i’ll be leaving to Panama for the whole summer. My parents came to Baltimore for the summer.


  2. Awww so COOL! ya’ll had a blast…I see ya muggin hahahaha Love my cloud sister <3333


  3. What a great account, sounds like y’all had blast.


  4. Ah ha ha!

    We had so much fun! I especially love surprising people. So, when Ileana wanted to surprise Paoare with a birthday cake and gift certificate, I was thrilled. You ladies should have seen me. I ran around like a ninja. Drove Stephe crazy. I was so giddy with sneakiness that by the end of the afternoon, that Stephe was rolling her eyes at me in mock disgust.

    Oohhh! And I was soooo irritated that I had forgotten my phone charger. Well, actually, I was more irritated that I had forgotten to charge it up the night before. But I was busy and just fell into bed and thought no more about the stupid phone until I needed it. Arghhhh. Luckily, Stephe lives by the mall. Whew.

    Also funny was our co-conspirator-clerk at H-Mart. You should have seen her. She was like whispering to me behind her hand. “Psst. You really don’t want to buy one of OUR cakes. You REALLY don’t…” Ha ha ha.

    And then we talked and laughed and talked and laughed and didn’t even THINK about the time–until one of us looked up at the window and suddenly realized that the light we were seeing around the edges of the window over the table were coming from a FIXTURE and NOT from outside. No. Outside it was pitch black and we’d been there for over 4 HOURS. ROFL.

    We were even more horrified when we realized the staff had stayed past closing and were waiting so very patiently for us to finish. We apologized profusely as we left, but they would have none of it. They were so gracious. I can’t say enough about the excellent service we received.

    It was SO wonderful to be in the presence of Rain’s Clouds. You ladies are special, special people, and I can’t wait to do it again.

    When? How does the end of July sound? Let’s pick a date real soon, okay?

    Terri :-}


  5. Awwww that was so cool!!! I am planning to do a Cloudburst meeting in Puerto Rico someday in July. I am going to do it in my house with some friends I haven’t seeing for a while and some that went to the Dominican Republic for my girl’s senior trip. Yep, I talked about Rain in my trip, couldn’t help myself. I am thinking that with some luck I can do a meeting with 5 or 6 girlfriends. It all depends on their schedules. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see Rain. I hope it goes as great as the one you did. I am inspired!!


  6. Girl that was a great account of our time together. I had so much fun and it was so worth making the trip. You ladies are all so cool and fun and informative about my favorite subject (Rain). Thanks so much for the kind words, so sweet. Until we meet again, love and hugs to all of you.


    • Same here, Gee. 😀

      I can’t tell you how cool it was spending time with you and Pao. I’ll never forget it! Thanks for coming to Georgia — that you would make the effort to do that, in itself, was awesome. Your home stories had me rollin’. I’ll be moseying to N’awlins one of these days…

      Stephe ^@@^


  7. Thanks stephe for posting this. Wow this was a wonderful account of your meet up! You guys had alot of fun. You made me feel like I was there sharing in the fun.


  8. Looks like you ladies had a helluva time!! Good to see our Cloud sisters smiling faces in the flesh! (SMILES)


  9. That was nice. If I knew about this when I was living in Florida, I would’ve taken the trip to meet y’all. But I’m in Virginia now… ;-(


  10. Thank you Stephe ande Terri for a wonderful meeting,and thanks for telling the story so we can re joys again on that very especial and memorable moment…what a better way to celebrate my birthday than with rain and his lovely cloud friends……… I will be waiting for the next one… 🙂


    • Meeting you was a delight, Pao. It’s great to know that you’re just a couple of highways away. Until we meet again, take care and do a lot of walking in the rain… 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


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